The other day I was at sport check because my brother needed a new hockey stick (one 95) and while he was deciding I was just yoyoing. Some kid who was about my age came up to me and said “whoa, that’s so cool!” and went to get his dad. When his dad came I showed him a random combo, and he was like "so, he’s just obsessed with yoyos (so, there’s no problems with obsession right?).

The point of this post was to say that the community might be bigger if people didn’t put down yoyoing and steer those who are interested away from the hobby. I don’t think that this will change until the world realizes that there is more to yoyoing then walk the dog.

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Aww that’s too bad. About 99% of people are like the kid and 1% like the dad. Most think it’s amazing.

I was at my 2-year-old-cousins b-day party, got bored and whipped out my DMII. The people there loved it.

On a side/off topic note I don’t like the one 95. I like the vapor series. Also if i end up using anything other than bauer, I end up breaking it.

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Yeah sadly some people are really negative about yoyoing.
Last time that happened to me (some college student saying I had no life, he “accidentally” fell down a flight of stairs.

So oh well. Learn to take it as is, and keep doing what you’re doing.

Usually they’re just jealous that they can’t do the same.



I use Rebok, but my brother gets way better sticks then me.

Me: 7k(2)

Him:x60, 11k, one 95

But I am a goalie so I think that contributes to the cost, and I have better yoyos.


Some people just shouldn’t be parents.


I am a father of two great yoyoers. I will speak in reference to the father. What a schmuck!


As a parent of 5 kids, I echo what Icthus just said. Sometimes you need to just knock someone in the head accidently with your yoyo. My wife made a snide comment about me yoyoing and I bopped her a good one. Taught her to never say anything to me again…as I was swimming to the bottom of the pool after she took my case and threw it in the deep end…


I was at one of my niece’s parties during the summer and was throwing. My nieces and her friends were watching me and amazed at some of the simple tricks I was pulling off. In the background, one person mentions “Wow, those kids are pretty interested in what he’s doing!” while the father says “Oh, they’re just waiting for the jumper to go up, that’s why.” Once I head that, I so wanted to say something but looked the other way and continued throwing (and entertaining the kids)…some didn’t even realize the jumper was already up, some in the jumper stopped to watch me, even stepped out to ask me some questions…so, the father can now eat his own…(you get the idea).


You should have said, yeah, I am obsessed! And you would be too if you would give it a try. It’s great positive fun and it’s cheap and easy to learn!


some people are just poops


I got a yoyo when I was 7. Had a bad time with it. No yoyo for 32 years. Started again. Always thought it was neat, cool, whatever. Just took me a while for the yoyo and I to cross paths again.

Who cares what the haters think.

Look at golfers and what they spend and how much they play.
OR skaters. I’m not a skater, but I inline for recreation and enjoyment.
I spent tons on audio gear, my main obsession. But computers, data comm gear and video stuff ain’t cheap either!

I also see people spend THOUSANDS on ball joint dolls, anime stuff, action figures, memorabilia, collectibles and other stuff.

So, who cares what the haters think. You made a kid smile! That’s all that matters. THAT is who your audience is: the people who like what you’re doing. Ignore the rest.


I’m a parent of a 10yo myself, I ALWAYS encourage him in what he wants to do, even tho I don’t like it.
best example is gymnastics (man I hate gymnastics), he’s regional champ today.

some people really shouldn’t be parents, you don’t just go out and basically crush your kid’s dreams

what an a-hole

the sad thing is that with such education, the kid is likely to become the same.

let’s just keep throwing and change people’s mind by being positive and constructive about it.


“You’re right, dad, that’s stupid. Doing that would take away from the 8 hours a day I spend camped in front of my XBox…”


Oh so true, I have almost completely stopped spending time and money on gaming since I started yoyoing.

Yeah, both Tanner and Brad are freakin’ incredible. Especially Tanner’s 5a.

Forget bopping him on the head, someone needs to put a yoyo in that dad’s hand.


to quote tropic thunder,
thats when you just say “frog you, you can’t do what i do” ;p


some one actually said to me. wow, I feel bad for you, you must have no life. Then again, here i am spending time on an online forum. :wink:


That’s my favorite one, right there. Standing in front of a women’s shoe store at the mall, waiting for my wife and daughters. 51 year old man throwing a yoyo in a mall on a Saturday night…or…30 year old man, watching an old guy throwing a yoyo in a mall for 15 minutes on a Saturday night. Which one of us needs to get a life?


Neither. It appears both are enjoying life as best they can within the imprisonment most men call “the mall”.

For those quoting me, I had a typing error. I left the “ing” off “enjoying”, so I corrected it.

I gotta go to the mall this weekend. If you see some guy doing a very pathetic atomic bomb , that’s probably me. I’m working on it. I’m all for pointers and tips, but I know i just need practice. I can do it, I just can’t blast my way through it yet.

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LOL studio…


quote of the day right here