What's your one "trusty" yoyo?

We all have that yoyo that we can count on. It can do all our tricks, it doesn’t have any problems doing it what we want it to do… We take it everywhere, and if it gets dented, it’s not that big of a deal. If you had to do a competition right now, you would take it up there. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your favorite throw but the throw you can count and the throw you trust.

For me, it’s my CLYW Avalanche. It does everything I want it to and outperforms most yoyos I’ve tried. It has some love marks all over so I don’t mind taking it out in public to throw and mess around with. It’s my trusty yoyo. What’s yours?

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YYF Genesis. I use it more than any other yoyo, but it’s still hasn’t been dinged.

majesty <3

Is it just me that G-Yo enthusiasts around here tend to get along really well? Just something that came to my attention. I don’t think it’s just a coincidence lol. I love the G-Yo Fanbase.

For me its this CODE2. Just so easy to play and just so fun… It goes where I want it to and just feels “right”

Close seconds would be my Cascade, Chief and Avalanche…

Although I have throws that are more rare, expensive, smoother, and better looking, I trust my YYF Catalyst the most.

My tried and true DV888.

irony jp
mvp close second

Definitely! I love all the g-yo fanboys(Admit, we both are!), and me and yoyofool live 30min away so hopefully we can meet up!

Higby 888

My red Punchline.

This freaked me out because just reading the title this is the YoYo Of mine I thought of, lol. My Matterhorn Avalanche gets played the most. I’ve got over 70 CLYWs (9 of them Avalanches) and I lovem All, but this is special.

My FG avalanche. It is just so perfect in every way

My SPYY Pro, Supra, or addiction with a KK or CT bearing.

That’s awesome dude! :smiley:

Where are you guys all at? A General Yo meetup would be awesome!

General Yo for life!

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Ti Walker. Pretty sure it does most tricks for me.

My One Drop YFactor has quite literally been through everything with me. I’ve dinged it at least 300-400 times and it still plays smoother than most of the new yoyos I’ve played and own. I throw it every single day and have never, ever had more fun with a yoyo. It has been in my pocket during the most important moments in my life and I’ve thrown it whilst experiencing an incredible range of emotions. I don’t think I’d ever sell it, no matter the price.

I think we need to see a picture of that bad boy!!! A well loved and used throw always looks great!!

Yes. Please show us pictures. This sounds incredible

We are in south bend(Close to their) indiana