this kinda annoys me...


It annoys me when I see a really good yoyo player, and his best yoyo is some cheap plastic. Then you see a yoyoer, who just learned to bind, or trapeze, or something with some $150 yoyo! I dont really know why, but I think, if the really good player got that $150 yoyo, how good he could be!
Am I alone on this??


I know some sponsored yoyo players, and they love plastic. One of them actually prefers plastic over metal. It all comes down to preference honestly.


Take Jensen Kimmitt at WYYC 2010 for example; he took first place with a $35 YYF Northstar.


If your truly a good yoyoer you should be able to do just about everything on something like a YYJ Classic or pretty much any somewhat decent yoyo. Using a YYF OneStar then switching to a CLYW Chief wont make you any better than you already are.


There’s nothing to be annoyed. The new yoyoer has the possibility to get a high end yoyo, that’s good, let’s hope he learns fast without damaging too much his investment. The good yoyo player player does awesome things with a plastic? Great! That’s a sign that he has skills that allows him to use almost any kind of yoyo with the same results. :wink:


“Its not the yoyo, it’s the yoyoer”


I used to hate the Classic.

Now I love it. It can go really fast if you make it.

Mine has Barely any vibe and makes any bearing quiet.

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  1. The really good player is really good regardless of what yoyo he uses.

  2. Someone can use and absolutely love a yoyo that is better than they need. Some people don’t want plastic, some don’t want metal, some want every yoyo. If they have a yoyo they enjoy, it’s all good.

  3. I’ve never discovered a yoyo that wasn’t capable of more than I am. It’s what I can do with it, and learn to do with it that matters, not the price or the material.

  4. Being annoyed isn’t fun. Why be annoyed about such things? Instead be happy for both guys because they have yoyos. It’s wasted energy and accomplishes nothing in my opinion.

  5. Yoyoing is about fun. Fun may differ from individual to individual. Everyone likes different things about yoyos. Although I love to play, I wouldn’t mind having totalartist’s YYE edition collection on my wall to look at. Putting that together would be a blast! (Totalartist, that collection is a beaut!)


I have to comment because I am one of the annoying people. :smiley: I bought a “high end” throw before I could play unresponsive. I can bind now though, and knew I would soon after I got it a year and a half ago, so the timing didn’t matter much to me. As an adult, with a job, my ability to acquire things exceeds that of some younger people, although many of your parents have way more money than I do. When I was younger, without a job, or parents who would buy all the things I wanted when I wanted them (I have no gripes…as I had enough in life), I have made it my mission to buy the things that I want, to the extent it is affordable, when I want them, so long as all my priorities are taken care of first.

Many of you are fortunate enough that you knew about this great hobby early enough in your life that you might have dreams left of being the next World Champion. While anything is possible, I am content with enjoying learning tricks when I have time outside of work and taking care of my household. I throw when I have time, and enjoy looking at my collection, taking photos, and learning from some of you on here.

Trust me, many of you school age people have time for yo-yo…but you don’t have much money of your own. When you get older, you may have the money…but not the time to yo-yo. My hobby when I was younger was most things music related, and the same applied. I had all the time in the world outside of school to just play around with my music stuff, and vowed that one day, I’d have a job and funnel all that money into my music stuff. But, with the job came a house, a car, things that need to be paid for, competing hobbies arose, and then reality set in. I have the money…but my time is spread thin.

So, as Skitrz stated, never be annoyed at someone else’s situation, as you may have advantages that they do not, and many of those advantages have nothing to do with money at all. When you get to be my age, you realize how much “time is money,” and it’s not just cliche.

Further, I see a lot of kids with a case full of twenty plastic yo-yos that all retail at a total of $600…when you do the math (20 x $30 or so). So, why be annoyed when you see one beginner yo-yoer throwing one CLYW Chief, worth $155. Even if he has two Chiefs, his parent spent, $310…about half what the kid with the plastic yo-yos spent on throws. That kid may have the same thoughts that I did…“the skills will grow into it.” When I was a kid, my mother used to buy clothes for me a tad big, and she always said…“oh well…you’ll grow into it.” Guess what, I did grow into them, and she didn’t have to buy clothes as often either.

As Skitrz pointed out, you don’t know someone else’s circumstances within the context of their life, just by seeing them throw one yo-yo…so don’t sweat trying to figure it out. It just is not worth the time. :slight_smile:


Me three, I’m a newb and I have a nice metal and I don’t even need it at this point. I got it just to check it out. Ready to sell it and stick with my Onestar. :smiley:

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Best not to burden the mind with such thoughts, as a heavy mind weighs down the soul, and a weary soul is a soul of sorrow.

Care not for the throws of others, care not for the throws of your own, but for the soul of the throwing entailed, is where your focus should be.



Deep stuff ^


Watching the greats, Yuuki, Miggy, Spencer et al throw on a Renegade is a thing of beauty

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It can be annoying watching some kid bang up a mint $100 yoyo but its their money. The problem i see with it is that expensive yoyos are generally harder to use when you first start and therefore that person may never want to yoyo again and then not only are they out $100 but the community loses a member.


Well, you have a bunch of metals… just joking around lol. I consider myself decent, but I prefer to carry around a Freehand 2 or something cheap when I’m not at home, simply because I like the feel of the yoyo to keep my metals from getting banged up.


Yes me too.

Also, one time I put Foam Headphone pads on the rims of my metal yoyos to protect them ;D

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It’s all skill. It’s not the yoyo. It’s the yoyoer. If you can’t pull off the same tricks you can with a metal on a $20 plastic, then you’ve got some serious work to do.

And another thing, price doesn’t define how good a yoyo is.

All you really need is one yoyo and a bunch of string. Even a $15 YYJ Surge or a modded FHZ will do.

I’ve never spent more than $50 on a yoyo. Besides cheap B grade $25 RecRevs, I can’t remember the last yoyo I’ve actually purchased.


I beg to differ with a lot of the comments in this thread. When I yoyo it is the yoyo not the yoyoer, cause the yoyoer’s really rubbish! :slight_smile:

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I really hope you’re joking.