What's your relationship with your most valuable yoyo?

Do you play with it a lot because it really is your best yoyo? Does it only come out on special occasions? Does it live in a dark box only to be traded for another valuable yoyo that will never be played with again?


My favorite yoyo is my Ti-Peak, it’s a dream to throw and I do throw it often but I wouldn’t say it’s my best performing throw. It’s also my most expensive yoyo but I don’t consider it my most valuable. My most valuable to me is probably my Sebby Brock Peak, just because it’s hard to come by and I wouldn’t want to loose it. It’s not my most played Peak but I throw it when I feel the need and don’t worry about where.


In general I’m a pretty frugal guy so most my most valuable throws where gifts from my very generous brother… making those both emotionally and monetarily valuable. I would say my most valuable throw is probably the ti wide shutter (not my fav), Higby888 try to throw both ice in a while. … ti vader and banshee SS i try to throw daily. The vader is in my EDC bag. All gifts from my brother. However i never throw any yoyo i care about over concrete


My relationship with my most valuable yoyo is sort of unusual.

I love it so much that I can’t use it.

I locked it in the electronic safe years ago.

It means more to me than anything I have.

I would never: sell it, trade it, give it away, let anybody else use it, whatever…

I made a golden pledge of Honor that I would Never ever let anything happen to it.

It has been in the safe sooooo long, that sadly I have actually forgotten what yoyo it is.

I don’t look at it. I don’t throw it any more. I don’t even remember what brand it is or how much it cost?

But that doesn’t matter any more. Because it’s mine and its’ so special. And it is my ultimate dream yoyo.

…I just wish I could remember what it is so I can have more accurate dreams about it?

Until then, the Unspoken Artemis is the top dawg in my book. I have nothing else close to it.

It is that good…


My first yo-yo before discovering the 1A.:upside_down_face:


It has dings, maybe some I’ve added myself, I play it, it doesn’t sit on the shelf.


My most valuable yo-yo’s in terms of monetary value are generally old artifacts and I really don’t play them much. Just things I display, really. Things I’m keeping safe because I find the idea of them important or because they represent bygone era.

The yo-yo’s for which I’m sentimental/nostalgic - throws which I associate with friends and experiences - those I find much more precious. I throw them all the time. And when I do I think of those associations and I smile. I don’t worry about damaging them because the memories which make them valuable are impervious to dings.


Well-said, as always Ed.

My most expensive yoyo is my Wanker. It is also one of my most precious. @chaosgow really hit it out of the park with that one. I use it often, and am not afraid to take it out on the town (not currently, obviosly :mask:).

My feelings are basically the same as Ed’s. If you truly value something that is meant to be played with, you will play with it.


my Bi-Metal Superstar retailed at $75, but resell is super low, so i consider my Umbra to be my most valuable. i love my Umbra, i usually use it every day. it is extremely stable and smooth, and plays really well.


Very kind!

I walk my wanker every time I take it out. It’s taking it like a champ!


If I had to get rid of all but one of my yoyos, I’d keep the Wanker.


Mine would be a toss-up between my Wanker and my @Glenacius_K Spinworthy Ballsy.


I’m still waiting for that special skitrz/weasel relationship. (sigh)


it just occurred to me, is the Weasel a yoyo? :joy:


My current favorite yoyo is the Spinworthy beech KNack. Still have yet to try a Ballsy. A future mystery yoyo yet to be delivered from Australia might be my new fav though :smiley:


Hmmm. The M.V.Y. My most valuable yo-yo is my Ti-Vayder. It goes with me everywhere attached to my belt via a paracord holster. I use it the most aside from my dinged up second hand Singularity. It’s a user and has been with me for some pretty important moments in my life. Lots of memories connected to it and that’s sort of what I was going for.


Mine sits in a box, waiting for me to get good enough to play with it.


I have never been jealous of people but I am jealous of my objects.
I think we can all agree on the fact that “more precious” does not necessarily coincide with “more expensive”, having said that my rarest yoyos (prototypes made in very few specimens or unique pieces, or standard models in very limited colors) are more precious to be found again I tend to use them only at home, playing freely but on thick carpets.
My mind is strange I realize it, my watch is a Zenith El Primero Chronomaster T Open … and the scratches on its case do not bother me on the contrary, they remind me of the time shared with him.
When I had it service, I expressly requested that the case not be polished.
On the contrary, the few times I have marked some of my yoyos it has bothered me!
Same thing if I were to get a dent in my car.
I don’t know how I can explain why this is so.


what was this coloring called?


Green acid splash. But really it’s a single color with two different textures. I really like this treatment (and in my favorite color!).