tell me about it… most of the girls in our class think yoyoing is all “dorky” or whatever


a girl got a crush on me cause I yoyo. ??? Ive heard that kids become social outcast because of yoyoing too


Are you kidding? Yoyoing turns you into a rock star. When ever I start yoyoing, ladies just start throwing their unmentionables at me. I made the mistake of yoyoing in front of Victoria Secrets in the mall, and I had to get out of there before I was buried.

It a good life

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That’s exactly why I like my barricades and being behind the console at a rock show mixing it!


I have had a total of 6 girls my age or older complement my yoyoing. including my mom. and this one 80 year old lady.

you are being sarcastic, right? :-\


oops, didn’t mean to “thank you”

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I have yet to have the unmentionables thrown at me… But it is a great conversation starter and a good way to meet womenfolk. Or anyone perhaps. Just yoyo, keep a smile, be confident, and be open minded.


I hope that WE keep in mind that ultimately, we yoyo to make ourselves happy.

That others find enjoyment or value in watching us - or not - is not what satisfies my soul. I yoyo because I am challenged every time I pick it up. I throw because no matter how good I get …there will always be one more trick I have yet to learn.


i was once outside a toystore yoyoing and some teens yelled as they drove away “you suck at yoyoing” and that serioulsly depressed me. (not like “I CANT TAKE IT!” but “man they ruined my week”


I hope thats a joke lol… I doubt they are jealous because they don’t know what they are missing out on and its not like there’s a lot of perks with yoyoing besides having total fun (which they dont understand) without trying. I have gotten “harassed”. It isn’t harassment if someone makes fun of what you like to do. It shouldn’t hurt your confidence or anything. Go up to a football player and tell him hes a loser for being quarterback. Whats he going to do? Probably laugh at your yoyo and walk away. If we get called a loser/no life and we react physically or emotionally threatened… thats going to make it look worse in the fact that you were hurt by the statement… making them think that you could agree to an extent. Be proud of who you are. Yoyoing is awesome. Football is awesome. Labeling sucks. So does any “harassment” but you have to deal with it in a mature fashion or else your going to make yourself look bad…


Yes, you suck at yoyo’ing. But you can practice and get better. They’ll still be jerks. They are probably just jealous.

I’m new at yoyo. I suck and I’m having a great time. Yoyo is helping me keep my depression under control and lowering my stress. Better than having to take drugs to deal with depression. I’ve never taken meds to deal with my depression, I refuse to.

Ignore the haters! There’s too much negativity.


the thing that depressed me wasthat a bunch of guys say a kid yoyoing actually pretty well and decided to ridicule them.

haters gonna hate! amiright?


The dad is a nube.