My final yoyo...


Because of my pending retirement, I don’t/won’t have a yoyo collection anymore. I am only going to have one yoyo as a sentimental piece, and if, for some reason, a gang of beavers come and destroy all of my kendamas, I will need something to do…

So. For my only yoyo. What should it be?



Krown is my vote


Dazzler when it comes out. Or P.wave! Or Draupnir!


Clearly the Velocity.

(2Sick Joey) #5

Nick goes on computer…orders a Wrath from YYE! There you go haha :slight_smile:


Cliff. What are you going to do with your collection?


Nostalgia! If its your last, make sure it’s something valuable.


Ill take your collection off your hands.


Good luck paying for that! :smiley:


Dont be greedy and nosy guys, he will do whatever he wants with his collection.


I was just kidding. Why are you retiring from yoyos?


Something that not only plays well, but looks great as a decoration or display item and has a lot of sentimental value to you.


I dare not say what I have done with my collection for fear of being publicly flogged.


I say a chief.


Duncan butter fly… Nuff said


I’ve had a Chief. I don’t think I’d want it to be my only yoyo.

Also, I still have a lot of fixed axle yoyos and yoyos from the late nineties. I haven’t used them in years so I don’t see the need in adding a Duncan Butterfly that’d just end up in a box unopened…


Velocity if you have that when or if you start up again you can relearn the basics and go unresponsive.


haha! That’s the best reply yet.

(SR) #19

I honestly hope you’re joking about this whole thing. haha