Most dissapointing yoyo?

What yoyo were you the most disappointed with when you used? i.e, because it didn’t play like you thought it would, didn’t look as good in person, etc.

Mine is probably the SPYY Addiction V2. Not stable, not very speedy, just not my thing.

Yongjun Uranus – the light up one. Super vibey, but the lights were outstanding, so I was on the fence about sending it back to Yoyoexpert. Then it happened. I dinked the yoyo on the floor – not slammed, but dinked, and one of the light connectors broke. So now only one side lights up, and I couldn’t send it back. THis thing is super fragile, and not worth the price.

YoyoRecreation Original Diffusion.

That yo-yo was sooooo beneath their lofty standards. It was slow, unstable and had terrible spin-time.

Thankfully, the universe was restored to order with the simply fabulous New Diffusion - which is the BEST plastic I have yet to throw.

Okay. I know this is gonna make a lot of people mad, but the most disappointing yoyo I have is the Orca. It was fast and somewhat smooth, but it really felt like a brick. It is really overhyped in my opinion. It is also really heavy, to heavy.

YoYoFactory Atlas

I was overhyped for this to release. I thought it would be a new and improved Monster. I bought two of them at Worlds without playing with it beforehand. I threw it down… pure dissapointment. Spin time was nowhere close to the Monster. Essentially, it felt like a downgraded Monster with a fingerspin area. I will post a in-depth review when I get back to the states… for now, all I can say is that I feel :-[

Duncan Metal Drifter. It just wasn’t for me.

Heh, that just happens to be my favorite yoyo ever. For me it was the onedrop y factor (with the brass nut, haven’t tried the new one). It felt like a brick and didn’t perform as well as I hoped.

Clyw Wooly marmot 2.


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Without doubt a 3yo3 Acryllion. Why?

The play was awful: short spin time, unstable, sharp edges that hurt on an inaccurate catch, super thin gap causing snag and loss of speed, high walls working in an evil partnership with the thin gap, seriously poor durability due to the unsuitable material used.

But hey… It looked kinda cool!

Oh… and YYF Shutter.

orca is one of the few clyws i like… but a big disappointment to me was the summit… just didnt fell like i wanted it too…


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Interesting choices

I’ve honestly never gotten a yoyo that I hated. Initially I didn’t like the Avalanche but that was the fault of the bearing. I tend to do a ton of research before I get anything.

Palpitation. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the palpitation. I just didn’t think that it lives up to the hype, not the most enjoyable yoyo that I’ve ever played. Irony JPX is a close second, again, I love the JPX. It just didn’t live up to the crazy hype.

I might’ve liked them more with my string on there, anyone who knows me knows that short string makes it harder for me to enjoy certain yoyos.

Most have been pretty good, but if I had to name one it would have to be the Gradient just because it was too light for my taste

The most disappointing throw I’ve ever owned is the canvas. I tried so hard to like that yoyo I even owned three of them each worst than the next. It’s not very good in my opinion

how so? It’s labeled one of your favorites


Rainfly. Felt like a brick

Same here.

Although, I would like to play around with a couple SE setups because I like the aesthetics and tactile feel.