Have you ever looked up a yoyo done research on it bought it then be completely disappointed in the first hour. If so post the yoyos name and why you didn’t like it

I’d be willing to bet that either this thread or my comment is going to be removed… just watch.

I have felt like this with several yoyos but the first hour lies. The first hour is a cheeky, sly hour: it toys with your emotions, making you gleeful or doleful, and only by the 10th-15th hour do you get a real feel for a throw. Suddenly, those first hour shockers have transformed into sparkling beauties that have found a little corner of your heart. They will never be traded, and will sit with pride in your case, secretly laughing at how you nearly threw them out of the window.


Deep, man, deep

Cascade, did not enjoy that yoyo at all.


Joe’s got it. So many times I’ve thought to myself, “Ehhh… not so sure about this” and have been totally wrong. SPYY Pro comes to mind, and even the venerable Wrath. Neither blew me away on first use. Spin Dynamics Smooth Move is another. But now those are 3 of my faves of all time!

So yeah. Those 3 listed answer the question, but I am with Joe on the deceptive nature of the first hour.

I believe it’s official medical term is “overhyped-initis” it’s a common symptom of “take this for cheap $$$, because my hype was misplaced when I bought it-initis” often found on the bst.

Pleas sign my bill to grow awareness to these ever president and completely harmless illness’.

I’ve had this happen with lots of products and services, not just Yoyos. Live and learn :slight_smile:

The Catalyst. It was too floaty for me…

happened twice thus far
first was the spyy addiction
second was the chief

Yyr diffusion. Its bad

Bad Rep lightw



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The Dietz.

Didn’t like the feel from the very first throw. I played with it almost exclusively for about a week, trying to like it. I desperately wanted to enjoy it, but I just couldn’t. :-\

Oh no, guessing u dont like the battosai then? Similar shapes.


I had heard such amazing things about it that when I first threw it, I was soooo disappointed. But after a few days I came to love it. It’s an amazing Yoyo in my top 3 favorites :slight_smile:

I actually like the Battosai a lot! :wink:

They don’t play very similar, in my opinion. Also, a lot of my disappointment with the Dietz was a result of me expecting something a lot different. It wasn’t a bad throw by any means, but I expected it to be something that it wasn’t, and from that point on I just couldn’t get over it.

I actually do not get “disappointed” by a yoyo anymore. To me, every new throw is a lesson in physics. A yoyo that I did not like can be more informative than one that I liked. These days “disappointment” can better be called “surprise”. Since I have owned so many different shapes, sizes and types of yo-yo’s, I usually can tell how they will play by looking at the shape and the specs. The surprise comes when I am wrong.

A good example is the General-Yo M10. That yoyo did not look like the light, speedy powerhouse that it is when I first laid eyes on it. I expected it to feel much more like the Majesty. Boy was I surprised at the difference between the two.