Brilliant? or Backfire? Christmas Yo Yo!


You didn’t really see that one blowing up did you? - Movie quote from Meet the Robinson’s

Had a possible brilliant idea that could and more than likely will backfire. Thought it would be fun to discuss it on the boards.

I’ve mentioned before about my wife not being thrilled about YoYos but will pick one of mine up from time to time and do a bind and even a trapeze if she is really determined. I was thinking with all of the great deals, picking up a pink yoyo for her and giving it to her for Christmas to play with that will be “hers” Might make her want to play it and get into it a little. No pressure, just hey, it is here if you want to learn and play it you can…then if for any reason it bombs, then I my get a new yoyo! So, I was thinking hey, this might be a win win! So if she goes for it! That would be huge! If she doesn’t? I just got a new yoyo and it won’t be looked at as me buying me another yoyo? See see see? Haha, knowing her she will see through it, but who knows, maybe it will be sweet? Thoughts?


And if she’s anything like my mom, she’ll make you sleep on the couch for a week.


I was thinking similarly. Get my wife a red ONE(she likes red) and let her have her own. She doesn’t really eye mine all that much anymore and she’s one moody lady. I often wonder if the grief I will receive is worth the money I spend.

Still, it would be nice if she’d share something with me. All she has tried to do is a gravity pull, but my string is way to long for her. She’s kinda lost interest in it for herself, but is amazed at what the kids are doing with it.

So much to decide. I’m going to try to power my kids through the beginner tricks so I can order them something better than the ONE’s they have.


I would go for it. I mean there’s not really anything to lose on that one. Either she likes the idea and thanks you for being considerate and thinking of her or, she just isn’t interested. I wouldn’t think she would get max for you trying to include her, that is, unless she is REALLY unreasonable. But, given what you have said about her previously, she sounds like she would love that you are trying to include her. Good luck!

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Scenario 1: She’ll be thrilled that you thought of her and noticed she wanted to start.

Scenario 2: She’s glad that you thought about her and gives you a gift (if you get what I mean. How you see the context depends on your point of view).

Scenario 3: She’s indifferent

Scenario 4: She sees it as an excuse for you to buy a new throw knowing she isn’t into yo-yo stuff.

Scenario 5: Get used to that couch and that stash of cup noodles.


Scenario 6(what mine would be): Catch flack over this until you die.

Women can be unpredictable. Get her the earrings instead!


You must also be unpredictable. Get her yoyo(mightyflea??) earring! And don’t forget the 24 karat Phenom pendant! That would be really pricey. ;D


As long as it’s not her only gift it would be a good idea.


Don’t even get me started on my situation. I don’t want to have to clean up brains off your computer monitor after your head explodes!

TMCertified has a situation where his wife is at least showing an interest at some level. His idea could work or it could backfire, it’s hard to say. It’s one of those where you might want to have a back-up plan already in place… “So, I’ll get her the diamond stud earrings, which she’s getting either way, so she’ll either get a nice throw AND earrings or she’s just gonna end up with the earrings…” That kind of logic.

It’s nice to have a spouse or partner who is willing to try to share your hobbies or interests. I’m trying to get her into yoyo, and the motivation is that 2 of the kids are starting, another one is trying desperately to start and the last one can’t even walk yet(but just started standing), and she’s going to find soon if she doesn’t start throwing, she’s gonna start getting left out. Things that families can do together are good things. We like going to Disney parks, some people like going to sporting events, others do movies. Video games, board games… the options are endless. Anything that can help the bond between partners, I’m all for encouraging. It’s truly not the price, it’s the thought. A $10 yoyo in the hands of someone appreciative is far better than an expensive yoyo in the hands of someone not interested. It’s a gamble. But his wife can at least do something other than a gravity pull, where-as mine won’t make a real effort. But, TMCertified has been doing this MUCH longer than I have, so his wife has had to deal with this for far longer than mine has! So, I’m hoping my wife will show an actual interest. We do have a battle option for determining an argument winner: Nintendo Advanced with Tetris Worlds, winner takes the argument! Of course, it’s not fair, I win all the time so my wife won’t go for that anymore. Oh well, so much for high tech, right? 2nd system, cable, cartridge… wasted!

But regarding my situation, it’s too chaotic and she enjoys creating problems from nothing, so it’s never a winnable situation, it’s just a matter of making a choice knowing full well there will be repercussions regardless of the decision and outcome EVEN if she benefits from it. I’m going to let this yoyo thing bloom for me, and maybe it will rub off on her. There’s plenty of nice red yoyos, and I think she’d enjoy a red DM2! But, like the kids, I want proof of real interest first before I “go nuts”. I love her, but I ain’t crazy either!


I think it’s a cool idea and all. But just a thought here, if your worried about her thinking something like “oh he got it for himself but is saying it’s for me”, and your also saying she’s sorta still a beginner then get her a cheap beginner yoyo such a a $10 Neon pink F.A.S.T. 201 then I’m guessing she wouldn’t get all upset if your showing her that you want her to join you while your throwing, and willing to teach her. And if she enjoys it enough then go out on a limb and get her a nicer yoyo.


The question you have to ask yourself is whos smarter, your wife or your plan. Because if its your wife (which it most likely will be) then she will see right through it. So either do what studio said and get her something nice as well (as im sure you will) or play it off like you really dont want that yoyo for awhile. Like dont hop on it the next day, or even week and start throwing it. Let it just sit somewhere, for her to use or not. Know what i mean?

My girlfriend refuses to pick up a yoyo. Im still fairly new myself, but she how i am and how i jump into hobbies full force. Im a gamer. I absolutly love my xbox 360. Im lucky in the sense she likes video games as well. I love how i can just be like “hey, want to play some gears of war?” and she will be all over it.

I dont see that happening with yoyo’s unfortunately.


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Buy something for the wife you hope she doesn’t like so you can score it!

R.I.P. guys!

I think I’ll purchase a gift for my wife that she finds so amazing that she’ll spoil me the rest of the year.
I like my plan better, not nearly as dangerous.

Best Holiday Wishes! (I hope you survive the possible wrath) ;D


First of all, I just want to say this comment made me literally laugh out loud! That is funny right there!

Yes, I’ve been married for a while now and have 5 kids, I do know that getting just a yoyo would be suicide! So, it would just be one of the many things. Also if I go with a cheap yoyo that kinda back fires on me, it could go as I think she is cheap and doesn’t deserve nice one (at least that is the argument I’m saying in my head if she trips over the expensive one) and if she doesn’t like it, I’m stuck with a yoyo I don’t want! So this is why I’m thinking of the pink CLYW Bear Vs Man! :wink:

In all honestly, I think she will be ok with it long as it is just a side thoughtful gift. She is a very reasonable, loving, and understanding girl. She just sometimes flips due to having to stay cooped up in the house with 5 kids 24/7 and not able to get out a whole lot which I’m working very hard to help. I still have 2 more days to decide as the black friday deal for the store I’m looking for goes until Sunday. I think it would be cool for all of us to practice tricks as a family though and get everyone involved. I can see a back fire though as her saying that I wasted money because she could have just picked up one of my 15 to 20 yo-yos in my case… You know another thing is that I could get it personalized. I could buy it and then have it layered or engraved with something sweet on it to show the reason why I bought it for her. Hmmmmm now that might be a good idea.


All of this really comes down to your personal relationship with your wife. Is she open to new things like this? Is she a fan of hobbies? Is this something you believe you should share together as a couple and get more enjoyment out of it than you do personally? Your sincerity will show her the gift is from the heart and not some back door attempt to obtain another yoyo. Your communication will show her it’s something you want to do together as I’m sure those couple moments are rarely with life and family popping up often.

In my opinion, the most thoughtful gift are always he ones that you think of while putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. She seems on the fence about yoyoing so your approach could be the difference.

Just one man’s opinion…best of luck.

Happy Holidays All.


Haha now that idea I like :slight_smile: but don’t just rush into the engraving stuff get a yoyo you think she would like using and that also looks nice on display or something, then think about what you want engraved on it that would show her it’s something special for her and that would mean something to her then get one of those show off stand fro the yoyo as well so that when she’s not using it can be on display with the engraving showing reminding her of that special thing :slight_smile: hope you like the idea.


She is your wife, get her an actual present and not a back up gift for yourself.


I would say a yoyo as a backup, and something a bit nicer for the actual gift…just to play it safe. I would do the same for my girlfriend, just cause it’s plain smart.