"Don't you have enough yoyos?"

Since I have yet to acquire my own credit/debit card, I still need to do all online purchases through my dad. Love them as much as I do, I have to admit my parents are not the most easy-going ones in the world. Every time I want to buy a new yoyo, I need to spend at least 30 minutes trying to convince them that I’m not wasting my money. Their disapproval has become more and more adamant every time.

Does anyone else always get the “Don’t you have enough yoyos?” from your parents? How do you guys convince them that these purchases are worthwhile.

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No problem with my parents, it’s my wife… :wink:
(And no I don’t have enough.)

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Tell them its your personal hobby, and that you’re old enough to make your own decisions. Compare collecting yoyos to other things like watches, skateboards, fancy clothes, etc.

Typical response from my parents is “you should be saving the money for college or something else important”, even after I try to explain to them that I have plenty of money, and I’m not spending it all on yoyos. Most of it I am, in fact, saving (plus yoyos are important too ;))

Going to multiple contest a year causes that reaction too.

You must have learned, or acquired, your collector trait from one of your parents. Find out which parent, then ask that person. He or she will likely understand your desire and give in. But follow that up with the notion that you’ll trim the fat, or thin the herd, when the time is right.

If he was old enough to make his own decisions he wouldn’t need dads card!

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I’m 16.


well on one side your parents just want to make sure your money goes to a wise investment. However, you should get the final say in what you spend your money. I have had a debit card since I was 16. I have no idea if it is different in each state, but if you are old enough just get your card and then you do not have to go through all that hassle.

dude my wife is totally gonna throw that exact line at me when my D6 gets here from China…

That’s not true at all.

If dads pulling the trigger then its true!

Just because one is old enough to make their own decisions does not mean that one is able to, and vice versa.

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I like to think of it this way. You can make any decision you want but untill your name is on the check or card you ain’t even in the game.

Paying dues…

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That’s your own personal attitude toward these situations, but it certainly does not determine if someone is able to make their own decisions.


The only thing money is good for is spending. :wink:

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I’m sure he is fully capable of making a decision no argument here.

Just can’t follow through on those decisions just yet.

Yup. If you can’t spend it, share it or give it away, what’s it good for?

Just dropped a decent chunk at Nationals across 3 vendors: YYE, Duncan and a notable west coast retailer operated by a former World Champion/new National YoYoMaster.

And just 2 days ago, dropped another sizable chunk with YYE and the same west coast retailer, and tomorrow or Thursday gonna spend $160+ with a Florida-based yoyo organization.

Do I have enough? Maybe.
I’m still buying. Until Andre cuts me off, I’m pretty sure I’m safe. I don’t think there is Throw-aholics anonymous. Even if there is, I won’t be one with the biggest problem!

(350+ and climbing!)

I’m 15 so I’m in the same boat as you. I just tell me parents that I can resell my high end throws for just a bit less than what I bought them for. They are perfectly fine with letting me spend some of my money to buy yoyos as I can still sell them again. It’s a small price to pay for entertainment

nope they let me spend my money as i please as long as i let them know on what im spending it on. besides there all for it there buying me a spyy oyoy for my birthday o yeah i dont get that.