Least favorite yoyo?

I’ve been reading for about 2 months now (since i started yoyoing) and I always read about how this or that yoyo is amazing. There aren’t suppose to be overrated yoyo’s because that already has a thread, just ones that aren’t fun or seem to just be bad. Personally if i had to choose form my collection it would be the YYF pack 2 yoyo, i just don’t get it, even with a different bearing in it it seems like a hunk of plastic to me; I throw my Henry Lizard more than i do that thing (which BTW is loads of fun now that I am better!)

Out of my eleven metals, I would say my yuuksta. It’s so unstable, and just not fun, yeah its fast, but that’s not everything… Plus its a piece of junk if you ask me,. Mines even brand new and I still hate it lol. I guess I’m biased cause I mostly like full sized throws tho.

RecRev carbon. Its big. But way to floaty. It has a real slow doppy feeling to it.

Duncan Imperial ;D

Counting down the time 'till this gets locked… Anyway I really dislike my PGM because of how bulky it is, plus it uses spacers.

Why would this thread get locked? Would suck if my first general thread got locked XD would look bad on my part (had a help/recommendation thread). Besides, I think this could be an interesting read with more replies.

probably the bvm… i just don’t like the feel at all. but it’s all opinion :slight_smile:

It’s the FHZ for me. I’ve tried to love it. I’ve tried it stock, siliconed, and even reshaped. I’m not saying it’s a bad yo, it’s just not my thing.

There’s this guy on Ebay in the UK selling these cheap aluminum yoyos for not terribly expensive. They come in two colors: blue or red, which is the color of the rubber weight ring. Responsive, comes with two cheap 7-ball/plastic cage half spec center-track bearings. If you DO NOT use this bearing, the string will drift off the bearing. Definitely not a professional yoyo.

It’s a chinese-made cheap POS and should be avoided at all costs. That is my least favorite yoyo.

The od project. Plays like a freaking rock

The YYF Velocity.

This thread isn’t going to last for very long.

However, on topic, that would be the velocity.

yuuksta, thought that I would like it because the genesis is wonderful in my opinion but it is soo unstable and just dosen’t have as much spin as you would think.

Hmm you tried it Highwalled?

Yes indeed I’ve tried it high walled and even schmooved. I’m not hating on it, just saying it is my least favorite. In other words, I have two and they’re always the last to get picked up.

This thread is a fun read to me. Another reminder of how a person preferences could affect a yoyo reputation.

On my entire collection, my least favorite would be my bigyo.
I rarely throw 4A anyway.

Probably the FAST 201. I tried it, was too responsive for my tastes, and that wasn’t really the problem…it was the horrid buzzing sound it made when sleeping…sent vibes right up the string. Other than that, I would have to go with those yoyos whose strings are either tied onto the axle, pinched between the axle seat and yoyo half, or glued in place…they’re what I call ‘up and down yoyos’ as all they can be used for is dribbling.

yeah, the 201 was pretty bad… but i have a modded one that is insane

I don’t know how you guys dislike the Velocity, I love it so much!

I can’t pick a least favorite one, I’ve never really hated any yoyo I’ve tried.

The Proyo… darn thing drew blood…