WORST yoyo in the world

I think it’s got to be the Duncan imperial. What do you all think?

The worst yoyo in the world is a rock tied to a string.

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A broken yoyo. Broken beyond repair and beyond salvage.

Anything else, well, there’s SOME hope.

I currently don’t have any broke yoyos.


Not really! It’s a really nice throw if you’re just beginning to find out about yo-yos. I actually learn some really cool things with that yo-yo (I loosened the string so it can sleep for about 30 seconds at most).

There isn’t really a “worst yoyo in the world”. Every yo-yo can be used for something, and every yo-yo deserves respect :slight_smile:

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Worst yo-yo = Duncan Imperial? Not even close. Yes it sucks, but its also super cheap. It’s been pretty well established that the worst yo-yo ever made in terms of dollars to play value was the Revolution Rev-G. A yo-yo made in the late 90’s that had carbon fiber sides with aluminum rims and cost about $90. I have never had the unfortunate experience of playing one, but the many who have with one accord claim that it’s play is beyond suckage. Here is what the yoyowiki says about it

[i]The Rev-G was billed as “The world’s first aerospace graphite yo-yo”. The patented design paired carbon fiber hubs with anodized aluminum rims for a claimed ideal disk weighting ratio (rim weight to disk core weight). This was supposed to produce “super long spinning time” and “greatly enhanced looping performance”. Unfortunately, the adjustable string gap had a problem retaining its setting and resulted in unpredictable performance. Standard accessories with the Rev-G were a comfort finger loop and a velvet carry pouch.

But in the midst of suckage, at least your finger stayed comfortable.


There is no worst yoyo in the world.

Sometimes there will be a yoyo that maybe you don’t prefer or I don’t prefer but someone somewhere probably does. This simply is because of preference. Maybe you prefer oversized, but very light, quick yoyos. But I might prefer mid sized super heavy yoyos. Of course it is not bad to have your opinion of the worst yoyo but someone will probably argue it.

Also are you talking worst like just over all or for the price. Like for example there could be a 50$ yoyo I love to death but a 180$ yoyo I like a little less. I still love the 180$ one but is it really terrible? No. It might be a waste of 130$ since I can get the 50$ one but it is still a yoyo.

I think the worst yoyo in the world is the “Classic Yo-Yo” by Ja-Ru. It sleeps for literally 4 seconds and doesn’t come back even when binded. I guess that’s what you get for $1.

Haha, don’t dis the classics, man

But I guess if I had to pick I would pick the skyline please don’t start a war about this it’s just me.

I would say it’s the best yoyo ever! So many people have started on it.

I know right! Without it, we probably wouldn’t be where we are now :smiley:

I saw a yoyo that looked like a hamburger. Didn’t work, and tasted a bit overdone.

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There’s the problem right there. You got condiment in the bearing. Did it occur to you to pop the bearing in some mineral spirits first?

Worst yo-yo ever? The imaginary one I’m holding in my hand. I can’t even feel it!

Worst yoyo? The one I don’t have.



You’re the worst yoyo in the world.


your FACE is the worst yoyo in the world!

boom, roasted.

At least its a yoyo and not a juggling club

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