is this fair? it sucks :-(


Hey guys, I am advanced part 2 on here, and I have 3 yoyos: a broken yomega xodus 2 (for 1a, not 4a), a blue mint onestar (I dont play plastics :slight_smile: and, the only yoyo I use, my YYF supernova with around 13 dings. We have a yoyo store in my town, and a contest in my town. So I can get yoyos…pretty much whenever I want. But my parents and sister think it’s absolutely insane to spend $100 on a “piece of metal and string”, as my mom calls it, + I have my own money! But I still can’t :-/ My parents won’t ever let me trade my yoyos (i tried…). I want a new throw, now that i have had my supernova for close yo 4 1/2 family isn’t rich, but we do have a good deal of money (NOT rich) and i used to get 1 video game a year, if it’s less than $65. And i cannot use my own money, and i dont wanna go behind there back to get a throw. Im thinking about going to a contest and getting a b grade for like $60(what can i get with that???)

I hate seeing peoples favorite yoyo being something like this’" fav. Yoyo: summit, triton,chief, genesis,super G,code 2,rally,revenger,cliff,diamondback,puffin" cuz I get so jealous! do you when you hear that?

Idk, I just feel like some people get like 15 throws a year, and I fell extremely lucky to get 2…


We are all different people. You cant base your life on how others live.

And remind her a hunk of metal with weels drives her everywhere, and a hunk of metal with a bullet protects her freedom. Well, dont say those things unless you really wanna get grounded


Dude, calm down about it. Appreciate what you have you live in Chico for crying out loud- regarding your parents, give them some respect, they simply don’t want you to blow all your money. I got my first metal after an entire year of yoyoing (YYF Pro packs FTW), and I haven’t got another one every since.


Be happy with what you have. In a few years you’ll get more independence(probably), and you can buy yoyos then. When I started last year all I had was a popstar for about 6 months or so.

Save up your money, get a job mowing lawns or shoveling driveways, show your parents you really, really want this. Showing them that you’re responsible through working is probably the best way to convince them that it’s your money and you should be able to do what you want with it.

We all had to start somewhere. And, at the end of the day, it’s not the yoyo, it’s the yoyoer that matters the most.

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Sometimes I look at my collection and think… man, I don’t even need all these. I only use 5 or so regularly. Why did I spend all this money on stuff that I use occasionally?

Of course I’d be sad if my parents limited me to getting one throw and that whole deal, but honestly if you really think about it, it’s good. You don’t want to look back at alot of wasted money and think, “Yeah, maybe my parents were right.”

But considering you only have 3 yoyos, that kind of sucks, especially cause you only have 1 good one. I would get 5 really good ones if I were you.

About getting B-Grades, well, YYF B-Grades are super cheap, you could probably get a few for $60. They’re a great deal and all, but if I were you I’d pick up a few nice yoyos.

And judging from the immature post you just made, I’d say your parent’s are probably doing the right thing.


I think your only hope is to actually reason with your parents. You need to be able to articulate that it is your money, and you need to be able to spend it at your discretion. If you aren’t able to do that, it is not your money.

How do you get this money? Do you earn it by working outside the home? Within the home? Is it an allowance?

My god, you are a teenager who want s a high end toy, not drugs, your parents should be thrilled. And you’re not even asking them to buy it for you.

I don’t know what your family dynamic is. I don’t know if your parents are over controlling, or we are just not seeing the whole picture. But if they will let you buy a $60 yoyo, and not a $100 yoyo, and you earned the money yourself, then I am seriously confused why they let you have any money at all. This seems like way to much control.


My mom does the exact same thing. It may be for like an outing with friends instead of a yoyo, like in my case.


From the limited info available, maturity aside, I think his parents are wrong. I believe the best way to learn the value of money is to have to be responsible for it yourself. When you have to decide if a yoyo is worth $100 to you, then you are making decisions that help you learn. Learning that getting this yoyo instead of a $60 yoyo means learning you can’t afford a new video game or whatever.

I don’t have kids myself, but I am an uncle, and have close friends with kids, and am watching them all raised differently. The kids I see who are able to make the best choices now that they are getting older, are the ones who were allowed to start making their own choices earlier.

It was also how I was raised. I was allowed to spend my money how I wanted. My parents would give me advice, but if I blew all my money on PacMan (yes I’m that old), I couldn’t afford more legos. I had to learn to both save and prioritize. I ma thankful for that.

All that said, now that I make a real income, I spend like the money will be worthless tomorrow. :wink:


I don’t know why you don’t play plastic yoyos.

I got a Onestar and Rally yesterday. I have actually been playing the Onestar much more than the rally.


Where are you getting the money from exactly? Is it an allowance or are you actually working for said money through other means

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I would also like to add that a few years ago or so when I started purchasing my first few yoyos, my parents told me to quit buying yoyos. But, I showed that it wasn’t just a phase over a few years time, now they could care less how many yoyos I have, and I have like 30-40 yoyos or something like that.

So, I was pretty much in a similar situation as you 4 years ago, but I showed dedication and now I have all the yoyos I want. So, show your parents your dedication and reason with them maturely and maybe you can change their mind, or at least give them a hint it’s not a phase.


Sure it’s fair. You live in their house. Until you move out you live by their rules. Sucks don’t it. :wink:
Sucks more when you have to pay all the bills yourself. Then see how many $100 yoyos you buy.


Each house is different. What is or isn’t fair is relative to the house compared to itself.

Don’t get jealous. Enjoy what you got. I can enjoy inexpensive stuff and expensive stuff. Then again, I’m working my tail off, paying a mortgage and other bills(vehicles paid in full) and trying to run a business. I work hard, I play hard. I am not jealous of anyone with any yoyo.

Also, aim lower. There’s lots of great plastics. “metal”-snobbery is not necessary and will cause you to miss out on a good number of amazing yoyos just because they aren’t plastic.

Last meet I went to, I was just fine playing an ugpraded Classic while people were playing my expensive stuff. I just felt like playing that Classic that day.

My next suggestion would be to invest in a helmet.


I totally agree with studio. But those 100 dollar throws. Some arent even worth that money. And some times a cheap plastic can out play some of the best yoyos out there.
Besides be grateful that you are able to get these throws. Some people don’t have that privilege so appreciate it.


No it’s unfair to us people who live in the middle of NOWHERE. With no access to yoyos except via the Internet. And you not playing that OneStar is your downfall. Send it to me if you don’t wAnt it.


I just wince at the use of the word “fair” in this context.


Just be happy your parents care on what they want you to spend money on. As for me my parents say If I want a Yoyo I can cough up the money and pay for It then I can have it. Plus 3 yoyos is not that bad I only use 1 on a regular day so don’t worry about it eventually they will figure out the truth on there own.


first off you don’t need a $100 yoyo to win it all, all you need is practice, look at Jensen Kimmit 2010


Just wait, show your parents you’re mature. Maybe then, they’ll realize that you know what you’re doing, and will let you spend your money freely.