Anyone else's family hate yoyos?

my family hates that i yoyo, they say that i have became obsessed and everything, it just annoys me so much. They always give me disgusted looks at me when I’m throwing. My sisters like, “every since you started yoyoing you never do anything with me anymore”. and im trying to explain to her that even i wasn’t yoyoing, i would be doing something else instead of hanging out with her. I just wish i would be supported more in my family, heck, not even supported, just neutral with throwing. :-\ :-\ :-\

My dad doesn’t like the noise of my yo-yo.

My bro says I am obsessed.

My mom likes me to show off to people.

everyone hates the noise but my mom and dad thinks its cool but still says soccer comes first

My mom says I’m obsessed, but I just tell her, " I’m not obsessed, I’m passionate."
But overall they like it.

The solution to that is just… don’t be too obsessed.
Spend less time with it, or even stop for a while.
Then start again, with the same obsession you had before, let’s see their reaction after it.

My parents hate it. Simple as that.

That’s a really good idea, I’m going to try that, thank you :slight_smile:

Get them into yoyoing.

how would this person get his parents to get into yoyoing. They’re adults. Maybe his sister he can but probably not his parents

My wife hates everything I do. She doesn’t discriminate. On the plus side, she’s very consistent. Well, that’s not true, she likes the computer stuff, but she works hard to sabotage that!

But man, she spends that money I make as fast as I can bring it in. She sees yoyo as a threat to her cashflow…

My dad supports me (thank God someone does), my sister gets annoyed because I hit her a few times accidentally on purpose, and my mom hates the noise.

I live with my wife and grandmother, and both of them are jumpy and worried I’m going to hit them, the dog, the tv… They look at my yoyo like it’s a nuclear warhead and jump when I’m 12-17 feet away from them. They support the hobby most of the time, and like watching me do tricks, but every now and again they get those days.

I’m assuming she doesn’t see this…

My wife thinks it’s great and I bought my parents yoyos and they play a bit. Not much, but they play and still have their yoyo’s. It’s nice to have such a supportive family ;D.

Be ready to sleep on the couch if she sees this lol.

No, but once in a while the GF gets mad that all I ever do in my free time is yo yo.

1 of my sisters hates it but the other 2 dont mind. mom and dad dont mind. My grandma loves watching me do tricks.

When I was younger, my parents were amazed at the things I could do. Today, they are still amazed at what I can do. However, they did get on me back when I bought by first bearing yoyo, the Raider. Cost me $25 at the time and they thought I was absolutely insane for spending that much on a yoyo. $25’s cheap for a yoyo these days.

It won’t matter.

My parents were impressed that I was able to learn a skill so quickly.
Then they started to get annoyed by the noise
then they got over that because i yoyoed so much
Now I use a northstar with a YYJ speed bearing which is very quiet for some reason.

My dad wants me to show off to everyone even if i don’t want to.
my mom thinks I should listen to my dad when he wants me to show off and says i’m “afraid” of showing off my skills (i don’t really have a lot of skills)

They both have seen me yoyo so much they only comment when i do something new and super cool


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