To use or not to use, your most expensive yoyos?

Normally I prefer to use yoyo’s that rang in price from $20-$50. If I bang them up, no worries. That is why we call them “bangers”. But, I also have some nice yoyos that never come out of the box. Two that come to mind are my TI Vader and G2 Banshee Bi-Metal. Both are in perfect condition. So, should I pull them out, use them, and think nothing of nicks. … Or should I store them and pull them out in December to hang on the Christmas tree? What do you do with your most expensive yoyos?


WHY Does Everyone Have A BANSHEE SS???!!!


I got mine in a mystery box.


a few of us were literally having this conversation about an hour ago… it varies by person…

but, we folks have yoyos that run the gamut… $10 to $650 and more. imo, a person is
more concerned about it’s ‘depreciation’ due to damage, and then doesn’t play it because of it, they may not get to enjoy the full experience of that throw… UNLESS, their enjoyment is based more on collecting, art, display, studying, etc.

try to be careful, understand shizz happens… just determine how you enjoy the piece :man_shrugging:t3:


I can say that I have never had the desire to spark my TI Vader. Maybe if I found a decent $50 TI I would try it.


I mean, ultimately the choice is yours. I have several “spendy” yoyos, which I typically prefer to play over carpet.

But yes, you should absolutely play the Vayder :slight_smile:


I have some that I play with very rarely, because I am worried about damage. The Doombot comes to mind. Because of the brass rings, I’m very cautious with it. Basically, only when I’m fully awake, distraction free, and content to just throw the tricks I know (i.e. not trying to learn something new). But I still play with it.

That being said, as long as you’re getting enjoyment out of it, there’s nothing wrong with it. If that’s knowing that it’s in your collection, or if it’s throwing it over asphalt. It’s your yoyo, only you can define what the right way of enjoying it is.


I would definitely play the Vayder if I were you! You’re missing out on such a fun yoyo if you don’t. I own a few Ti throws now and the Vayder is one of the best in my opinion.

I’d only withhold on throwing something if you’re set on selling it. I have two in my collection that spring to mind that I’m likely to sell/trade because I didn’t get on with them, so I’m keeping them mint until I find the right time to move them on. Everything else gets played everywhere over everything.

YoYos are ment to be played with.


I see no point in owning a yoyo and not playing it…

A yoyo is a piece of art that can only be fully appreciated by experiencing it in play.

To have a yoyo that is never played is like having a wonderful painting that you never look at.


Like Snacks said, there are a variety of reasons why people buy yoyos, and if you buy them to collect a piece of history or showcasing or reselling, that is up to you. Personally, if I buy a yoyo it is to play with it. When the Ti-Vayders came out, I bought 2 of them, one to play and spark, and the other as backup in case I broke it. Turns out my well sparked and played Vayder still plays smoooth and is just about my favorite yoyo. Other expensive yoyos I have include the Ti-Silver Bullet and a Luftverk Daytona SB, both of which have hit the ground and have plenty of mileage on them. Ultimately these yoyos were designed for how they play, and play fantastically they do. I feel as though anybody who leaves monsters like these in boxes are sorely missing out on incredible experiences, but like I said, there are many types of collectors out there and im not judging anybody who insists on keeping them MIB. But if you ask me, play them like any other yoyo in your collection. Live in the moment and get into the state of yo with high end throws. Im not trying to say budget throws suck, but there is merit to the price of high end yoyos and how they play.


I really wish I had two but I came late to the party and am lucky to have one. I wonder if he will ever do another release?


Use. My view is that anything that’s worth anything should be an avenue for learning new things. All my yo-yos are for learning purposes. If they don’t serve that, they go. Otherwise they are just cool aesthetic objects. For that I’d prefer looking at art.


Pretty sure that was a one and done. There’s more than 500 of them floating around, though, so they come up for sale pretty often (unless you’re looking for a raw one)

To answer the initial question. USE THEM!


If we set aside pure “collecting” (and there’s nothing wrong with collecting), yoyos are little more than tools to allow us to do this silly hobby we enjoy. That said, like tools for anything, we have emotions about some of them that can be difficult to ignore. And honestly, those emotions shouldn’t have to be ignored. If I value a yoyo because a good friend gave it to me, or I worked hard to save up the money for it, that is part of the story of that yoyo for me and that’s okay. if that means I don’t want to see them beat up, that’s okay too.

But you don’t want to keep yourself from enjoying something because you are too afraid to use it. If dings and scuffs aren’t okay to you for special yoyos, then make the effort to play them over carpet, don’t loan them to others, don’t play 5a with them, etc. I have a few yoyos like this that are simply “home” throws. I use them, I just don’t travel with them. An EDC yoyo that bangs around in my pocket, the yoyo I take to the bar, the one I teach a friend to throw with… those are other yoyos that I don’t worry as much about.

You do you about what yoyos are special and how you treat them. But if you aren’t a straight-up collector, then my suggestion is don’t bother to own yoyos that it stresses you out to throw even when being careful. Instead of having a $300 yoyo that never sees your hand, buy 6 $50 yoyos that you’ll throw all day.


Well for what it’s worth, my “player” Vayder has endured many hits to the ground (not me; my learning to bind brother, some kids, and some drunk adults who played with it without me being around) and it is still perfectly smooth on the string (not even any added fingernail vibe if you test it around the lip). I knew titanium was strong, but if this was an Al yoyo it would probably have pulse vibe from the amount of abuse it has taken. If you have a raw you can probably buff out minor - and possibly moderate scratches like they never existed.

As for another release, I highly doubt it. Coding’s goal was seemingly to make an obscure gem more well known in release numbers high enough so that a large amount of people could enjoy it. I think the original goal was satisfied. Plus there was just a bit of controversy around this project to the point where I think it would be unwise to make more.


I try to keep my yoyos in as pristine a condition as possible while still getting to play them. This is mostly because I expect to one day sell most of them off. At the end of the day I am not really a collector despite the large number of yoyos I presently own.

There is no try-before-you-buy program out there for yoyos, so the only way to try a yoyo is to buy it. This is how I’ve ended up with a lot of yoyos I don’t intend to keep long-term. Because let’s face it, If I don’t absolutely love a yoyo, then I’m ultimately going to sell it at some point. When I do, I’d like to get as much for it as I can, and so keeping it in as good a condition as possible is of paramount importance.


I look at them like a box of chocolates. The fancy decadent ones are for those special occasions when I just want a taste and savor. But if I’m craving a chocolate snack a Snickers bar might be really satisfying. On Halloween I’m handing out the bite size bars out of the bulk bag. It still all chocolate that’s meant to be eaten and if I leave the chocolates in the car on a hot summers day they’ll all be melted and ruined no matter now nice the recipe. Enjoy the flavors when you can, savor every last morsel.


I play all of mine. I am almost always over carpet or grass and make sure I am well clear on all sides - goes doubly so for my Vayder, etc.


If I am being honest, I play all my throws, I have several TI throws and I still play them, probably the ones that get the “least amount” of love are going to be G2’s because if I ever go to sell I don’t want to “scar” the value


Just throw it over carpet or grass.