My wife hates the thing connected to the string lol

So my wife can’t stand my obsession with throwing. She accepts it but kinda gets annoyed with it. Prefers me throwing over playing Xbox but would rather me doing something else if there is an option. Buys me an occasional throw but then questions what is so special about it and if I really needed it. She doesn’t understand the culture or significance of it but I don’t expect her to. I think at the end of the day she knows it makes me happy and that’s why she tolerates it. Anyone else in a similar position?

Wheww! wipes forehead I thought by the subject title, your wife hated you! ;D

It’s nice that she cares enough about your happiness to actually buy you something she doesn’t understand. Now all you need to do is take her out often enough that she doesn’t complain about what you enjoy doing. :wink: Psychology man, psychology!

Thanks for the advice. We will def be going out ASAP. She deserves it for hooking me up for christmas like she always does. I just read her your reply and she told me to say thanks to you for having her back haha. You just gained me some brownie points lol

Heehee…glad to be of assistance on this Christmas day! :smiley:

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My ex wife hated it with a bleeding passion. Couldn’t stand the sound. I have a great girlfriend now who started working on her bind return yesterday :slight_smile:

That’s pretty awesome. I couldn’t see her throwing but she does give credit when it’s due Is she sees a combo here and there. I’m happy I’m not the only one with these problems lol

Wow. Yeah, I know the feeling.

Screwed if you do, screwed if you don’t. And if you do something else, screwed too!

See if you can turn her to your side. I got my wife a DM2, now she tries to throw when she has a chance.

Now the only stuff she complains about is the louder yoyos, especially the Epic. In this case, I can’t blame her one bit. That one can get noisy, even for me, but it plays oh so smooth!

Anyways, she has ruby earrings in a small box in the tree she hasn’t opened as of yet. That should get me a year of “peace”!

I also have other tricks to mellow her out, such as showing her all the contracts for touring that come in to me that I can’t accept and she can see the kind of money I’m throwing away to be with her and the kids. Thank goodness she isn’t the greedy type!

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Yes, just get another girl like this guy.

Ed Haponik once told me he was going to show his wife a new trick. Before he could she said, “oh wow that was amazing! The yoyo didn’t even leave your pocket! That trick is my favorite!” Or something to that effect. Even the pros have it rough :slight_smile:

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Pretty funny. I think he has a very loving wife to even pretend to see a trick and think it was great. She may not have the best timing, probably distracted and all, but sounds like a loving wife anyway. :wink: She is not like someone who constantly discourages or talks about how foolish it is. It seems she tried to be encouraging anyway. To people who don’t yo-yo, a lot of the tricks look the same. :smiley:

Take her to an event. That changed the outlook of my wife one hundred and eighty degrees. Seeing my son and myself on stage made her understand. Now she has two throws and can land a trapeze and bind. Good luck and just give her the chance to understand, it may surprise you.

See, I took it as her cutting him off at the pass. :wink: I’m sure she’s loving but doesn’t feel the need to see every single trick. This will be my wife soon.

Cut him off at the pass! I hate that cliche!

(Blazing Saddles?.. anyone?)

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I’m pretty sure she was trying to be funny.

Well I don’t have a wife or girlfriend but it drives my parents CRAZY!

My last lady-friend (not anymore:/) didn’t like it one bit, but she looked past it because it made me happy. Then I started working more (which in turn got me to spend more money on her), but she said I wasn’t around enough. :confused: More money for yoyos I guess :smiley:

Well, yeah. I’m saying that the humour derived from … ah, never mind.

Yes, I knew it was her being funny. I thought it was great. :wink: That was meant to be my point, but I can see how it didn’t come across.

Yeah whenever I buy yoyos my brother never understands why I would want another when I already have 6. I tell him that one is lighter than the other or smaller but he still dosent get it :confused:

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You know ya could be at the bar like tons of other guys . Instead your home Yoing oh boy ! Can ya hear it now yes judge he YoYos way to much! When the men in white suits show up with the rubber padded van they won’t be hauling you away mate ! Keep on throwing … If your not living on the edge your taking up to much space. And if you lose the YoYo battle you better not plan on winning any other battle ever again. But that’s easy for me to say I don’t live with her. I too have had My share of strife from my Yoing .And I like it enough to take a lot of heat for it . So I guess it boils down to how much you like it and is it worthy of your best effort. Keep the faith and buy her World on a string from YYE it’ll show her there are others like you lol .

In that case, she’s loving, and has a great sense of humor too…cause if she was trying to be funny…that was funny. :smiley: In the alternative, she could tell him how much she hates yo-yoing. I think he lucked out.