No Support!

Every day i go home and just start yoyoing, its what i love to do. I do it at school, work, the store, home, i even took a duncan butterfly to the bathroom once lol, one handed looping. The only thing is everyone around me hates it. My mom hates it my dad hates it, even my friends hate it. Heck, i get more support from the school principal than i do from my own parents lol. All in all what i wanted to really ask is if anyone else has these problems??

I do not.

I did for a while, then I practiced over the summer, now everyone is super encouraging!!

why do they hate it? Because its kiddy? Because its immature? Wrong. Its a hobby and a sport. “Its just a spinning thing on string that you swing around” So? Basketball is just a round thing you throw into holes and keep away from others. If you were a model builder they wouldn’t hate it. Why should they hate yoyoing?

What im saying is don’t be discouraged. This is anybody that insults us yoyoers in general not just your friends or family.

Very True!

I get the same from all my friends and work mates and even my gf. They are all like WHY??. I just shrug it off throw some quick insane combo together and wander off.

In the early days when I started it was an oddball thing, my mates an dI did random stuff so it wasn’t looked at the differently.

As I got better people began to notice it, in a good way.

My friends and family have always accepted it and our proud of what I can do.

well that really sucks. i am happy i don’t have this experience. it might be better because my parents used to yoyo as kids.

Sadly yes. Most people think it’s weird, although most of my friends think it’s cool, as do my parents.

family thinks its annoying and my friends think it is sad but some other friends think it is cool, either way Im still going to do it!

Happened to me when i first started to throw…as i got better, they were more accepting. they were like, “you can do that? impossible!!”

Yeah i see what you guys mean, more of my friends like it when i throw a sweet combo but alot of em just look at me and say “walk the dog” and walk off laughing or something lol. I dont really care though

Then why…is this here?

But I know what you mean, it’s a little rough, but it’s too much fun to just stop. ;D

people may just see it as a “time waster” and not as a hobby and may think it’s childish to play with such toys. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do. My family are the type of people that think nonconformity is not that good. I’m expected to be like my cousins. Even m cousins say: “Yo-yoing? Really? You should be more like us!”

I know how you feel. Don’t feel down!

My mom doesn’t like it. At all.
My sister and some of my friends flat out hate it.
My dad likes it :slight_smile: