Who else here is peeved yoyoers who are just beginners and decide to buy a crap ton of expensive yoyos. example: I’m yoyoing at school with my FHZ doing White Buddha while the other kid with the FG Cheif and Code 2 can only do Double or Nothing.It annoyes me that people think that just cause they have a couple $100+ yoyo’s they’re really good at yoyoing. Is anyone else peeved by this?

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It’s their money and they can do whatever they want with it.

Sounds more like jealousy than hate to me.


except its not their money its their rich parents money

Why should you care what the kid with the inferior skill level is throwing? What you seem to be suggesting is because the other guy has not yet developed the level of aptitude you have been able to achieve he is unworthy of owning and playing with a yo-yo better than you’re throwing or possibly even own. Sorry, this sounds more like envy than anything else to me.

Your use of the word “hate” is especially telling.

(Oh, I see you modified the parlance of your original post.)

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come on dude. white buddha is not that hard… dur.

i agree i was suprised by the ease of it but back on topic, its not the fact that they have expensive yoyo’s that peeves me its that they act like they know everything about yoyo’s and act like they’re better than everyone else

good job calling out forum members by the way.

i never mentioned any names

cough your signature cough

If theyre acting like theyre bette rthan that would be annoying, but if the kid simply has a a couple nice yoyos and is a little inferior than that is simply jealousy on your part. For both of your skill levels, a FHZ will be completely fine all the same.

i will say that they do act quite like that and decide to rub it in your face that the own a cheif and you dont

Well just throw your FHZ, do something he cant and say i can do more than you can and save myself a couple hundred dollars.

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thats a good idea, i’ll try (sorry, i got a little mad while i posted this so it might seem a bit harsh)

I have purchased and own some very expensive throws and I certainly do not, “act like “I” know everything about yoyo’s and act like “I’m” better than everyone else.”

No one just assumes the one with the Lexus is a better driver than the guy in the Camary.

How I see it so what he got a 100$ throw all that means is he got cash idk about you but just wait until he loses the throw then see what happens next.


just a question: when do YOU think that someone “deserves” to own a code 2?

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I believe that one should be able to do at least the intermediate tricks.

I would actually agree that you should at least be able to do intermediate tricks, or else your learning might be stunted.