Sentimental yoyos.


You all have them. It’s that Yoyo you won’t trade for anything because it has some sentimental value like your first unresponsive or first Yoyo out of them all. As for me it would be my torrent, inspire and stackless GM
The first 2 yoyos were from my first competition and my stackless GM is my first unresponsive Yoyo. So what are your sentimental throws?


Probably my 1/1 Ministar, or my YYE Edition Code 1. Both two of my favorites. Recently, I sold a large portion of my collection because I felt that I wasn’t playing all of them, only a few, and I wanted to refresh it. Those two were some of the only high-end metals I kept, out of 20+. (I kept a lot of plastics, like YYJ and stuff)


I honestly don’t think I have any.

Maybe my 1 of 3 Canvas.


My DM2.

(major_seventh) #5

Mine is my beat to death 888x. Definitely not my best throw but I will never trade it. One of my first!


My Green Duncan Mosquito ::slight_smile: I count it as my first “real” yoyo because it was my first ball bearing yoyo and first one that could do any tricks (not counting my dad’s old Butterfly that I borrowed)

What are your keepers?

Red Yomega Fireball from 7th grade. Thought I was so awesome when I could rock the baby with that thing.


My yyf severe 2013, is delrin but plays like a supernova lite


My Brain (what got me started) and my One (which was my first unresponsive and my carry around for a LONG time.)


andre autographed butterfly, custom annoed avalanche, dm2(first yoyo)


Madhouse 5150 cuz its rare and josh yee signed it…

Madhouse Delrin Compulsion cuz only 10 were made, 5 of which went to team members, also signed by Josh Yee

MarkMont Next, beat, given to me by our very own YoRed, my first high end metal and it’s dear to my heart, I would never trade or sell this thing…

I still have my first yoyo, fireball, and my first unresponsive, ONE, but I would sell both of these in a heartbeat, don’t have much care for them…

(SR) #12

Dark Magic I, first real yoyo.
Dv888 first metal yoyo.
General Yo Hatrick, first high end yoyo and my first General Yo as well.
General Yo Majesty, I’ve never paid so much for a yoyo before, and I got it in a very special beautiful wooden box.


Here is mine. Of all my yoyo’s this one is the ONE that I will NEVER sell or trade… It is my first One Drop and the yoyo I learned ALL of my early tricks on… It is still mint and smooth as the day I bought it almost three years ago…


Y Factor?


My keepers:
First Father’s day gift purple/blue acid wash primo.
First real throw clear orange DM2.
First all metal and daily beater grey DV888.

Rest can come and go.


One Drop Crime Scene Cascade. I’ll never get rid of it. My wife got it for me last Christmas, and went through crazy hoops for it. contacting multiple store owners, the guys at One Drop, all kinds of stuff. Ended up getting a whole run of Crime Scenes done on the quick just to get one for me.
To make a long story short…My wife is awesome.


Prototype Catalyst. Won it at the “I Love Augue Fash” contest. I tied for first. Originally, the prize was to be a 1 of 1 YoyoSkills Catalyst, so he gave that to the other guy. I, instead received a 1 of 4 (at the time, now 1 of 3) Prototype Catalyst. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I feel this Catalyst played faster and Floatier. Btw, 1 Proto was Gentry’s, 1 was Augie’s (he destroyed his at the end of Hometown hero, that’s why it’s 1 of 3 now), 1 owned by the National Yoyo Museum located in Chico, and of course, the last one went to me. Augie’s been, by far, my biggest influence of all time (not just yoyoing). His great personality and style is so addicting.


Ill take it off your hands for $10 an imperial, and 5 kitty strings…

Lol jk :smiley:


My YYF Velocity, YYF Whip, and my YYJ Revolution. The first 3 yo-yo’s I ever bought online. :smiley:


That’s a Y-Factor for sure. Awesome looking yoyo if I may say so