Loved ones and yo-yo's


For all the family people out there what does your loved ones think about your hobby in the yo-yo world?


The bearing noise…

The noise…

The Noise!!!


i yoyo in my room… so the noise isnt a problem really no one complains… no one really complains they just make fun of how much i spend on yoyo stuff :stuck_out_tongue:



that too.

Or when I hit them, purposely of course. Well now at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I thought my yoyos were my loved ones :stuck_out_tongue: . Silly me ::slight_smile: .


“Why aren’t you reading or spending your time doing something worthwhile? You aren’t going to retire early because of yoyoing”-Parents who think I should be studying


Wait they aren’t?

I was saying my quiet yoyos were mad at my loud ones…

It was a joke!!!



Oi, maybe the quiet ones are just jealous from lesser attention…

Serious Note, though.

My parents don’t mind, so long as I stop buying so many with my supposed to be for college cash…

My GF loves watching me when I throw, she kind of looks mezmerized when I do some horizontal shenanigans ;D :smiley:


lol nice, i get some interesting remarks from my fiancee, one night i was goofing off with a few tricks and she was watching. “She was like thats pretty cool!” I go i could teach you a new move, she says “Oh whats that?” I threw a sleeper stopped it early then turned to her and said I could show you how to “Walk the doggy style” hasnt said anything since about my hobby lol

My mom thinks its just fascinating to watch.


My family thinks I spend to much time and money on it. They also hate the bearing noise so I can’t play it when everyone’s watching tv or something. :-\


Maybe you guys should learn how to clean and lube bearings properly. No idea why someone would intentionally subject themselves to bearing noise when a drop of lube will silence it with no noticeable performance degradation.


I don’t find a problem with the nose myself and no one around me does either.

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Might be a tad off topic but I always laugh when people say they hate hate the noise a hybrid response makes then run dry bearings. ;D


Lol, I like the hybrid noise, actually. I can’t stand total silence.


My family sends me to the streets to make money ;D

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My parents and family thinks its pretty awesome. Although they think its really expensive. And their right lol, but its my money haha.


Everyone I know things its cool for like the first 10 seconds then immediately thinks its dumb and a waste of time… Doesn’t slow me down at all… I think its dumb to spend hours on facebook and pinterest so I guess its even lol


Yeah, I like the noise, they don’t.

And I lost my lube…


One must never forget or lose the lube…that is bad.

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My kids think its cool, but the older two are getting sick of me showing them new tricks… My younger three like it- the 3 year old tries to copy me, my 1 year old smiles when she sees it and the 13 week old doesn’t seem to care one way or the other yet…

My wife thinks its a huge annoying waste of time but she still loves me lol