Addiction to buying new Yo Yo's


So… I’m very new to this all, but I seem to just wanna buy more and more new YoYos… Plastic, metal, classic etc…

How do I get over this ‘need’ to keep buying more and more yoyos?

Anyone else have this problem?


Some people have some serious problems with buying more and more, and I doubt they even play them.

A good way to get out of it, is start trading yoyo’s you already have for yoyo’s you want… or buying them cheaper on the BST. Honestly though, you’ll probably run out of yoyo’s you wanna buy sooner or later and then the purchases will slow down.

…if you’re lucky


I’m deeply afflicted. Though I don’t call it a problem :wink:

There’s not really any way to ‘get over it’ as far as I know. And why should you? Unless it’s detrimental to your lifestyle, buy all the yoyos you want!


I don’t think it’s a problem unless you’re spending your rent money on yoyos. :wink:

For me, it’s just curiosity. When I hear a bunch of people saying “You gotta try this yoyo out!!1!1” I usually start searching for the specs on it. I also want to get a good idea of what everyone else thinks is a good yoyo, so I can hold that ‘popular opinion’ relative to my own.

With that said, I’m really slowing down after buying about 20 yoyos in the past few months. I’m starting to get a good feel for which shapes, dimensions, and weights I like. I’ll use that in combination with what other people are saying.

Edit: Awesome colorways are a serious weakness for me too. I have to work on taming that…


you eventually will when you run out of money! haha no but seriously! I was like that until I started focusing on me learning more tricks with ONE yoyo! so that every other yoyo I grab wouldn’t make much difference in my play! so right now I only have like 5 :stuck_out_tongue: but I’m gonna get 2 more in about a month LOL I just don’t have a metal one so I want one, and I want a delrin one cause they’re awesome! LOL ;D

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Psh, yoyo’s are nothing. It’s when you have 27 muli-thousand dollar PRS guitars that don’t make up all your collection, that it’s the problem (Not me.).


You have 27 Paul Reed Smiths?


I’m still in denial. ::slight_smile: Addiction? Hmmm…

Well, I agree, that as long as my bills are paid, there is no harm in buying as many yo-yos as I want. The dangerous thing about yo-yos is that they are so small, and they don’t take up much space. They also do not cost a lot. So, it is no problem to accumulate a lot of them at home. But, as someone stated, a guitar collection would take up a lot of space, and cost more per item to collect. You can have several hundred throws, and still not fill up a closet at home. If we were collecting something bigger, we’d have some incentive to trade or sell more.

As I go along, I am focusing my collection more, and I am more choosey about buying new releases.


I havn’t been able to buy any yoyos for awhille. I have posted a few times trying to buy stuff, but my parents shoot me down each time. The good thing is, in one month I can start buying again. I started saving up loose change to prepare for the onslaught of the ending sober period.

I planned to feed the addiction with one of these:

Madhouse RAD or compulsion
Deadly SpINS Wrath
Any RecRev
Another Code 1
SPYY addiction (heh…get it… Heh)
SPYY Dynamo
Saxophone ligature for my mouthpiece
All the bacon I will ever need


i’ve limited myself to 1 throw a month, and look in the BST before i consider buyin a new one. although i did get my CODE2 new. couldn’t pass up the colorway.


It is common to acquire many different yo-yo’s when you are beginning. This is because different shapes and materials do play …differently; as I am sure you are discovering.

Trying different shapes, weights and material combinations will help educate you. After awhile, your yoyo “instinct” will be able to almost feel how a yoyo will likely play; just by looking at the shape, size and weight. I think that is what people are referring to when they say they have slowed-down and only buy a select few.

These days, I only buy throws that are the best at what they do; or, I cannot fathom its play from mere pictures and specs. The Stealth Ogre, from Sturm Panzer comes to mind in that regard. That yoyo is so unique, its genius was only realized by actually making the blind-purchase.

Yeah, so I guess I am still addicted too. :slight_smile:


You get a new hobby, and it stops instantly


I started almost a year ago , and I have a nice little collection . I used to spend a lot on my bike collection schwinn stingrays from the 60’s and 70’s , and now I’m sitting on over $20,000 in my collection . people thought I was nuts for buying all those bikes but there worth a lot more then I paid :slight_smile: hold on to all boxes , stickers . play the good ones only over carpet , and who knows one day you might be sitting on a small fortune .


Sorry to resurect this old thread, but I need a support group. I fear I am not going to find one though, as I imagine most of us have or have had the sickness.

My name is Rob, and I have a yoyo addiction.

Over 35 hoiight end throws, plus some cheaper and fun stuff, in my first month playing. Just when I think I have all the interesting stuff I want to start with, I read about Sturm Panzer. D’oh.

I’m sure it will settle down, and I did just have 2 display cases built to hold 70 throws, so I am not overflowing my storage already. This is the most addictive collecting based hobby I have ever found. And I went through a binge phase with pinball machines a few years ago (I have sold off most, and am down to 3, one of which I will probably sell, and settle at my 2 favorites).

We’ll see how many I have in 2 years. Either I will top 100, or be down to 6. Can’t wait to see how it plays out.

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Holy frick sir, you have acquired the amount of yoyos in one month as I have in 4 years. Dang.

You should post pics of your collection in the exhibition thread, I think I can speak for everyone when I say we want to see your growing collection.


@ RobK…

I got a chuckle when you started off like you were literally at a support group introducing yourself. :smiley: I got a kick out of that.

But, on a serious note, I think it’s normal for the first year or so to go crazy buying yo-yos, but then overtime, gradually you slow down. You slow down because you learn better what appeals to you, you determine you are spending too much, or none of the new releases seem “new” anymore like they used to. Also, you start selling off any yo-yos you regretted purchasing before you knew better. That means you are not spending as much “new money” on throws.

I have slowed down on the quantity of yo-yos I buy, but I buy more expensive yo-yos these days. So, I spend about the same really. I also specialize in collecting certain kinds, so that slowed things a bit too. I want to focus on the YoyoExpert Editions, Titaniums, and Micros.

No problem bumping the thread. I believe as long as it is still useful, and you have something to add, no harm done. :slight_smile:


Lol, I get three throws a year max…RobK, I don’t know what to say :smiley:


Am I the only person who is content with there high end collection. In my eyes my collection is fullfilled when my two wood throws that are on there way get here. I like to buy throws but I have enough variation in my collection. And am kind of indifferent to the idea of getting a new throw. I like to have variation and if something unique comes around I might pick it up. But buying every throw that catches my eye is not my thing I prefer to use my throws not collect them.


My display cases were completed over the weekend, and are being shipped now. I am going to start taking pics as soon as the last few throws arrive, and the cabinets get here.

I am waiting on some cool stuff:

NSCo Aurora
Both Sturm Panzer models
And hopefully a G2 Triton.

Also a Magic YOYO, but that won’t be here until august, so I won’t wait for it.

So, soon I will make a crazy “first month addicted” post.


Can’t wait to see it Rob, I’m curious to see how your collection is coming along! It’s certainly the largest I’ve seen for only one month!