Regreting YoYo Purchases

Post here, some yoyos that you think that weren’t up to your expectations or standards. Yoyos you disliked when you bought them. Post If you felt ripped off, payed more than what you get.

Let the list grow!!! ;D


  1. keep it clean
  2. do not post were you purchased the yoyo from

I’ll start:
Duncan Free Hand Zero v1 and v2 :-X


09 888, BvsM

BvM really, i love mines ;D

my lyn is okay but I just opened my mahem


yeah, and the peak i got in a trade didnt impress me either

G5. I liked it at the time, but now, its just gross.

haha wow…“just gross”

All of the 888’s I have bought (four, I think) got “old” in less than a month.


Free hand 0, M1, I wasnt ready for a metal so I lost like 20 bucks when I sold it

Pyro Light

DM. I hate it so much. If I only had the DM as a choice, like I was locked in a besement with only a DM, I’d play it but I don’t enjoy playing it very much.

I’d be happy to take them off your hands. And anyone else that doesnt want them. lol jk… unless you want to.

My 888. It came broken…won’t come up when I tug my hand.

In all seriousness-Raider

X convict

I know how you feel… I thought it was sooo amazing at first but now I cant stand it…

Bought: SvZB, had wayyyyy to much of a “thud” on a throw

Tried: Peak, '09 888, and a DM.

Xcalibur, i really like it but at the same time…it just sits around and collects dust

X-Convict was a pretty big letdown for me.

I was also slightly disappointed with my '09 888, and Fool’s Gold Peak. The Peak however, did grow on me over time.