Name your most precious yoyo!

Hey guys! I was thinking today. Everyone has something very special to them in terms of yoyos.

Maybe it was a favorite signature throw you finally could afford, your best performing yoyo, a gift from a loved one, a long awaited limited release or even that extra rare yoyo you finally found in good condition!

I personally enjoy hearing why people have their reasons plus it opens up more considerations for other players or new throwers such as myself!

For me it’s my Colossus IV. It was a gift from my wife and it helped carry me a lot further when I started learning unresponsive play.


When I first jumped back into this hobby earlier this year I fell in love with One Drop Deep States. They just flooded me with nostalgia from when I played in the early 2000’s.
I quickly pieced together a black/green half swap and it looked amazing. But that meant I had a second green and black half I wanted to do something with.

My mom passed away in 2017. She was my best friend in life.
Her favorite color is orange. Mine is green. I decided it’d be a really cool thing to get a orange/green half swap together in memory for her.
A bunch of people from these forums reached out to me when I shared this story. One guy sold me his mint condition orange Deep State for just $25 shipped. Another awesome guy sent me 3 wooden stands made specifically to fit Deep States…and he even customized one of them etching it with “Love You Mom”. It means more than he knows.
Also, my dad’s favorite color is red…so I thought red side effects would really tie the whole thing together.
So yet another man from these forums reached out to me and told me he was touched by my story and would like to donate me a pair of red flats. Wouldn’t even let me pay him shipping!

Thank you guys. :heart:

This is a very sentimental yo for me. One of the top 3 coolest looking throws I’ve ever personally seen. A real dream to actually own.


That is a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing this. It speaks volumes about this community and that these can be a lot more than “just a toy.”
I am sorry for your loss
Happy to hear you have created this in memory of her. Also it looks amazing


This bad boy right here


My Dad’s Tom Kuhns (SB1, tortoise SB2, and No Jive). They are memories of a connection I have with him even decades after his death.

As a less morose example, I’d say the yoyos that friends of mine had a hand in creating. Fluchs, Walter, Eh, etc.


Probably the one that has the best story is my higby 888. I was with my dad at NER in 2010 or 2011 and an older guy was selling it because he didn’t play with it as much as it deserves. John actually happened to be at the contest so my dad said he would buy it for me if I got Mr. Higby to sign it. So i found him and he signed it and the box for me. It came with some really cool strings that I dont have anymore, as well as a cool looking counterweight that I do still have. Heres the group shot :slight_smile:


I haven’t had my yoyos long enough to have a sentimental attachment to any of them yet. I suppose that if this existed, it might be it (but not for sentimental reasons):


But since it doesn’t exist (and most likely never will), I’d have to say that the closest thing to a yoyo that is precious to me would be my gold VTWO and/or my red Hummingbird.


Yea it doesn’t have to be sentimental to carry that little extra bit of personal worth. Something that you hang onto because it performs well for your play style counts!


it would have to be my yoyo ice berg my mom got it for me for xmas and it was a yoyo that I had been wanting for a long time and it was my 2end hight end yoyo. I did have a horizon ultra but that not nere as good as the iceberg


Many years ago as yo-yos were being released; a certain yo-yo really caught my attention. It was called the Handquake. The Company was called HSPIN. The main contact person was a guy by the name of Christopher Kayatz. He was an Engineer from Switzerland.

I was doing a lot of modding way back then. And the Handquake was totally different than anything I was messing with🧐.

I got in touch with the guy and pretty much became instant friends.

I remember when the Pyro was first released. It sure was something; way back then.

I was getting stuff directly from HSPIN.

Then things changed slightly. Chris announced a limited release of Black Pyros. About 10; I think. Period. No second batch… 10 and out—>

He told me that they would be auctioned off at the 2006 World Yo-yo Contest in Florida. No direct sales to individuals.

Well; I don’t collect to display anyways. But to have no chance to get a black Pyro; seemed sort of sad to me.

A few weeks later; Chris contacted me. He told me that he had a challenge. He said that if I could make it to World’s 2006; that he would give me a black Pyro the moment he saw me.

That sounded amazingly nice… but I wasn’t going to Worlds; so my smile melted away and I just shook my head.

Within the next week or so; Dale from Yoyojam; was discussing a whole lotta Yoyojam related material; with me on the phone. I decided we could discuss things in more depth in person. So I booked a flight to Worlds.

When I got to Florida; I went directly to the Rosen Plaza Convention center to check in.

A whole bunch of folks were doing the standard meet and greet; in the lobby of the Hotel.

Within an hour of meeting a legion of people; while talking in a small group; I noticed a person approaching me directly. He stopped right next to me and said,’ this is for you’.

He handed me a tube. I opened the tube and there was a black Pyro inside. #1089.

He reminded me about stating he would give me a Black Pyro if he saw me at Worlds.

Since my mission was more business related; I hadn’t given the Pyro challenge much thought; since my mind was engaged elsewhere.

So to get such a nice surprise; was an instant way to make that Pyro very special.

I still have it; brand new in the tube and in the Safe.

The End


Most precious is hard. However, I think it is my YYF Mutant DNA. My son worked it out with my wife to get me one off the BST several years ago (I’m a molecular biologist by training). That was a very awesome gift. Honorable mentions are a custom painted Freehand Zero that John Higby made 3 of. One for me, one for my son, and one that was auctioned off for charity, and the yoyo pictured below that was an unexpected gift for being an early supporter of a new wood yoyo maker. This morning I need to add another - original YYF PopStar. My first bearing yoyo, my son and I did a half swap so we each have a red/blue. Amazing how much better that yoyo has gotten over the years. :wink:


Kuntosh 5k that @smileypants707 gave to me as a wedding present - I have plans to be buried with it.


Mine would be my Ti-Vayder and my Wedge. The Ti-Vayder because I never thought I would own a titanium throw and the Wedge because my brother and I each got one at a yoyo comp in Minneapolis as a souvenir.


the N12 was my very first unresponsive gifted to me by @JWaugh


It’s stripped, is it still precious?


no but the N12 in general is a very important yoyo in my eyes


My girlfriend bought me my first metal throw - the classic Shutter. Her daughter hand painted me a yoyo as a gift. My son made me a tiny cardboard yoyo. Those are my most precious. :blush:


Wow! I loved your orange/green deep state before I read your story, but that’s another level of awesome, especially with folks here helping you put it together. I don’t think I have a single possession that is even close to having that much sentimental value.


holy crap… so touched


first no jive. first step on a long road.