Can't be the only one...


Okay, I can’t be the only one that is an addict to buying yoyos/return tops, like I always want 2-3 almost all the time! I’m only 15 so it’s not like I have a job or that much money either! Like right now I kinda want a CLIFF and Chief, but I already have two return tops in the mail (One trade, one bought.) I seem to want more return tops then to actually learn new tricks.

Plus it’s not like I have bad return tops, I own a Puffin and a Canvas, The throws in the mall are high end as well a BvM 2 and a ILYY Proto Nile. It’s a sickness I swear! A fun one, but still.

Well anyways I made this thread to hear if anyone else is like this and if your addict like me at the moment.


We live in a consumeristic-culture. Businesses show you new products that you believe you need.


The thing is I know I don’t need it, I know that it wont make me better or make me want to learn new tricks.


Its something every yoyoer has to deal with. Eventually, you learn to control that desire and put more thought into purchases.


It’s not just something yoyoers deal with. It is every human-being. You will face it no matter what you’re into.


If you truly love it, it’s worth the time and money. Nothing that brings you joy is money wasted as long as you have enough to eat and a roof over your head.


True, true. :slight_smile:

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Unless it’s drugs. Dont do that kids.

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If you can afford it and you’re not neglecting the things that truly are important, then honestly, who cares?

I’ve got a massive collection. I’m working hard to improve my skills. Recent changes have forced me to cut down my monthly spending so I can re-allocate funds to get gear repaired.

So, if your priorities stay in order, you’ll be fine. For me, yoyos are a LOT cheaper than audio gear!(by a factor of at least 20:1!)


Drugs bad mmmkay…

Drugs ruin the economy. Buy yoyos, out government needs to take a cut so They can continue my healthcare and welfare. Thanks.


Alright. This bugs me. I know so many kids who go to clubs and whatever to show off their shiny collections of brand new mint yoyos that all cost an extraordinary amount, but ask them to show you their TRICKS and they rarely deliver. The consumer mindset of wanting more and more STUFF before you even know how to use them properly, or have even learned the basics is obnoxious. The yoyos end up not being used, sitting in a case collecting dust after the kid gets bored and moves on to whatever else, when they could have gone to people who would actually use them to their full potential.

Sorry for the rant, but seeing this always bugs me. Stop wasting your parents’ money and actually learn how to yoyo before you buy a bunch of expensive stuff and can’t show it off with SKILL. Or get a job and pay for them yourself.


I actually do use my throws, I use them everyday! I never brag about what throws I have and probably never will. I just have a hard time learning tricks and I’m the kinda person that likes to learn quick. I won’t give up on learning tricks because of that either.

Also I don’t use my parents money for my throws, never have. I use the money I EARN doing chores or from Birthdays and Christmas.

If this comes off as mean I am sorry :slight_smile:


No offense taken! I’m glad to hear it :slight_smile: Too many kids just freeload off their parents and buy out rare yoyos, and then don’t learn how to use them properly. I wish more parents made their kids actually commit to something before letting them buy a bunch of expensive stuff for it, but I guess that’s just the way our society works these days… I learned on an '09 Genesis, and while I did have that itch to constantly buy new stuff, I waited until it was something I knew I was serious about before buying a bunch of stuff. Even then, trading is a great way to get what you want for cheap! And making a good trade is the best feeling in the world… :slight_smile:


Okay good :slight_smile: and yeah, I’m trying out trades for the first time and all it cost me was shipping fees! :slight_smile:


Some people have things that you don’t, live with it. I have a case filled with YYJ High Ends, not mint, but they cost a lot. The yoyo you are throwing doesn’t portray the skill you have, and it shouldn’t.


We will always have wants, and once we get those wants we will want more, its just life, and that’s the fun of it.


I would be an addict if i had a job! but im addicted to trading!


I never said it bothered me that people “have things I don’t.” I simply stated my opinion about spoiled kids that impulsively buy a bunch of expensive stuff for a hobby before becoming proficient at it, and how it affects my perception of our society as a whole. For you to tell me to “live with it” is pretty petty. As you said, the yoyo in no way makes the player, which illustrates my point exactly. We are not defined by our possessions, but our skills do speak for themselves. So when somebody has a ton of excess yoyos and no skills with them, I think it just propagates the stereotype of our impulsive, consumerist society, which is pathetic and we should all strive against it.


When it comes to YoYos I am like Gollum.
I must collect all of my precious. ;D