What is youre favourite yoyo and why?


Hey guys my name is Alex and im new to the forum community. Just wanted to ger to know everyone. Just say what youre favourite is and why.

My favourite Yoyo so far is the Shutter. It plays so smooth, but above that it plays as an allrounder yoyo, great for learning on and just having fun but doesent leave the most advanced tricks out of reach. Hell gentry won with it while the person in second was using a 250 dollar yyr draupnir. I love the look and the unique inner thumb grind ring. Just any yoyo in my collection comes second to this beast, i cant put it down.

Whats your name and whats your favourite yoyo?


I love my CLYW Bonfire. It’s so smooth and comfortable. I got it as a gift and it renewed my love for yo-yoing



Yes I so wish I had a CLYW yoyo, The bonfire would be my first choice, just so expensive maybe oneday when im feeling snazzee :).


I still can’t get over my 1st gen YYF Genesis.

As of why, I can’t really tell, its just feels right, and I learn many on that yoyo.
I do like the performance of my K-2 and Serum better, but that genesis is just feel right to me.


MMC. A superb mix of comfort and competence


2sick knight at the time being. Stable, agile, does grinds well, over all it is a fun throw :slight_smile:


Currently, it’s my Firrox. It’s a great yoyo to learn on and is very forgiving. It’s also a great yoyo to just let loose with the tricks you do know. Dead smooth too, finger grinds for a decent amount of time and I imagine it could fingerspin good (I am horrible with finger spins).

My Kenshin’s also been getting a ton of love and has an interesting feel with its 7068 aluminum - since it’s stronger than 7075, the walls were able to be made thinner and could really focus on the rim weight. Has a nice floaty and very stable feel.


I love my HiDRA. It plays dead smooth and spins forever!


Axis pulsefire. It plays smooth, spins forever, and feels great in the hand. The shutter is a close 2nd for me :wink:

(ChineseMassProduction) #10

Ever since I started throwing I knew I wanted a Wooly Marmot.

I finally got one but not in a way I expected. It was a gift from a friend who didn’t want that particular yoyo anymore for some reason.

It plays better than I imagined and looks fantastic. Dead smooth and set a standard for every yoyo I buy, or trade for, from now on.


Recently I have been really enjoying the One Drop Vanguard. It is such an amazing yoyo and the price is amazing. Its smooth, its quick and just feel right when hitting the string. Another Favorite is the yoyofactory 2016 Superstar. and again for its price its pretty much a steal.


Shutter for me, love the design and size, smooth as butter.

2nd would be Czech/Horizon




Ohhh yeahhh #TeamShutter


I was on team shutter when I first picked up a yoyo but now I am enjoying a lot more different yoyos.


Was the CLYW AC2 until I had to sell up a few months ago regret it now. Currently the Rebellion Qilin, such a nice throw for the money.


Definitely not my favorite, but I’ve found myself carrying it more than anything else at the moment. My MFD 2Evil. Honestly a “fun” throw. Small shape makes it easy to carry. It’s super stable for doing tricks while walking around or in the wind, even a slight drizzle ;). It also has a lot of character, which is why I think it’s just a good, fun throw.

(InvaderDust) #18

I started with Shutter and found i wanted something different after a month or two. Its great and all, but… then I got my first CLYW throw and i got ruined…
CLYW seems to had the Midas touch. at least for me. That being said I have a hard time picking one.

Scout - fast, smooth, agile, fun!

Sasquatch - SUPER comfy in the hand. Just wants to be thrown again thus making it hard to put down.

Orca - Fat, relaxed, chill. Straight up groovy.

Chief - Heavy in the hand, light on the string. Unique feel and play. Everyone needs to throw a chief.

BearVsMan2 - Something about it i cant quite nail down. Ill just say its magic on the string and heaven in the hand.

all are stupid awesome. and all find time in my hand. (Bonfire en route!)

2016 Superstar is prolly one of the best values for the buck though. Rock solid bimetal of over stable throw worth well over the price tag.


Right now it’s the TOO H.O.T. No matter what else I play in my small collection I keep coming back to that one.

The Dogma that I got in the Mystery Box is pretty amazing as well. It’s not as stable as the TOO HOT but because of that it’s much faster. Also, it has this ring when I throw it, it just sings!


For me the iyoyo steel, looks awesome , play’s amazing, dead smooth and I hit my first fingerspin with it😋 buuttt i didn’t bind it, it spun for like 30 seconds and fell of as soon as I wanted to bind😅