Derp Moment

I have only been yo yoing for about 3 months and my b day wasn’t that long ago so I wanted a nice yoyo… So I asked my mom… When she saw how much yoyos could be she kinda shunned the subject… She thinks it’s just a yoyo like she’s hasn’t seen the world of yoyo like us lol.
Anybody elses parents underestimate the yoyo world? :slight_smile:

Yes. At first I, as well as my parents, thought that $60 for a yoyo was ridiculous. However, now that I know some advance tricks, my parents are amazed at how a yoyo can do what it does so now my parents are cool with expensive yoyos and somewhat understand why they cost so much. Also consider that the player makes the yoyo. I recently got a magic yoyo n9 which is $23 and I like it more than my other $80 throws and so on. It’s also nice just to have an expensive yoyo but keep working on your parents. It took me 9 months to convince them.

no matter how you look at it $60, $80, $130 Is rediculous for a yoyo, Its two pieces of metal, an axle and a bearing.
but hey, I see no shortage of people willing to pay it :slight_smile:

Even to some yoyo enthusiasts, a yoyo over $60 is pushing it. Most of us don’t have the money to spend.
But then, I don’t get this problem because I have won enough yoyos on FB giveaways that I don’t even have the need to spend money on throws. I’m the kind who doesn’t want everything… so I don’t have the latest CLYW or whatever.

But even with those prices, be lucky that yoyos, no matter its price tag, is still cheaper than any other hobby out there.

Skipping rocks. Walking.

gloving Spend a bit once, then you’re set.

my juggling balls are made of balloons and about $0.20 worth of rice ;p

When I started into this, I wasn’t shopping prices, but I wasn’t presented with a great selection either.

It seemed foolish to spend more than around $20 for a yoyo. If you’re fresh into this or not on the “inside”, it really makes little to no sense to spend more than $20 or so, and then to see prices in the $100+ range, it’s a real “what the…” kind of thing. Noobs and those who don’t throwdon’t know about the technology, materials and the other stuff that goes into a quality yoyo. That’s not to say you can’t get a quality yoyo under $20, as there’s plenty of great ones under $20 as well.

My kids are lucky in those regards. I’m in it, I understand it. I also had to learn. I’m passing that knowledge on to them. I also buy plenty of yoyos. Why? I like variety, as I know only hard work and practice will help me improve. At some point I may find the “right yoyo” that clicks perfectly with me, unless perhaps I’ve found it already.

Knowledge is power. Even so, as a non-throwing parent of a thrower, it can still be a bit much to chew such price tags on what they thought was just a simple and cheap toy. Try to get your parents more involved. This doesn’t mean getting them throwing, but it can help. My wife thought this was stupid, especially since I’m 40. But I got one of my kids into hardcore, and another kinda so-so. My wife went to CalStates, where I ran sound, and based on what she saw, she now COMPLETELY supports me and the kids doing this. Well, she probably wouldn’t support my spending, but that’s a whole other issue. She has her own DM2 now… she’s “one of us” now! I Yo-Borg’ed her!(Resistance is futile, you will throw!)

Another issue is kids go on trends and phases. These can often be expensive and/or stupid. They may be wondering if this is a phase, a trend, gonna cost them or is stupid. I find $20 is the “threshold of pain”. Under this, they are fine, above this causes problems. If you’re serious, you’ll stick with it. 3 months isn’t enough time in their eyes. Sorry, time in this is not on your side at this point. You’re going to be fighting an uphill battle that you may win, but it won’t be easy. Try for a Protostar or Northstar. $35 is a good number to press the limits with. Or, a Legacy II is really nice, at under $25. The PSG and Asteroid are amazing at under $20, as is the Starbrite.

I must do that. Such a great idea…

I got a cheap set for like $6 last Thursday. I figure that’s good enough to get started.

Keyword: any OTHER.
I didn’t say every single hobby.

Walking is not a hobby, it’s a necessary skill to the able-bodied.

But I wanna try the juggling balls with balloons and rice, too. I’m Asian so rice is super common in the household :stuck_out_tongue:
…I wanna try juggling that’s why

back on topic,
when I was starting out yoyoing the most expensive available were yoyojams like spinmaster2 and night moves ($50)
I remember convincing my parents to get me an a-line cherry bomb, then a super spinfaktor which was my christmas present (like $30) and a year later a hitman (I was getting alot better by this point).
haha, I cant really imagine what they would have said If i’d asked for a $120 SPYY

I guess people coming into yoyoing now see these prices and think it normal for high end yoyos.
its still silly :stuck_out_tongue:

In the beginning when I first started everyone except my Dad had no clue what it was all about. I honestly think everyone thought I would eventually give up and that it was some sort of fad.

Now I have all the support in the world and I am glad I stuck with it.

When I started, one of my kids wanted in on it. Later on a second one wanted in on it too. The first one wanting in on it was my son, 4.5 years old then, 5.5 years old now. The second, my eldest, wanted to not be left out of what I was doing. She worked hard to get her sleeper and gravity pull down, so she got upgraded. Since then, it’s been a fight with her. She wants, wants, wants, but she’s really not throwing. She’s got a Starlight(she can’t bind), Shinwoo loop, ProZ, LegacyII(her favorite) and at BAC, begged me for a Chaser and a Pulse, which she hasn’t thrown since BAC. She also wanted a spin top too, and that’s gone nowhere. She wants into diabolo, but since she won’t make an effort there with mine, she’s stopped because she isn’t going to just get one for herself. My son on the other hand, plays with my diabolo, plays his Fiesta XX that he got at BAC and is throwing 1A and 5A UNRESPONSIVE. Yes, he can throw an off-string and bind it back! A year in, he’s definitely into it. He’s most likely going to have a diabolo of his own soon. He’s into the yoyo like mad, constantly playing his Protostar, or his new Metal Drifter(set up as a 5A throw) or his Freakhand(also set up as a 5A). Today he wanted his ONE(his first yoyo after his Brain) set up with the larger bearing. His Raider and his Pulse are his responsive throws and its just a matter of time before he’s into 2A seriously. A Magic YoYo T6 is on the way to him, and he has two ProZ’s. I’m cleaning the bearings of one of his ProZ’s and his Freakhand right now to make them more unresponsive. I intend to Terrapin X treat them as well.

As a parent, we KNOW our kids are going to go in phases, most of which won’t stick. We need tangible proof that this isn’t some passing fad and it’s something that’s gonna stick. We end up wasting a lot of money chasing fads for our kids. I saw this happen with my sister as I never followed trends or fads.

With my son already playing with my expensive stuff AND expressing an avid like for the Albatross(this kid, I swear, did you read? He is 5 and a half!), this is gonna be expensive double now: me AND him! Or he can just play mine… for now…

I hope your son sticks with it Studio! He’ll be great if he does. sounds like he truly enjoys the sport.

My daughter loves to do everything I do. Typical 2 year old behavior.

I always have to keep two yoyo’s (sometimes 3) on me when I throw near her because she makes me do a sleeper, take it off my finger, and then give it to her. She is more than pleased when I do! She bounces the yoyo up and down, side to side, and when it “dies” (“Dadda it die!”) she puts it on the floor and drags it around with her like a dog on a leash.

This is wonderful and all…but unfortunately my yoyoing is not the only hobby that interests her.

I recently started flipping (balisong) in her presence, nowhere near her of course, and has been trying to steal my bali’s away from me. I have to keep them locked up when they’re not in my pocket just in case :stuck_out_tongue: Gotta love kids!

Anyway, most people don’t “get” it. Especially when you’re older. I feel it’s more acceptable for a younger person to play around with yoyo’s, which makes sense. Doesn’t make me feel bad about it in the least though.

I think that it really is an ageless hobby/ sport. The majority of people I know personally that throw are upward of 25. I know it is marketed to a younger demographic but there are more and more adults getting into it.

The comments I get are why ate yoyo’s so expensive, why don’t they work like they should. The problem is that people aren’t familiar with the entire thing. They think yoyo and automatically think walk the dog. Despite the fact that there are many of us it is far from mainstream.

very true,

if I’m throwing somewhere and someone says ‘woow, I saw someone recently who’s good at that’, I can ask what that person looked like and usually name them straight away

Same here! In a way it’s nice to be part of a somewhat small yet global community. It brings us all together and in a way we are all unique in our shared talent and love of the sport. I have made some great friends throwing and besides the general friendliness of the community I love how mostly everyone is generous enough to share their own skills and help each other grow as a player.