So, It Happened

After dinner tonight, my wife was in the kitchen tidying up while I cleaned up the kid and dining room table.

She yells my full name (uh oh) and says “WHAT IS THAT?!”

I go to the kitchen and see her pointing into my office, which is in the breakfast nook. I say, “What?”

“That case!”

Sigh… I was “hiding” my modest yoyo collection in plain sight in a soft case that holds a dozen throws. “Uh, my yoyo case.”

“When did you get that?!” And before I could reply she tears into my office, grabs the bag, sets it on my desk, and opens it. All she exclaims is my name. Loudly.

Well, she was flabbergasted, failing to comprehend why I would need multiple yoyos let alone enough to need a case for them. I tried to explain, but she just doesn’t get it. She wasn’t mad. Just shocked that I had accumulated so many without her knowing. Again, I wasn’t hiding anything. I just haven’t making a big deal of things as they arrived in the mail. She flew to the mantle in the living room, where I usually have a couple sitting as my current throws, to make for a complete count. “13 YOYOs!”

“Yeah…” I admitted. “Most were really good deals.” Which is true. “And so was the case.” Also true.

“You’re ridiculous. Why do you need so many yoyos?”

“They’re all unique. They’re all different shapes, weights, sizes, and look different.”

“No, they’re not. They’re just yoyos. You’re an obsessed kid.”

If only she knew about the handful of others in a box just a few feet away. The bearings I just got in the mail earlier today. The lifetime supply of ZipLine strings in another box. The two yoyos on their way to me as we spoke. And the one I keep in my office at work.

She shook her head and went back to what she was doing. It could have been worse.


“Honey, you are right. I should not be spending money on something as stupid and childish as yoyos. From now on I will spend that money on drugs and alcohol, like so many other adults.”


holy cow im dead in 10 years


Just tell her that before you met her; you had a collection of human heads. Mainly people that got you real upset about this or that.

Collecting yoyos satisfies your cravings and allows you to keep your promise to yourself to never Snap again.


I’m always shocked when I see things such as this. It makes me really appreciate how supportive my wife is. I have only been yoyoing for 2.5 years and I have well over 300 yoyos. I have lost count of the number of bags I have. I have four cases displayed throughout the house, wait, make that five, and singles displayed throughout as well. Instead of ridiculing you, she should be thankful you enjoy such a relatively inexpensive, wholesome hobby. You aren’t shooting up. You aren’t at a pub every night(I’m guessing). You aren’t out chasing other women. You enjoy throwing, BFD. I’m amazed at how many wives behave like mothers instead of lovers. I try not to be judgementail, but obviously I still have much work to do on this one.
Edit: I just told my wife some guy’s wife got mad because he has 13 yoyos. She busted out laughing. I love this woman!


that’s what i figured… she’s my biggest fan… the shower scene was just a bonus :wink:



This is someone else’s meme. I dont remember who


To be fair to her, I’ve had lots of hobbies over the years. I still have a massive stash of baseball cards and comic books from before we met. I still have a bunch of Magic cards from when I played right after we met. I’ve been a fly fisherman for ages and have the requisite gear. I had a two-year stretch were I got into homebrewing. And now I’ve picked this up.

I did point out, to some effect, that I’ve financed the vast majority of my plastic/metal crack hobby with funds from recently-sold Magic and ball cards. Unfortunately, I’ve used the “Hey, I could be going to the gentleman’s club or blowing our cash on drugs” argument on too many previous occasions…

At any rate, I’m in no real trouble. I’ve been strategically slow-rolling my new throws out and last she knew I had “about 10 or so” yoyos.


Hahaha I really enjoyed reading that. Has anyone ever told you that you have such literary flair?


Thanks! Yes, in a way. I’m a historian by profession, so I do a lot of academic writing. I’ve only dabbled in more casual (read: engaging) stuff and haven’t yet had any of that actually published (I have a fly fishing piece submitted to a sporting journal). My book that came out about a year ago was exciting personally as the culmination of a huge time investment, but I’m especially stoked about an article I have coming out this summer in a journal that bridges the gap between pure academics and lay readers. Anyhoo, yeah… I’ve been told that I do some decent writing before :slight_smile:


Ah that makes sense. I would love to see more writing from you, especially of the yoyo related variety :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There is the problem. Big investment, but at least it gets you out of the house. … … … Maybe you should start going to the river to practice yoyo. :stuck_out_tongue:


Tell your wife that you are a closet bi-polar. The other you is a Sociopath.

And honestly; it’s either string on the finger or finger on the trigger.


Just explain to her that it wasn’t your fault.
The voices made you do it.
She’ll understand.


I agree! This was fun to read lol :slight_smile:


At least it’s not another, more expensive hobby… Maybe try and get her into throwing when things settle down. On the flipside, if the wife has a modest shoe collection, then there you go…you got some ammo to use :slight_smile:


My wife is just happy I’m no longer buying a bunch of car or computer parts…

In fact, she’s pleased I finally found a “cheap” hobby lol


And that’s why I don’t have a significant other. No need to justify my Yoyo collection! Yeah. That’s the reason…


Good call! It hasn’t come up again and she seemed fine after. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll come up in the heat of an argument but beyond an uncomfortable couple of minutes it was business as usual.

I tried to get her to throw my galaxy-dyed First Base on responsive a bit, and she did give it a few half-hearted throws before saying she isn’t really interested. I get that, but doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying!


Part of my of the motivation of making yoyos was so that I could make them instead of buying them. I really couldn’t buy yoyos outside of my budget allowance and keep a clean conscience. That’s just me.

Funny thing is, I have barely any of my own yoyos I’ve made.