People against having fun!!!

So today at work I was on break outside throwing a bit like always. Then this guy comes up toe and is like you know you to old for that right? I asked if he was talking to me. And he’s like yea, your playing with a little kids toy and started tripin out. Any of you ever have something like this happen??? I hope I’m not the only one.

I hate it when that happens.

Some people’s brain’s work in very peculiar ways. Especially those who like to go around raining on parades.

I might as well say Sorry for my behavior yesterday while I’m complaining about people acting lame

I’m still in high school, but dang that must suck to hear that

If they say you’re too old for it be like “but YOYO right? I thought that was trending or something…”

Then they’ll be all like “Homie, that’s YOLO” then you can throw your yoyo into a pond and become best friends with the guy that said youre too old for jojos.

Works every time.


XD thats awesome.

Now… people are going to think that… to most, yoyos are for kids and its odd to see older folk doing it, thats what people are going to think… now, the fact that he had to say it to you, was probably unnecessary, but thats what people are going to think… its like watching a grown man playing with a mini toy truck and having the time of his life :smiley:

I really haven’t had an issue with my “being a grown man” and “playing with toys”.


Tomorrow is another day.

I think a lot of people forget how important play still is at any age. We lock ourselves into this “profiles” and they come with expectations and rules. Then again, some of us don’t care about those little boxes we’re expected to fit into.

I don’t really are what people think. As long as I’m having a good time AND not impacting others in a negative way, it should be good. I also am considerate as to where I throw, so to ensure I have a “safe zone” around me. I know most of us who are throwing in public areas do the same thing.

I’m still messing with Lego blocks. I got 12" Star Wars “action figures” as well as a few 3 3/4" items. I got wind-up toys. I still play video games, mostly via portable gaming systems. I got stuffed animals and other silly skill toys(did anyone see my Slinky I posted to Facebook last night?) That reminds me, I think I need to get myself a fresh “egg” of Silly Putty.

Play. It keeps us “young”.

Not to judge, but how many on the forums consume hard drinks on a regular or frequent(or constant) basis? How many smoke? How many are abusing drugs? There’s loads of other destructive behaviors we can engage in as well. While someone is annoying a bunch of people by smoking(sorry, I’m something of an anti-smoking nut, considering it was a contributing factor to many deaths in my family), I am at least entertaining myself and not harming anyone else with my “stupid toys”.

Note, I’m not judging people who are engaging in things like drinking, smoking and/or doing drugs.

Other people have other vices. Piercings, but at some point, you run out of reasonable places to pierce and then it just gets silly.
Tattoos. Honestly, the current trend with ink has taken a turn for actually the better. People are not getting crappy tattoos as often. By crappy, I mean poor quality and/or “stuff from the album/catalog”. It’s amazing the quality and detail of work that is being produced. It’s not just some “underground/rebel” thing anymore. People are putting lots of thought into what is being commissioned and then finding top talent to help them make it a reality. It’s not some “mark of society’s rejects”, it’s truly body art. I don’t want any ink or piercings, but you know what, if someone has some really fascinating work done, I do want to take time to appreciate it and maybe know the story.

In the meantime, I’m gonna stick with my yoyo addiction. Speaking of which, I think someone I know has an Addiction for sale. How fitting!

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A few things I’d say to the guy “I don’t see playschool or fischer price on any of my yoyos. I’d like to see a little kid even afford one of my yoyos. I’d like to see a little kid even get one of my yoyos to come back to his hand. Can a little kid do this? (bust out a ladder escape or something similar). So what do you like to do for fun?”

I’ve never had a problem yoyoing around my coworkers, they think it’s cool. I’m not talking teenagers. I used to work at a bank in a corporate office. My work mainly comprised of talking to customers on the phone which left my hands free to yoyo, which also relaxed me when dealing with difficult customers. My adult coworkers were always amazed at what I could do.

The guy you delt with obviously has a very poor self image so he has to tear other people down to his level to make himself feel better. Don’t take it seriously.

I have not had this problem, but security guards! Don’t get me started!

Yep I have a sister that despises my Yoyo and what she considers fun is doing here make up.

I haven’t had any problems yet, and I’m knocking at the door of 40 years old.

I’m sure it’ll happen SOME day… but when that day comes, I’m going to remember the countless times people of all ages have come up to me and wanted to ask sincere questions about yoyoing and were excited to see me do a few tricks. I mean, that’s what happens the vast majority of the time.

Doesn’t hurt to smile a bit while yoyoing, even if it’s a touch forced sometimes… this shows whoever’s watching that you’re having a good time and opens the door for a conversation. I see videos sometimes (my own included!) and we’re probably having the time of our lives but we look so serious because we’re just in the zone (or not in the zone and trying REALLY hard to land the trick anyhow!)… when you’re yoyoing in public, you’ll probably be less likely to meet resistance if it’s obvious to everybody that you’re just having good fun. :smiley:

I never get the “YOU STILL PLAY WITH YOYOS?” but I do get the “is that it? what else can you do?” kinda thing. It’s bothersome, but the people who do it are more often than not are still in that awkward stage in puberty where you think too much about what other people think or say. Most people are actually quite amazed at it. Throwing is a lovable hobby. ^-^

I had a similar confrontation with a 13 year old boy when he was with his mother. I calmly asked him what he did for fun and he said, very stereotypically, that he plays CoD a lot.
I told his mother that that might be the worst game for a 13 year old to be playing.
Frickin’ CoD teens.

I had another time where this guy similar to my age told me that yoyoing was lame. I asked him what he does and he responded “I do cup-stacking b***h” and left.
I never laughed so hard.


I swear, once a day this forum gives me a real good laugh

I agree that it comes from insecurity. I imagine that the poor guy received the same treatment from his dad or someone with power over him. It’s kind of sad really.

and that’s why I play tf2 and the bioshock series. Now back to the subject, yea they ask you why you play with a gyroscopic thing made of two disc,ball bearing and string and that I’m too old for this but the problem is I’m fricken 13 yet they still ask me that question. I would say to them “why don’t you mind your own business.” Only if I’m tick off, or “why do play you video games then isn’t that a thing kids play?”. So yea but. At most They like my yoyoing skills.

I’ve had part of my own family tell me it’s childish that I walk around yoyoing and yet they’re the same people telling me to not pace around cause when I don’t yoyo I get ADD hella bad and start pacing its weird I have a hard time while standing to stay still and yoyoing gives me something to do, when my aunt told me it was childish I told her it was better than sitting in front of the tv playing Xbox all day like her kids do, she thought it was childish till she realized her kids couldn’t even get the yoyo to come back, that’s when she realized it takes skill. Haha

Is it bad that I used to play CoD a lot when I was 9?

All you have to do is just stop, smile, and swing the yoyo into their face as hard as you possibly can.


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