What is the worst yoyo, of all time?

I know this covers a large area, but what is the most horrid, unstable, wobbly, loose yoyo, you have ever felt?
I say, those wheel yoyo’s from the dollar tree are pretty high up there, but at least those function decently.
Hope you guys have a laugh
sorry in advance


But I like the question. I think that for me it is this one tiny fixed axle that I got for Christmas. It would not even go up and down!


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An unplayed yo-yo.


Without ever playing one and basing this off past threads, I remember the Rev G is always brought up.

Anything I can’t afford.

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Dollar Store auto-return yoyos, yoyos with strings glued/tied to the axle.

Now as far as “real” yoyos goes, I have yet to really run into any bad ones. I’d say my worst experience was getting a dud RecRev F(x) which was unplayable even after a bunch of tuning. I ended up replacing it with another which was better but still far from what I initially hoped for even with it being a b-grade.

I also have a RecRev Silly Goose that looks pretty but also not really playable due to 1906 quake-like vibes…ok I’m exaggerating a bit but it’s still pretty wobbly compared to other RecRev B-grades I own.

happy to help: :wink:


That’s just a poor man’s clutch! No, I am just kidding, and in all seriousness, that is like a blue pee stain in a yoyo pool. It’s sad, that any company would have to do that to get a yoyo to function. It’s a sad sad life for any child to live.

This is primarily based off people’s opinion… I for one believe that most clyw’s are horrible yoyos but that is my opinion.

I’ve played quite a few yoyos in the time that I’ve played and most of what I don’t like in yoyos that I have played can be whittled down to just me not caring for the way it plays or feels in my hand.

To also say that a certain yoyo might be bad could be telling of the player. I’m not s very good yoyoer and I don’t care for clyw’s so just take that and go from there…

This makes me think of the link that Ed posted. There is a yoyo he mentions that most people hate but drew Tetz does stuff with, most of us can’t even dream of…

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The Duncan Butterfly, Not the XT, but the original. It either won’t sleep at all or will bind instantly. About 3 twist of the string will put it at one extreme or the other. At our house we call it “The Punishment Yoyo”. If you’ve been bad then you have to play with the Butterfly. :wink:


At one point in my yoyo adventure, the butterfly was my best yoyo… Yes, I said best. When I started $10 was an unbelievable amount to spend on one yoyo. This was quite a while ago when I was younger.
To me the worst yoyo I have probably ever used is the Ja-ru imperial shaped yoyos. They wouldn’t ever stay together for me.


Good summary, ed.  However I’d rate the Yomega Panther a little higher (worse) than 5. I have a MIB one on the shelf constantly reminding me how bad it was.

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One of my other bad throw experiences was my Peterfish Luminator. I had bought a pair at my local Walgreens a few years ago for looping as I thought it looked neat…reminded me of a Duncan Professional with a bearing.

For some reason this yoyo had foam response pads…foam…very slippy. I ended up siliconing it instead.

So I’m at home and I go to do a regeneration as I hit the floor. I ended up cracking the hub, yoyo was toast. To this day I still have the other luminator still in its package, never been opened.

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Duncan trasaxsion, JUST TERRIBLE!

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Jhb, that link was so enlightening :slight_smile: i would dare to add the zombie to the list as well but I was out of the country when everything with throwdown happened. Now it all makes sense

Thanks, but ed gets the credit for that, stevedave.

Second the zombie notion.
Remembered this one http://yoyo.wikia.com/wiki/HICOO_West_Uranium_Black
Don’t think the WUB had too many fans.

Rev-G and it’s not really close.

Ooh… Glued just sounds naasty!

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