What is your most regretful yoyo purchase?


we always see topics about your favorite throw or the coolest looking yoyo. but have you ever purchased a yoyo that is so bad, you wished you never bought it?
im not talking about defects, or ano flaws. but yoyos that you actually regret purchasing.
i know i have one.


Yes. I got an Omnicron. Even though it was awesomely ano’d by Jason Wong, it was bad. Very very bad.


None yet. However, I sort of regret giving my wife such a big list for Christmas and saying “Pick any of those and I’ll be happy.”

By the time Christmas came, I was keen to get an El Ranchero. What I ended up with was a perfectly amazing yoyo (hey, it was on my list!) but I soon thereafter started saving for the El Ranchero anyhow.

Come to think of it… if she hadn’t got me the one she did, I may never have discovered how cool a yoyo it is. So maybe I shouldn’t regret it after all. :wink:


I regret getting my Protostar. It has been giving me problems since day 1.
I regret getting my Pocket Change. It is one of the worst yoyos I have ever seen.

(M.DeV1) #5

I traded a Phenom for 4 raptors. I like the Raptor I just don’t know what I was thinking getting 4 of them.


tell me about it, YYF really needs to step up in quality control.

Worst yoyo I’ve gotten, that would probably be the flying Panda. I threw it for the first time after I opened it, not only did the string break but the yoyo split apart. Once I got the spacers, bearing, new string, etc. I noticed cracks on the rubber on the yoyo. Which surprised me because I was throwing over marble. A few days later, the response had worn off, which I found frustrating to constantly buy Duncan Friction Stickers, then a few days later same thing happened that had happened on day 1, but this time, I lost the cheap, loose spacers. So I had to buy an axle kit, which I found useless seeing that I only had three cheap Duncan throws (Throw Monkey, Metal Drifter, and Flying Panda) so I donated the rest to my cousin, who was modding his FH.

Second worst purchase was the YYF Whip. The day I got it, it looked cool, I liked how smooth it was and I liked the shape too. But some rocket scientist decided to put in a super skin tight bearing seat on the yoyo. As a result of this, the bearing cracked, which cut the string, and rolled down a road. The thing was pretty beat, and to make matters worse, it had gone from super slight plastic vibe, to full on wobble. And that isn’t the end of it, because many of you guys know what happens next. Yup, the whip shatters and nearly blinds me on my left eye. Luckily I had my contacts on so it was really no damage, but you will notice a scar on my chin from the plastic that got past skin deep.

Those are pretty much the worst purchases I’ve ever experienced. And that’s why to this day, I don’t trust YYF or Duncan.


Biggest regret would be the YYJ Diamondback. Looked fantastic but the weight ring moved around and the thing just felt a bit hollow on the returns.



An Duncan Mosquito its o.k but it Isnt my favorite


Capella. I love it it’s just not my cup of tea.


I bought a yoyo from Daiso, on the first throw it just fell apart and sent pieces everywhere.


The plastic yoyo shattered the Outer race of the steel bearing causing the string to break which caused a plastic which doesn’t break with sharp corners to fly up and hit you in the chin and eye?



Pocket change, it broke when I unscrewed it, but yoyoplay sent me a new one, then that broke the same way in a few months.


YYF Pop Star. Just don’t like it.


The Flying squirrel that I tried to recess


You could of contacted YYJ, they go way above and beyond for there customers

Oops double post, sorry, I just woke up.


Supernova lite. Should have bought a Supernova instead.


It’s YYF you can’t expect much more than problems from the second you buy it.
I bought a Delrin severe that came super vibey well I guess I would call it a pulse cause it would go smooth for a millisecond but then pulse like crazy


This thread is becoming lock-bait. Some of us have some regrets from particular purchases, and discussing them makes the thread pretty negative to begin with (and some threads have been locked for no more than that!); now we’re making generalizations and bashing a company? Reel it in, people.

I have no idea… NO IDEA… why some people insist on airing their grievances every chance they get. It gets tiring.

For what it’s worth, every YYF yoyo I’ve played thus far has been awesome. So let’s not present opinions as facts, and more importantly… let’s not generalize.

The thread was meant to discuss particular yoyos you regretted buying for one reason or another. I think answers were generally meant to be more like, “I saved for 2 months and it didn’t even play that well,” or “I thought it would be floaty but it was SO HEAVY” or whatnot… if this thread has any hope of surviving at all, try answering in the spirit of the question.


Edit: I deleted this comment cause it was just a rant on YYF. Lol nothing personal against YYF I just wish that most of the yoyos to have gone out on me hadn’t all Been yyf’s lol


yomega llancer. i did not like it at all.