What yoyos would you keep?

I would like to know what yoyos you have that you will never get rid of and why.

I would never get rid of these:

YYF Fast 201 - Because it was my first yoyo and my friend bought it for me on my birthday
C3 Token - My first unresponsive metal
Yomega Ooch Yo - Just plain like it

You can add my Shutter to the list as well. Don’t have it yet but it will come soon.

So, what are yours?

B-grade Allyoyo 888- I go to the allyoyo classes
Raven 888- It’s pure beauty
08/08/08- has all the 888 designs on it
G5- My first unresponsive metal, even though I beat it to death.
Jet-set- Amazing offstring player

Dang, you like your 888s, huh? I would never give up my first run chief or my yoyojam classic. Why the classic? It has the greatest love mark ever. It came apart, bounced like crazy, and nearly hit truck.

Nice. So, how many dinks does you Classic have? :wink:

Genesis - first metal
Ti Walker - too good to let go
Jack Rabbit Ava - best version of this colorway

OVER 9000! In all seriousness, there are like a million tiny chunks smashed out on each side.

Accidental double post like a boss.

I would prefer not to get rid of any of my yoyos, especially my General Yos.

My GZR Cascade because it’s so nice, and since it was also a gift.

Hybrid patriot since it’s rare, pretty, and a fun plastic
barebones because it was my first dream throw that I actually got
dv888 since I won it
tirade because it makes for lots of fun

There was a thread like this before…maybe even two. LOL.

Anyway, I will always keep the following:

Duncan Barracuda and Echo
YYF Shutter, Genesis, and Supernova

Once I get them, these will be permanent fixtures in my collection:

Duncan Strix
Yomega Glide and Dietz’s Signature

One Drop Markmont Next - My first high end metal, was given to me…

Madhouse Delrin Compulsion- Very rare prototype, one of a kind yoyo, signed by Josh Yee so has sentimental value

Madhouse 5150- Rare, signed by Josh Yee so has sentimental value

*I also have a Madhouse Rad coming that I won’t ever give away.

I also have some throws that I might sell or give away but I won’t anytime soon, especially while I’m still throwing.

J&H:SPINS Lunar Wind- Rare prototype, and been my main throw for months.

One Drop Dietz- Discontinued, and been my main to-go throw since I’ve gotten it.

*I also have a Sleipnir coming that I won’t be giving up for a long while.

Code 2: its just so good
Lev 3: My favorite shaped throw
AC: Just love its uniquenss
Supra: my last piece of SPYY

All of them. I already got rid of the 2 or 3 I didn’t care for.

I demand a collection pic jhb ;D

big kahuna and most of my plastics

Supernova all around great throw and is really reliable.

If I was stranded on an island and could only pick 1 yoyo to have with me…I would find a way to swim to shore and get back to the rest of my yoyos.

If I had to pick the yoyos that I own that I think are the “best” for me/I most frequently fall in love with, the smallest list I can come up with is 07 888, 08 888, Skyline, Boss, Mutant DNA, Dietz, Glacier Express, OG Avalanche, 09 Marmot, 2010 FH2. There is a long list of honorable mentions below these, and this is just ones I enjoy playing the most. If we’re talking aesthetics then that changes a lot. For example, I don’t really like my OG Avalanche (Bushman ftl) despite how amazingly it plays but I love my Peak (Frozen Mammoth ftw) despite it not being one of my most frequently played.

But really, just this. Of my 4 (completely full now) yoyo cases I own like 2 yoyos I wouldn’t miss at all and maybe 2-3 more I could separate myself from.

  1. Doomsday Genesis - One of my favourite throws and a present from my brother

  2. YYF Superstar - First metal throw. Coloured it in with a sharpie so I doubt it’s sellable now anyway.

  3. C3 Krown - Only just got it, I can’t part with it so soon…

4 . 7075 Gambit - We share the same name, how could I let it go?

Apart from that I could take or leave the rest of my collection really.


I thought about this question for 24 hours before posting this answer :smiley: The truth is, at this moment, I would say I’d never get rid of 90% of my collection. In my time collecting so far, I have sold/given away about fifteen at most. There are even a few of those that I regret letting go of, for different reasons.

The difficulty with answering the question, is that if my circumstances changed, I might feel entirely different than I do today. So, to state that I would “never” get rid of any yo-yo would be a lie. My circumstances might change, and until then, I cannot formulate a true answer.

My only really honest answer, is that the circumstances would dictate. I would like to state that I would never give away a sentimental gifted Model 10. At this moment, I feel in my heart, that is true. But, realistically, if I was ever starving, of course I believe I would sell it in that case. So, I will “never say never” on this one. Instead, I will state that the last yo-yos to go, if I had to liquidate my collection, to sustain myself, would be:

  1. A gifted Classic;
  2. A black Dark Magic II with gold rims;
  3. One Oxy 9.06.
  4. A gifted Model 10.

I could sell all the rest, and even if I only got 70% of what I paid retail for them, I’d take that 7K and hope that could dig me out of a hole, and allow me to keep those 4 yo-yos to build from and start over later. I would hope that in time things would improve.

I have seen various BST posts where people are liquidating their collection to buy a house, finance a wedding, or some other reason. I’ll just wait and see what life has in store. Never say never.