Families opinion on yoyoing?

I was just sitting around wondering how other people’s families responded to yoyoing. As for me
Older brother: all the complicated tricks the same… he stoped keeping track of what i was doing a long time ago
Younger brother: Thinks i should yoyo less and play with him more… but still enjoys watching it
Mom: It annoyes her…
Dad: Likes to watch every now and then… but stopped keepning track a while ago.
please post opinions and how your family feels toward your yoing.

mom: ok with it sometimes anoyed
( 4a in the house :stuck_out_tongue: )
dad: like mom stop keeping track after intemediaet tricks
sister: sooooooooooo anoyed

dad and mom: not really bothered

cousins:one of them Im teaching, another one was amazed wen i showed him hubstacks yesterday, his brother looks at me strange, another cousin encourages me kinda

Mom: thinks its pretty cool but thinks i need to quit buying them
Dad: bought my best one for me but gets a little bothered
Sister: Cool (sarcastically)

Mom: She thinks it’s all right.
Dad: It annoys him to the max.
Brothers: They’re into yoyoing. They’re twins by the way.

Mom: Doesn’t mind
Sister: Thinks it’s cool
Dad: Kinda annoyed :o

Younger sister #1: Gonna get her a YYJ Journey soon! She loves it!
Younger sister #2: Has a Velocity, doesnt ever use it…BIG headed about it haha
Lil Bro: AWESOME!!!
Mom: Cool! (she got me to perform at a post prom last night for $$$ yay mom!)
Dad: Amazed, watches every once in a while, not often though

Mom: doesn’t really care. Watches sometimes.
Little Bro (by five minutes): Indifferent… except when I get attention in a crowd. Then he usually says (which we both can do, he’s just a little better) “I unicycle” to get attention off of me. It rarely works. lol.
Dad: He thinks that I could be doing better things with my time. He’s ok but he compares it to fingerboarding (lame) because it is so small and he says everything looks the same. He also limits my purchases which is a good thing.
Pets: ehh don’t realize what’s going on.

Mom and dad: “Awesome!”(goes back to what they were doing before they saw me)
Sister: “Showoff.”
Cousins: “…”(They play a lot of video games. :P)

Dad: Really enjoys taking me to yo meets, likes to watch me yoyo most of the time. Likes to take me to comps.

Mom: Dosn’t realy like taking me to yo meets that much but will, but she dose like to see me throw… or atlease most of the time. But she does really enjoy to see me in competitions.

Little bro: He yoyos too and really looks up to me as a yoyoer and thinks my yoyoing is awesome

Aunt: She dosn’t care much. Isn’t really annoyed by yoyoing, she dose like to see me yo a bit, but just not all the time. But she does likes my videos. Went to a yo meet once, didn’t really care for it. Didn’t come to a comp because she lives in Oceanside.

Grandma: Thinks my yoyoing is amazing. Hasn’t seen me in a comp or yo meet but would like to, but hasn’t really had the time 'cause she lives in Oceanside

Cousins: They don’t care. :smiley:

Uncle: Thinks it is pretty neat. Likes my videos, and I think he would like to come to comp but han’t had the time 'cause he lives in Oceanside.

My older brother has picked up yoyoing because of me.
The rest of my siblings don’t mind it, they even try every once in a while.
And my parents are just glad I’m not playing as many video games ;D

Mum: Scared I dinged the marble floor with my DM (what??)
Dad: Sometimes scared about me dinging the floor with my DM(and what?) Sometimes he says I’m good, but I’m not, and goes back to what he was doing.
Sister: … (not bothered)

My dad keeps talking about it like it’s some kind of joke. My mom is fine with it. And my siblings are generally annoyed by it.

Mom and Dad: They enjoy watching me perform, but all my tricks look the same to them. They usually ignore me (Who wants to watch someone do tricks they’ve seen a thousand times before?) but if I go “Look at this new trick” they’ll stop and watch.

Little brother: Astounded.

Youngest sister: Doesn’t care (she’s only 3)

Other sisters: Don’t really care either.

Other family members: Impressed. I get “I used to have a yoyo” all the time.

Parents: Supportive of my yoyoing and tutorial-making.

Brother: He doesn’t yoyo, but I ask him if he thinks any new tricks I’m working on look cool or not, and he normally says which parts are cool and which parts are lame, then gives suggestions. It’s a great help, because he can see things from the eyes of a non-thrower who doesn’t completely know how difficult things are but knows what things look cool.

Cousins: For a while I was teaching them, then they got kinda bored of it, but still enjoy watching me sometimes and trying their hands at it every now and then.

Grandparents, uncles, aunts, long-lost cousins and all that: Know me as that one relative that can yoyo.

Mom: encouraging about it

Dad: somewere inbetween not caring and anoyed

Brother: yoyo’s more than me

Sister: annoyed

Mom & Dad: encourages it as long as it dosen’t get in the way of school.

dad: doesn’t really like it because it messes up my pitching arm
mom: neutral
sister: annoyed
dogs: bark!

They ok with it.

Mom: think its expensive.

Dad: glad that i not adicted to video games anymore, and i have a comunity instead of staying in my room all the time playing video game.

Sister: don’t bother, but sometimes she think its cool.

I can see that. If my son would come up with a site like rethinkyoyo, at your age, I would be very proud indeed.