What do your parents think of yoyo??

Hey everyone, i just wanted to see what everyones parents think of yoyo.
Heres mine

My parents think that yoyo is a great thing, although my dad calls it a habit, but my mom thinks all the competitions are really cool, the only thing she doesnt like is how much i have to spend on yoyos.

Thats it, leave your story in the comments section bbbbbeeellloooowww. (smiley face for first person to say where i got that from)

RayWilliamJohnson FTW.

My parents think that yoyoing is…

All right.

;D ;D ;D :o ;D

Great job

It seems like I’m the only one on here whose parents take their yoyoing seriously… And both of them understand why yoyos can be so expensive.

mine support my hobbies and understand why their so expensive, but still dont like it. They dont say it out loud, but i can tell that they think its a waste of money.

Your lucky, because my dad and mom don’t understand why you would pay 100 dollars for a yoyo. :frowning:

My mom thinks it’s interesting. If she doesn’t like it she does a good job of hiding it. My dad thinks it’s awesome. Coming from an engineering background, he understands why they are so expensive (he actaully made some wooden yoyos for himself when he was a kid too). He’ll actaully come with me to contests on his own decision, and enjoys watching people compete. We can actually have conversations about different styles without him getting confused. The only thing is he doesn’t get how different yoyos paly different. he thinks they are all the same :smiley: . On a seperate note my brother thinks it’s neat too, and i can have the same conversations I have with my dad with him. He’s actually also come to contests with me when he dosn’t have to work

They thinks its cool, but aren’t really interested in it. I thought my dad as a juggler would understand how something of that nature is fun and interesting, but I guess not. I haven’t been to any contests or clubs yet, but my dad would probably take me if we could go.

My parents don’t know I yo-yo yet. (I’m 20 so it’s not that odd for me :P)
I’m keeping it as a deep dark secret to whip out at them during a lovey family holiday.

My mom thinks it’s pretty cool and my dad doesn’t really care. They don’t like me buying a ton of yoyos though. I still order them when I really want to though.

My parents are pretty supportive when it comes to yoyos. :slight_smile: They dont care unless i pay for everything (string, lube etc.).But when i practice in my living room, my dad worries about the tv. ;D

Wow, thats fun to imagine, lol…

last year they were not as supporting because they thought it was just a little thing that ill drop in a few weeks… after a long period of time they saw how serious i was getting and are now very supportive…

Me either. :wink:

My dad enjoys me getting into yoyos, for hed rather have me yoyo than play video games, and my mom and my dad support me in it. My dad understands y some yoyos r very expensive, but he thinks they all play the exact same. He doesn’t mind if there expensive or not, long as i pay for it, but it makes me sad that my parents always announce publicly to my friends and their friends that i bought a 90 dollar one, and that when he went to dxl with me, he saw a higher ratio of over weight people :frowning: :frowning: :(, which just bothers me that he says that. He also jokingly mocks me that yoyoing will get u a girl, funny cuz he doesnt know i have a girlfriend and im only 12 ;D ;D

Um, I’m 25 and don’t speak to my parents but my wife and friends are pretty supportive

I wish my dad would let me ge ant yoyo i want if i pay for it, i have $650 although i just bought the new ipod touch so they think ive spe t enough money for the year

My parents think of yoyoing as just one of the many hobbies I have, and as such are supportive of it as long as I don’t spend too much time doing it. They are willing to let me buy any yoyo as long as I have enough money to pay for it.

My mom thinks it’s cool (or acts like she does, just like she does for every other hobby I’ve ever had…), and my dad thinks it’s immature and waste of time and money. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m 32, it doesn’t matter what my parents think about me and my YoYoing :smiley: