What is YOUR Best Yoyo…All time best yoyo (in your opinion) (Merged)

(JET) #1

Whats the best yoyo in your opinion?

Right now mine are the wooly marmot 2 and the E=mc2
Cause I like undersized throws and their speed.


As of now, New Superstar. Waiting to see how to Cypher does.


I’m assuming you mean what do you think your best yoyo is not your favorite yoyo. 2sickyoyos gambit


Shutter was my #1, then it moved down to #3 with me getting a shu-ta and a mo-vitation :smiley:

(Former National 4A Champion) #5

People’s favorites are constantly changing. That’s why there is this thread - http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,7136.0.html


My best throw is Spin Dynamics Flow. My favorite is a Cypher


Gambit and CLYW Arctic Circle for unresponsive

Moxon or Baldwin for fixed axle wood


of all of my yoyo’s I do not think I have a best.

they are all super and I throw them for so many different reasons…

hard for me to pick the best. they are all the best.



Draupnir when it comes in the mail.

(Former National 4A Champion) #10

You are correct.


One Drop Valor :smiley:


My TP Paranoid… Man I love that thing.


Am I the only one who reads TP as toilet paper?

Why would he mean anything other than what he wrote?


The best I have is the YYR Overdrive.

Best of I’ve played is a YYR Draupnir, followed closely by the Anglam

(major_seventh) #15

There’s no best throw :wink: It’s all preference.

That being said, I really love my Chief and my Clearcoat M10, plus my Prestige Proto, 86400,

AHHH there’s too many!


The Summit by far

(That creepy Asian guy) #17

Cascade… By One Drop.


One drop rally…Yoyofficer musket…YYF Shutter??? so hardddd haha i love them all


YYF Monster!


Yoyorecreation Draupnir. Just a sensational throw. :slight_smile: