What Yoyos You Just Don't Like?

I hate to be a downer. But what was the yoyo you least liked? You can list as many as you want.

Pyro(s): It felt terrible in the hand and had a tiny gap.
888: I liked it, but it wasn’t me.
Bear Vs. Man: I didn’t think the rim wieght was there and I didn’t care for the shape.
Bulldog: WAY too floaty, questionable it wasn’t on the string.

Dark Magic: Hate it. Sorry if I’m offending people again.
Legacy: Plastic Dark Magic
Trinity: Metal Dark Magic
Black Knight: Too much of a hamburger shape for me…and I like hamburgers…
YYF FAST OS: Broke way too fast…very un-smooth on the string

Well those are mine, please don’t kill me for hating the DM and everything related to it, I’ve had to deal with it before, don’t want to again.

Pyro: felt just…weird
DNA: too big
Trinity: I dont like this or the DM
Mighty Flea: way too akward
Offstring: just feels cheap, explodes too easy

I can think of so many more hahahaha

FAST OS: just sucked. fell apart WAY to easily
HWW: I can’t stand the shape, but its an OK player.
Flea ( any version) Just felt weird, and try transfering from that, to an oversized yoyo -.-
Any general yo product - This may sound weird. They are all excellent players and all, and great grinders for sure, but these are too perfect! Not kidding! It actually gets boring to play with because they are so good!

General-Yo haterz, nooooo.

I can understand, but I love them and CLYW too.

Well, I love their products, it gets boring to play with them though, lol.

dm:its ok but wwwaaaaaaayyyyy to snaggy for me
pgm v2: imo the hubstacks make it spin less
hitman:just a plain ol’ wierd yoyo imo
all duncans(beside all the screaming eagle series(and fhz’s)): imo they just suck
speed maker: they are slow and they are just wierd imo

how can you hate the thing you love so much?

Failure. Their called [b]Screaming Eagles [b]

I’m sorry but the Black Lilly and especially the Pyro are my least fav yoyos imo. The Pyro is too heavy, weird shape, cuts string, small bearing, and has too small of a gap for my taste. And the Black Lilly’s responce system is terrible. It has a small bearing, which I hate, too big, and when you throw the yoyo it feels really really weird and instead of comming strait down it comes tword you as if it wants to bite you. I don’t like any Yoyojam Bi-metals, or really much Yoyojam’s in general imo. I don’t like any Duncan’s imo. All of this is my opion. So… yeah… I don’t want to be negetive, but, well, there you go lol! :smiley:

Talking in caps kind of gets annoying, so try not to do it. All of those yoyos are perfectly fine. You don’t even seem to have reasons…

As for me, I’m not much for roundeds ( punchline, General yos) I rather like a very much angular throw with a wicked H shape.

well theres not a yoyo i just dont like but theres things i dont like about a yoyo for example the duncan friction stickers(theyre there to make money so the people will nee to buy more). But I perfer more H shape yoyo rather than round but I do like round yoyos though.

agreed completly but i would add yoyos that come with vibes i hate that

Let’s see…
4A yoyo’s. Cuz I don’t do 4A and they’re BIG

Yeah That’s it. :stuck_out_tongue: That may be a short list. But that’s a lot of throws. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just b/c you are not good with those yoyo and you don’t like them it does not mean they are horrible. It is same thing as me buying your string, not liking it for some reason and tell other people that it is the suckest yoyo string in the world and no one should buy them. Its not cool.


I didnt like the YYF SEVERE, just not my style, it kinda felt like a marshmellow on a string.

Somehow I don’t get along with Peaks. Marmots are a bit better, but they still feel kinda wrong to me. Love the other CLYWs though.

Duncan Imperial: Just didnt sleep or do the tricks I wanted it to do, same for the Butterfly.

Yoyos with hubstacks: The first day its fun but the second you want to throw away the yoyo, gets very boring.

Yoyos that are solid and are a rock/ G5: I like floaty and speedy, the g5 with hubstacks was too heavy and felt like a rock on the string, the solution was to take out the hubstacks.

Yoyojam Eneme- I like the shape of it, and the grinds are really good on it, it’s just way too small! I personally like the size around the 2.1-2.2 diameter range, and I quite like the shape of my genesis more xD

It’s hard to find a rounded yoyo I like. My preferred shape is a V-shape or an extremely angled shape like the M1. But not H-shapes. They all hit my hand wrong. Plus I don’t like spacers. My Protostar’s problems can all be traced to the spacers, in fact I need to order ANOTHER pair. And I can’t STAND yoyos that have large amounts of vibe.