Someone is off to a bad start!

OK, my wife has a love-hate relationship with the yoyo. It’s hard to explain. I’m not sure if she is approved of me doing this, but she is certainly in favor of the kids doing this. Every once in a while, she tries it. Usually it doesn’t go too bad, but it doesn’t go too well. It’s more typical of the “I don’t want to ask for help, but I need help but I’m gonna refuse help” kind of thing. It’s complicated. It’s annoying. Yes, that is my wife!

Today hit a new low. A bit of background is required. A bit ago, you may have seen my posts about the Duncan ProZ. Anyhow, 3 of my 4 kids got at least one. The youngest, at 3, refused to be left out, so it was affordable, and she’d lost her Reflex, and being a 3 year old girl, she could not throw it hard enough to “work it”. The ProZ seems a better option. She insisted it being set up in modified mode. She barely plays it. Her yoyo is often sitting on my dresser. Yes, the string is cut to fit her.

There ya go. You can see the set-up.

My wife I guess was feeling the urge to throw something. More background: she used to throw wood spintops when she was a kid. I won’t digress too much about me getting spintops as well as the eldest kid. Let’s focus on that yoyo on the dresser.

So, my wife took the yoyo off the dresser. She slipped it on her finger. She threw it.

You know when something bad is happening, everything appears to move in slow motion? Well, that’s precisely what happened.

The yoyo launched OFF my wife’s hand(string still wound), flew across the room and hit our boy right in the head. Crying ensued. Thank goodness it was a plastic! I can’t imagine how much that hurt though but thank goodness for no sharp edges either!

Turns out my wife put her finger in the loop, as in did NOT make the slipknot. After that, who knows if she had the string over or under. Right now, she is scared of the yoyo. She’s had in the past some GOOD throws, down and tug back. This might have scared her off for good.

I’m trying really hard to get my wife into SOMETHING, spin tops, yoyo, SOMETHING. Help me out.

My wife is into Asian astrology, which I guess since she’s Asian, it kinda makes sense. Not to be racist or play stereotypes, but she’s superstitious as all as well, which just complicates stuff to death. With a recent death in the family, she’s consulted one of these fortune tellers who have told her apparently her bad colors and my bad colors. Turns out one of my bad colors is blue, which means all my blue clothing vanished. She better NOT touch my blue yoyos! But, for her, “good” colors are pink and black, of what she’s willing to share with me. So here’s my objective: I want to get her a pink/black Lyn Fury or some other pink yoyo(DM2 anyone?), something preferably that will be one of those types that go from responsive to unresponsive. So, my quest now is to find something decent and get it ordered for her soon. I’ve ALMOST got her hooked on this, and I’m worried about this set-back. I’d give her the pink Asteroid I just got, but it’s unresponsive and since she won’t accept help, I have to skew things in a way that works for her. All I can say is I have to buy “new”. Has to be new. I mean, this is my wife we’re talking about.

(and yes, she saw my Strummol8 Sophia top and she likes how that looks)

Wow, interesting.

Pink Dm2, get it. Don’t lose her.

Need more yo-yoers…

You could get 2 dark magics, one black and one pink, and then swap halves before giving it her and keep the other. Then she would have a yoyo with both of her lucky colors and you would have matching yoyos as husband and wife to be romantic-ish.

wow that was a really long post…i stopped reading after the first paragraph :wink:

Wow go figure. If text scares you so much, get off the internet.

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Sounds like my mom lol. Go for something that won’t need maintenance to stay responsive, I would recommend the YYJ Journey. Durable and easy to use! There is also the YYF Fast 201, and it comes in neon pink! And if she complains about your blue yoyos, send them to me to polish ;D

You could always pick up both a pink and black Chaser and mix the halves, and keep one for you and the other for your wife.

OK, some stuff to consider:

She’s Asian(established). She’s also 4-foot 10 inches and small hands. Her ring size is a 3.5! So, tiny hands too. As far as “how Asian”, we’re talking 100% Asian, born and raised in Vietnam, but has been here since 1991.

I’m not worried about maintenance issues, I’ll take care of that. It’s size that’s more of an item of interest.

Now, the 15th of June is our 10th anniversary. Traditionally, aluminum is a material suitable for this one. I am stretching it and saying the rims of the DM2 will be sufficient for that application. But the DM2 is full sized. I don’t know, maybe an undersized…

Either way, I have a bit of time and YYE shipping typically takes 3 days to get to my place. I also don’t mind getting her a DM2 or something in that price range. Plus I’m gonna get her a 100-count of pink 100% poly strings to go with it as well.

So, keep the suggestions rolling. The Hitman Pro also comes in pink… the price of the Chaser and Legacy II that has a white body and pink caps is nice too. I think whatever I pick, it’s probably gonna be YYJ.

I have a pink Magic YoYo T8 (The 1 in my av pic) which was £10 off ebay…cheap and PINK :wink:

EDIT: I just noticed your reply, and I also Have a T9 which is a much smaller throw and also comes in pink and only cost me £15 from ebay too :slight_smile:

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Hmmm, undersized cheap yoyo… Will this yoyo work? Called the Aoda Fraxel and apparently is only 46mm in diameter.

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Hitman pro?

Undersized, responsive, and pink?
maybe a speed maker?
that fraxel looks good too

If loopers are ok too, you could get her a neon pink loop900

Most of YYJ’s plastics seem to come in pink so you have a lot of choice.

If you buy her two DM2s and mix the halves, you can give them to her as a 3A pair… That should make basic tricks seem a lot easier to her! :stuck_out_tongue:

Fraxel’s pretty good, my brother has one. But YYJ seems to be the way to go.

I’m buying some Magic yoyo’s today off Ebay. Those typically arrive in 10 days. More than sufficient time. The only downside is they are unresponsive, so she’d have to wait to use it.

That would work but the timeline doesn’t. They take forever to get here. I mean, we’re talking literally slow boat from China speeds! Might be a later option!

I have a blue Speed Maker. Might have to yank the ring and silicone it and shim it to make it unresponsive later on. I’m kinda putting the cart before the horse. I’m kinda putting her down the same path I took. Right now she’s throwing my Speed Dial and seems determined to master the gravity pull. I think by the end of the day she’ll have it. I think I can get her to do some beginner tricks and I bet I can get her playing unresponsive by the end of next week! Man, that will open up options!

The idea of the neon pink Loop900 is one I’m going to seriously consider as well!

That’s not a bad idea, but I don’t want to “double the investment” because she tends to lose track of things easily. I think one will do her nicely. She can start her own collection if she gets hooked hard like I am. Or I’ll end up adding to it.

If she’s asian she should be pro at it.

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Don’t be a stereotype now. Even if she is Asian, it takes practice. I’m Asian too, and it took me many months to get me where I am now.

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The T9 I have was my 1st throw I got when I started again and I pretty much learned to do a front bind within minutes, then I kinda just practiced tricks like mach 5, split the atom, etc…until I learned other kinds of bind…

I actually have Magic T5, T6, T8, T9 & T10 and they are all quality throws, but the T9 is deffo the smallest :slight_smile:

Well you could always buy a clear yoyo and some black and pink paint if it comes to that…

Not everybody mixes well with yoyos, but i’m sure she’ll love them if she gets the hang of it!