WORST yoyo in the world

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Make up your mind about that yo-yo :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don’t think that it’s fair to call the imperial/butterfly the worst yoyo in the world. The imperial was designed to be a well playing yoyo for around $5 that wouldn’t take any maintenance, and that wouldn’t be too hard for any joe blow off the street to operate.

It does it’s job very well.

Even to this day, 15+ years (or maybe a lot more) after it started it’s production, it is still adding people to the community, which is why in my opinion it is one of the most important yoyo’s in history.

Honestly, a yoyo should be assessed based on its ability to perform what is intended of it. The Imperial does what it was made for perfectly: go up and down, loop, around the world. I think the only yoyo that should be deemed “worst” would be one that fails at what it was intended to, and THEN everything else.

My son just tried to make a yoyo out of tinkertoys. It doesn’t work very well. The gap is about an inch wide. But a while ago, he made one with lego’s that he can get to go up and down.

I have to say that the worst yo ever is probley those yoyo’s that are so bad that when you trough them they come wright back up :-\

IMO the Rev G is the worst yoyo I have ever played. I own one. It is terrible. It feels super light and the adjustable gap is constantly changing. It’s also extremely uncomfortable to hold. I’m staring at it with disgust right now actually.

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Never forget your roots!!!

Exactly what I said!

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I saw a girl playing a dollar store yoyo at Target once that she said belonged to her friend. Asked if I could try it. Thing literally crumbled apart and exploded into like 10 different pieces on the way down the string. Y’all seem to be forgetting about the good old dollar store junkers.

Oh, and the girl and the friend each found themselves with a free ProYo later that day.

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Any dollar store yoyo or the Duncan butterfly it has no sleep time


The only yoyo that is the worst yoyo is the one that was never made. other than that if it goes down and up once then it has done it’s job.

As for the 8 month necro.

Please check the dates of the threads before you post in them.

I truly don’t beleive there is one.

you and I agree.

For all those that say there is no “worst” yoyo - I have to disagree.

When I visited the OneDrop shop a year or so back I got to see their amazing collection of yoyos that they have amassed over the years. I asked the very same question as this thread.

Without hesitation, Shaun picked out this one yoyo - don’t know the name - don’t care. It did not look any different than the others but OMG did that yoyo suck. It was breathtakingly bad; the very definition of suckage.

It may have seemed that way to you, but to another, that yoyo might have been an amazing throw.

The worst kind of yoyo is the one that breaks into a million pieces on the first throw, cost 1,000 dollars, and as it exploded injured you, everything/one around you, and caused a destruction chain of events that exploded every Yoyos in the world, along with the world itself.

Yeah I don’t think that type of thats is possible that it something like that could happen if it were made of glass