getting in trouble due to yoyoing?


Last year i was so commited in yoyoing that often forgot to study! My parents were pissed when they received a call from my german tutor…

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yea my grades arent the best and my parents say stuff like “god mason if you could pay as much attention to that yoyo like you do your grades you would be a striaght A student!”


My wife thinks everything I do is stupid. Odd how this stupid stuff I do got a house, food, and way more.

So, this new yoyo thing, you can guarantee she thinks it is stupid. I’m in trouble for basically everything. How do I deal with this? I yoyo more!(because my audio desk is too big to go in the house, which is why I chose yoyo for a new hobby).


Das ist cool, dass Sie Deutsch lernen, oder haben allready es gelernt, hehe. Es ist zu saugen, wenn die yoyo in die Quere kommt von Studien, hat es mir vor … passiert müssen Sie nur noch mehr anstrengen, aber yoyoing macht so viel Spaß, hehe.

Lets hope your german can traslate that, hehe. I have let the yoyo take over as well.

Note to mods: there is no profanity or harsh language in that german bit…just taking precautions to let you guys know, hehe.

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If someone tells me to stop, I do eli hops toward their face and tell them to back off, or say ok and start glowstringing.


Wow, I never cease to be impressed by the skills and talents of our little community. Slade Riggs, bi-lingual, who would have guessed.


me too :3


My history teacher got on to me 5 minutes ago for yoyoing before class…




Yeah, that is like my parents too.


What ever school I go to, I seem to start mini yoyo fads. At my new middle school, there is already an I Hate Yoyo Club for teachers. My bus driver and one teacher almost took my yoyo, and my friend got his taken. A teacher at my old school had her own yoyo collection because she took so many kid’s yoyos.


I never really in to trouble because of yoyoing


HA! when i was in school i had a real umm… crooked teacher stop me in the hallway for yoyoing and she wanted to take my yoyo from me, i was like “ummm… no!” so she sent me to the office where i sat for about a half hour waiting for the vice principal to “deal with me” as she put it, and by the time the vp walked out she saw me doing tricks (cuz i got bored of waiting) she asked why i was there so i handed her my referal slip… she looked it over for a moment then asked me to explain, so i told her that i was just giving a demo and entertaining people between classes (of course stressing that i was in an uncrowded area as to not pose any danger) and she told me to continue doing so if i pleased…

that was a win day… make crooked teacher mad, impress students, impress vice principal (and nearby secretary), and skip most of history…


Wow cool, maybe I will try that

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I’ve almost had my yoyo’s taken away probably 5 times in the last month. I also play my bearings dry so I have the special skill of being able to annoy my parents when I want to.


lmao. Its great that everyone here has the same sh*t goin on. My girlfriend is always yellin at me because I’d rather yo-yo than listen to her or that I pay more attention to the yo-yo than to her. I don’t care I LOVE YO-YOING! ;D :stuck_out_tongue: 8) :o


I just must respond to a couple of things;

Way to go bud, you have proven yourself a warrior who can think quick on his feet in the heat of the battle. I salute you sir. SALUTE!

Friend, this is the second time this week in as many threads I have said this. Dude, get your head on straight! A yoyo’s a yoyo and a girl’s a girl. If she decides to walk away from this relationship who could blame her. You are clearly telegraphing she must take a backseat in your life to your hobby, at least from what you’ve said. That’s not good, not good at all. Our relationships with members of the fairer sex are precious gifts and are to be cultivated with tender care. She is not just there for your good pleasure when you’re in the mood to put her first. If you have taken up the opportunity to call her your girl you have taken up responsibility for her heart. If she really is finding herself running second to yoyos let her go. She deserves better and you demonstrate you lack the devotion necessary for a healthy relationship. If in reality she truly does mean so much more to you than yoyoing make sure she hears that loud and clear from your words and actions.

I know you think I am taking your quick quips in jest far to seriously, and perhaps I am. On the other side of that I have counseled many young ladies whose lives are still riddled with the pain of relationships gone south in their high school years far into their forties and beyond. It’s a damage which can set in deep and a scar that can fail to heal. And you are the one accountable to protect her from being the next victim. A yoyo is a toy, a relationship with a young lady is a gift to be treasured and a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

Listen to the old man.


sir, I see where your coming for totally. so to incorporate her in what im doing and not leaving her to the wind, i am teaching her how to yo-yo and helping her understand how fun it is


hope that works out for ya


why thank you