Flat Out Bad Yoyos

I keep on hearing about how the new ______ brand yoyo is so amazing. Not to sound pessimistic, but juust for fun, what are some flat out horrible yoyos. In your opinion.

Anti-yo YWET comes to mind

None. It’s all opinion.

People are gonna say imperial but that jojo rocks.

A yo-yo with no string on it is the only one that comes to mind.


A yoyo that doesn’t exist yet…

It’s actually really cool to see that nobody has said anything too negative.

The yoyo community is pretty awesome. ;D

I’ll agree from an objective point of view, but I’ll also say that the YWET has had a strange ability to make me want to continue playing it anyway. Actually, I have all three finishes and I recognize that it’s not a very good yoyo! There’s something unique about it.

But actually bad, I thought the Viszilla (which I guess means bape 2 also) just really wasn’t very good. It sort of feels like a rock on a string to me. No grace at all, just a dead weight out there. Super cool looking though.

The quad fist response was a joke, but I thought the YWET was pretty awesome. It’s basically a Freehand Zero made of aluminum that plays killer, unlike the “Metal Freehand Zero.” Frankly, whether a yoyo sucks is a matter of the thrower and her or his preferences, rather than the yoyo. I mean, look at what Drew Tetz does with Duncan Butterfly yoyos.

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I’ve never understood why Anti-Yo appeals to people. All their designs look the exact same to me.

rev g. I’ve never tried one, but I’ve heard horrible things about it.
also, party favour yoyos. you can pick up a bag of like 10 for a dollar. they don’t work at all.
a lot of vending machine yoyos, or dollar store yoyos also.
other than those, nothing. if it spins and comes back to you, it’s good enough.

there is no worst yoyo. please refrain from doing this. it really spreads negativity and just puts down companies.

The YYJ Chaser. For me it was too heavy.


Well the world isn’t all kittens and rainbows.

Popstars, FHZs, TK SB2s, FAST 201s, Pyro Lights, and Dingos all suck. Obviously there’s varying degrees of suckitude within those yoyos and it’s highly opinionated.

I like my popstar, but i must agree that the fast 201 is incredibly sucky.


I love my dingo

Unture for me, i love my in-visayoyo!

A broken one; any yoyo can be put to good use. Just look a Jensen, he can do an amazing combo with a wood.

I wasn’t fond of the Dingo, the YWET, the PopStar, the Quark, and the Epic. Not that any of them were terrible yoyos, I just didn’t like em for one reason or another.