One yo-yo that you would never trade away...

So what is the one yo-yo that you would never trade away. It doesn’t have to be your best yo-yo or your favorite. Just the one that means the most to you. I’ll start,I’m going to say my hitman. It was my first yo-yo that wasn’t a cheap plastic and I learned so much on it.

Your turn ;D

well,I guess my skyline,its soooo awsome,and I really worked hard to save enough money to get it :smiley:


  1. i had to save up for awhile for it
  2. it awesome
  3. my first all metal
  4. can handle many tricks
  5. smoooth
  6. undersized


Half Denim Blue, Half Radioactive Green

Formerly JonRob AND Tyler Severance’s!

Hm. I’ll have to say my Lyn Fury for sentimental value. Otherwise, I’d never say that I’d never trade away a yo-yo, because I’m sure there will be better yo-yos in the future that I may want.

I would have to say my M1 because I saved up a while to get it, my first metal, and it got me back into yoyoing.

I would never trade any yoyo. It’s just a waste of shipping costs.

My M1. For sentimental value as well.

Or my eXpert’s Dark Magic.

when i get my dv888, it will be that one. (my first all metal yo!) ;D

My G5 and DM made me created and learned so many tricks, and I love it.

Happy Throwing! =]

Speeder. For now.

VK - Gift
G.5 - Gift
Luchador - First Metal, totally awesome
Peak - Totally Awesome
DM - I can’t imagine not having it, even though it doesn’t have a bearing.
Radian Super Light - Too long of a story.

My M1. Just because it’s my first metal.

My chico natoinals edition 888. There were only thirtyfive made and
the 888 is my first hubstack yoyo and my first all metal yoyo.

keep spinning


my custom painted peak done by Levi, because it took me ages to get the money and then ages to actually have it painted. such a nice player as well.

My Dark Magic because it rescued me from being oblivious to all yo-yos except yomega, and my 888 since its my first metal

My Auldey Grey Fox (so far)

It’s all banged up now and stuff but it means a lot to me. I’ve been through so much with it and it has gotten me to where I am. (I’ll get an eXpert DM eventually, but so far my AUldey)

Anybody else?

Wow, seems like you’re extremely confident ::slight_smile:

MY Speeder. It’s a little awkward, but I like it.

And Samad. Yes. Confidence never hurt anyone and there is time for him to become an eXpert. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: