What are your keepers?

Either what are your keepers and why, or if you could keep one throw what would it be and why?

My c22. I have let it go before and regretted it. I may fall in love with another yoyo for a while but I always come back to it. Won’t leave my possession again.

1 of 2 special aman model 10. Was a gift from Ernie.

Special awesomeness torrent 2 from yoyospirit. Also a gift and that thing will always be mine :wink:

I always let my Sleipnirs go when I have ridiculous offers on them. I don’t have even one anymore. But there is one yoyo that I own that I’ve never got rid of, that’s my OG YYJ Speeder

I got my one drop 54 it’s got something about it that i can’t explain. It’s just always so good and even though I may have better yoyos I never have as much fun throwing this anything else.

I would keep all of my yoyos!! But if I had to choose from the ones I own as of now I would say my OD Burnside is so good!! :wink:


Doomsday Genesis. My favourite throw and it was a gift from my brother, so obviously there’s no way I’d get rid of it. :slight_smile:

An echo (not here yet) but it’s a gift from a really awesome person (thank you TotalArtist!) and won’t leave my possession!

General-Yo Majest (raw pre production model) this too was gift from someone special (thank you Ernie!) it was also my first actual yoyo!

There are others but these are my most influential so far!

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Onedrop 54 & Code 2

I also love the original Duncan Echos + Side caps

I previously posted this in the Sentimental yoyos thread, but now I realize that my day’s old butterfly is really the one that I don’t want to lose most (I can’t even bring myself to change the string). It is at home in my “yoyo box” (a carboard box that says yoyos on it) with other yoyos I probably don’t want to lose either, simple but sentimental stuff like old tin yoyos and the ones that come with candy inside. In a way I started collecting yoyos before I started yoyoing, and personally I like that kind of collecting better than the how much is it worth type because 99% of what’s in that box at home is priceless to me.

Yyr Messiah. Plays unbelievably well for an undersized and it was also a gift from my dad.


Ti Walker.

My wrath and new genesis, where as I might throw my yyo crayon at a wall.

i wouldnt let go of my nessie unless an amazing offer came my way. i got it straight from jake and ive had it since brand new. i could tell you the story of every ding on it. still as smooth as butter with a bit of tuning.

My first run golden chief, bushmen chief, and Jensen kimmitt signed ninja hurdles chief

Hiroyuki signed Phenomizm :slight_smile:

I was just about to ask something like, “Hey, hasn’t this thread been made already?” when I noticed saw your links. Then I noticed that I was the first person to make one. :stuck_out_tongue: