Families and your hobbies

What do your families think of your hobbies?

Almost every hobby I have annoys my family. Somehow yoyoing is too loud. Speed cubing is too loud. Playing musical instruments is too loud. Can’t do like anything without annoying them.

Also, pretty sure the last trick I showed my family was skin the gerbil. Now I make my own slick combos and I think I’m pretty good but they don’t care. They never ask to see my stuff or show any support of my hobbies. One of these days my goal is to win a yoyo contest and my family see my award and be like dang didn’t know he was this good.

So what experiences have you had with ur family and yoyoing or hobbies?

Total support! It’s really awesome.

Family members encourage one another to pursue positive interests and personal growth. Plus, it’s awesome when someone shares something that they value. I’m fortunate.

Jbritter, out of curiosity, does your family perceive your hobby as taking away from time and energy perhaps spent on chores or work or study? It could be that your family is not so much against yoyos, but would rather see effort in other activities.

Obviously, I don’t know you so this is all just guessing on my part, but justice trying to suggest some possibilities as to why they react the way they do.

My family can’t hear cubes anymore. Like they literally don’t hear the clicking from it at all. So yes, my family very much supports my hobbies. However, I have been known to do them in excess and that makes them mad if there are side effects from it.

If you limit your activities only to those of which others approve, you may likely end up doing nothing or having a miserable time trying to please everyone.

Could be. I get good grades in school though. I don’t spend as much time on it as my sister who has perfect grades but I still have a really good gpa and have a job and hobbies.

I think they just lack interest? And my family has sensitive hearing for some reason and the slightest sounds bother them.

Yeah I don’t conform to it. It’s just bothersome.

My family does not really care. So they are ambiguous about it. Sometimes when I throw around my brother or sister they go like: “there he goes with the yoyo again” but I don’t let it get to me. It is something i do for myself and if others want to see some tricks I’ll show them, but if they don’t they won’t hurt my feelings. Just do what makes you happy.

Well ive done the tricks I know a million times around them, and all the tricks look to similar. Ill go to my lil sister and say “watch! I just learned this!” (Yesterday with spirit bomb) then i will do it and she’ll say “you do that trick all the time” and I’ll be like “no I don’t I just learned it”.

Also when my family is watching TV, even with the most quiet bearing they still say to stop because it is too loud.

My dad and my brother think yoyoing is really stupid and that Im the stupidest kid in the world just because I yoyo

But my mom doesn’t mind it Sometimes when Im working on a routine for a contest she will even point out some things I could do to make it go along with the music better

My siblings thinks yoyoing is too loud or I do it too frequently. And for my shooting sports everyone does in in my family so we give each other support while for playing an instrument I don’t het enough support.

Ehh they dont really care… We need more support here!
When I first started, I’d show them the most random tricks, like rock the baby cuz I thought it was a huge deal, and they would just go “good job…” or something. Now when I do a crazy hard combo around them, they just look and look away… I brought them to nationals in Chico, and they had a great time for the 10 min they were there. They said next year my dad will get a day off, and my mom will clear her schedule to go, that made me ;D. But I feel like after that they want me to be as good as gentry…why gentry,why do you have to be sooooo gooooodddd!!!

I’ll get there someday… :’(

Well that had lots of ups and downs and huge slaps to the face lol.

It’s a good thing we all support each other lol

I get around the “loud yoyo” thing by playing… quiet yoyos! It’s not much of a sacrifice. Look into it, y’all!

My wife doesn’t mind me yoyoing, partly because I don’t set it as my priority (family first) and partly because when I do it, I use quiet bearings. She did a frontstyle bind and a plastic whip today. :wink: My kids like it. When I visit my parents or my in-laws, they’re fine with it and one sister-in-law (plus her boyfriend) are actually interested. I gave the boyfriend a Classic and lent the sister a Revenger.

Only time anyone said anything about it was for the other sister-in-law’s wedding. “No yoyos, Greg.” Fair enough, I might have brought one if she hadn’t said that. :wink: Maybe my wife even secretly put her up to it… I’ll never know because it doesn’t matter. Oh, and for the Fixed-Axle February video contest my wife said, “I don’t want to hear about this occupying your every thought like that CLYW contest…” Hahaha! That contest did drive me nutty trying to think of an idea for that second video!! I made her share the madness, so it’s my own fault.

I just read through, and I can safely agree with almost all of these… My parents think it is just taking effort away from other things I can be doing, but I enjoy this, and like j, I still get good grades, and I still have outside activities… I hope this thread takes off, because we could seriously talk for hours about this subject, and I think it would just be a good little thread for us to put input in, and take some advice. I could talk for hours about this, but that will have to wait til a later time.

Everyone around me tries to pretend it’s an interesting hobby, but I know they don’t really find it interesting. I have an asian style, so it not the most pleasant to watch for people who are not into it.

Even in the yoyo community there are a lot of people who don’t like it…

I should emigrate to Hong Kong…

My problem is I do use quiet yoyos and they still complain. Like they hear a quiet little hum from like three rooms away lol

My parents love all my hobbies but one.

Computer (this is the one)
Video Games
Soccer (also my sport)

But, I think it’s fine.

BTW, do you think your family will take you to a contest? You would probably have to drive yourself to one instead from what is sounds like.

If ur talking to me I drive so I’d be fine lol but yeah family wouldn’t go

I imagined you could drive. I’m just saying you won’t have much company.