Whats the best yoyo ever made?

What do you think is the best yo-yo ever made?? In my opinion the 888

There isn’t one. IMO

There isnt one. No imo needed because there will never be one yoyo that everyone would judge the best yoyo.

i dont like the 888 there not stable to me at all :-\ my fav is protostar frantic and 2010 severe

my fav is the protostar

BUT there are a lot of people that would choose their favorite yoyo so the IMO is needed. You are right with the other part of your statement though.

Considering with yoyos, asking what’s the best is an opinionated question.

He also asked what we thought. Meaning our opinion. I gave mine.

Please completely read and understand the OP’s post before making snap judgements like that.


There is no single best yoyo. No yoyo is better than another, just different. Asking which is best will result in asking people’s favorite yoyo.

And that is exactly what he’s doing.

thats right everyone has there own favorite yoyo. some others might think no because they think that they have a better yoyo

Its that one over there.

You mean the one with the string? Yeah I love that one!

The best yoyos for their time in my opinion…

Freehand 1
07 888

definatly that one over there with the string


The best one ever made is the Duncan Imperial.

This is a question that gets tossed around alot, and never gets any real answers. In all seriousness, there is one yo-yo that far exceeds the performance of any of todays yoyo’s. I’m speaking, of course, of the Caribou Lodge Snipe. This was actually their first release that preceded the Peak by over a year. a very small batch was released, marketed exclusively as a precision butterfly yoyo’s with a custom size C 12 ball Hemi bearing geared toward left handed players. It utilized mokume gane metallurgy techniques and could be tuned to co-inside with the gravitational profile of you’re specific geographic area. Unfortunately, due to the cost of the materials, the stress caused to the expensive machinery required to mill the yoyo’s, and the ethical concerns of the imminent failure of the competing yoyo companies, the project was eventually scrapped. Though about 30 we’re distributed successfully, so you might still be able to find one if you ask around.

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No, he meant the other one with the string NEXT to the one with the string.

Yeah thanks for clearing that up Samad!

Weren’t they all buried with Elvis though?

no, only 5 of them. of the remaining 25, 5 of them are owned by private people, 3 of them got destroyed, 7 of them were never sold and are burried under the original CLYW lab that was destroyed by an earthquake, and the last 10 are scattered around the world hidden each in one of the 10 wonders of the world. legend has it that the man who collects all 10 of those, the 10 snipes that are lost on earth, that man who wasted his life doing nothing at all.