Don't tell my wife, 200$ worth of yo's in 2 weeks

Ok so I’ve spent allmost 200$ in the last 2 weeks on yo yo’s. I was just wondering if anyone out there lets there wife or gf know how much these cost? I will not tell her and if she ask’s one drops are only 50$ I also like to race rc’s and I never tell her how much rc parts cost.

I got this on the way, anyone know what this colorway is called?

When i got my tax return i ordered $200 worth of yoyos and misc yoyo stuff. My wife through a fit. It was like bad. Then she said no more yoyos for 6 months. I laughed and ordered more yoyos a few weeks later. Keep in mind my wife is a full time student and does contribute to the family in her own way. I have mad respect for how hard my wife “works” at her school and family duties but im the sole bread winner and im responsible enough to not put us in any economic hardships because i want a yoyo. So yes and also prices that i tell my wife are also not up to market standards so to speak…

My yoyos were also a couple backup northstars and protostars, (quality + quanity) a t shirt and some other stuff.
My view on $100 yoyos is like expensive fishing lures they are meant to catch fisherman not fish. Hunting supplies are the same way. Hundreds of dollars on fancy camo and deer are colorblind. Thats just my opinion though.

wow emm idk in israel most of the yoyo players
are really young like 14-18
and as i can see in this forum in america there is a LOT of adult players
its pretty wierd for me…btw i am buying my yoyos with my money
so it doesnt matter 2 anyone

Okay, so wife/gf’s get upset when u spend a truckload of money on yoyos? What about when they go shopping? Its always about more clothes… but if they don’t like it, u should get them one in their favorite colors and say that you thought of them. Mixing hobbies with romance. Get her a cherry blossom battosai and tell her that’s your way of telling her you love her.

…no not feeling it? Well then, I got nothing else. One day when I get married or have a gf, ill try to not tell her anything about my yoyo habits.

-pillowite (19 yr old)

Yeah I’m using tax refund money too. Now anyone know what this colorway is called?

$200 will be nothing to her when you explain that she has missed your birthday again. It’s good to change your birth date often in order to keep her confused. (Just don’t let her talk to your parents)

If it’s to late for that then drop some serious cash on an extravagant evening together, and just add the amount you spent on the yoyos, to the total nights expense. ;D

If that doesn’t work for you, just make sure you have a super sweet and comfy sofa, you’ll be living there for a while ;).

Yeah, I don’t think my girlfriend likes the fact that I’ve purchased 8 Chiefs since November.

And that’s just Chiefs. I’ve bought a lot of other stuff too. I’ve calmed down on my purchasing the past month or so, though.

Well, except for that 8th Chief I bought from LinksLegionaire yesterday…

Only $200? What is the problem? My wife would LOVE it if I only spent $200 in a month on yoyos.

One of the best quotes I heard when I started yoyo-ing was when I complained about all the money I was spending on yoyos. I think it was Pancakes, from the OneDrop team who said simply: “It will take you at least $1000 just to figure out what kind of yoyos you like”. He was right. In my case, it was more.

The only piece of advice I can give is to not lie to your wife about the cost. It may get you a brief respite in the short-run, but ultimately, she will find out.

I think almost any married man will tell you that in the long run, it seldom pays to tick-off the wife about ANY topic. Especially money.

Yes, never lie to anyone.

In the long run things will get messy.

Yeah you guys are right. I would not really lie to her, I was kind of kidding. She probly would never ask.

8 Chiefs omg, I’m kind of mad at you and I dont even know why?;D

this is interesting … cus my wife knows how much i spend … i had her buy me yo-yos lol … but sometimes when i buy something … i just tell her that I am trading hahahhaha cus i do trade a lot too

and RC cars are expensive too … i have two … $500 each, also bought by my wife lol

but i am done buying for now … only trades … and right now i am done trading too … loving my collection…

i need YYR though lol

I’m guessing you’re not married. 8)

Well, if she wants a new pair of shoes, there’s no way you can say no now…

Seriously though, yo-yoing should be about playing more than spending (IMHO).

girlfriends and wives can’t usually grasp the concept of $100+ yoyos even existing so I’ve found a good analogy or whatever to help them understand.
a high end yoyo is like a designer bag. it offers the same functions of a normal bag, but is prettier and much cooler then that “walmart bag”
doesn’t work on frugal women who don’t believe in Prada and louis viotton and whatnot but it should help.
also lying is wrong. and when she wants to buy you a yoyo for present (it’ll most likely happen if you stick with it) shell find out the real cost O: and you’ll have some splainin’ to do!

Without going into excessive details:

Through my in-laws inability to pay me back on time, I lost a very lucrative line of sales that were right after another and needed that money to come back WHEN I NEEDED IT, which it didn’t. Killed $20 million in sales and caused me to close the sales portion of what I do.

Also, sinking money into their dying business month after month, my wife knows she has NO negotiating room for criticizing my spending. Be it yoyos, audio gear or what-not.

They asked me to do sound for an event for their shop, and they failed to tell the property owner to turn off the sprinkler. Caused me $80K in damages to my gear when the sprinklers went off. I haven’t seen as much of a cent in money to apply towards repairs.

She doesn’t have to like it, she just has to accept it. If she has a problem with it, they can just pay me back.

What? They arent paying me back? Then no foundation for complaints.

I’m starting to think yoyo is my midlife crisis.

looks like some pretty excessive detail to me. maybe you should get a blog to vent and not do it in random threads. doesn’t really set a good example mr forum expert.

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Ooh, Zinger!

Details? I left out MASSIVE amounts of other details.

I find “blogs” and “bloggers” to be “useless”. Thanks for the idea. Don’t feel offended if I won’t even consider it.

My point is that when people waste my time and excessive amounts of money or cause me to lose my sources of generating revenue, they lose the right to complain about how and what I spend my money on. I’ve grown tired of dealing with people who refuse to understand. She buys shoes, I buy yoyos. She’s winning. I’m fine with that. But as her shoes get worn out, she loses them, they get damaged or her sisters squirrel them away, I still have my yoyos!

Some people have no problem dropping big bucks on something USELESS or even impractical as long as they get to spend it on THEMSELVES. But, if you choose to spend it on YOU, they go ballistic. The double standard. Get used to it.

Nah, offense not taken. not my cup o tea either. I prefer message by bottle myself but ya know. i’m an old school cat like that.
But I got was looking for. an on topic reply :wink:

I’m all for marriage, but I think money should always be separate. I’ll pay my half with the money I make, and you do the same. If you don’t have a source of income then. well. to be blunt you don’t deserve to spend any then. I’m all for equality.

This guy’s got it. From a woman’s point of view…he’s got it. Don’t lie about it. Be honest about what you love, and draw an analogy that she can relate to. In the end, if she loves you, she will be the one buying you yo-yos too…and if she’s cool, then she’ll start playing with them herself. Whoala!