Ok so I admit it...


I’m 22 years old and i love yoyoing. I don’t care what people think, I’m totally and completely hooked… any other adult yoyoers out there?


If you think 22 is old in this world, I have bad (good?) news for you…
Maybe on the forum there are mostly teenagers, but I do think there are more 20+ than teenagers who play yoyo, you know, people who are too busy or not familiar with this medium, people who don’t like it too (often because there are mainly teenagers)

I’m turning 22 in February ^^


I’m 35, been playing for 3 years now


I am 22 years old and love yo-yoing too

We should make a club!


You guys are Great !!!

I’m 56, and I started throwing YoYo’s when John F. Kennedy was our President. :o
YoYo’s back then really sucked compared to what we are all throwing now.

My guess is that there are many of you who will still be throwing when you are my age by the way you are describing your love for this hobby.

Right On !!


37 here! Adult yoyoer and proud. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome!

I’m 23 and plan to be throwing long into the future.

(Waylon) #8

37 and playing more than ever.



I’m 38. Throwin’ every day.
“I love yoyos and i’m a grown-up. Yeah so what?! Hold your throws up!” (by Totalartist)


I recently got back into throwing after not doing any since the mid 90’s and I turn 43 next month.


I’m 23, and I just got back into yoyoing a year ago. I doubt I’ll ever stop again!


Totally: A zimmer frame club! (=^o^=)/


turn 53 next month, been at it for 3 years now and going strong!!!

the old dog


I’m 26 now, turning 27 on February.


23, turning 24 in March. I don’t plan on ever stopping either!! I also like the idea of of a club or some other section for adult throwers.


41 here. Yo-yoing on and off for years.


Go 16 year old me!


I threw my first yoyo when Dwight Eisenhower was still President. Thanks makes me 64.
I started throwing again about two years ago and am still trying to get the basics.

(G2 Jake) #20

24 been really throwing for 3.5 years or so now.

Like it so much I made a company for a hobby :slight_smile: