The "Not for Me" thread

So I toyed with calling this the “Worst Yoyo” thread, but life has taught me that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and one man’s trash is another man’s treasure (I am a rich source of platitudes). Instead, I decided to find out if anyone has ever acquired a yoyo that was simply “not for them”. For example, I have a Hildy Brothers Emmitt, and I really struggle with it. I like Hildy Brothers yoyos – they are great – but this particular yoyo just doesn’t fit with my style. It’s not for me. Despite that, I keep playing with it. Maybe it can do something that my others won’t do. Does anyone else have a yoyo that is “not for them”?

Let me emphasize: I am not trying to create a bash-a-thon. I have lots of yoyos that have received some bad press, and I really like them. I’m just curious.

for some reason I just don’t dig the bonfire. others describe it as floaty nimble and quick, but for some reason I just don’t see it. I dig my other CLYWs but the bonfire just feels dense and heavy to me.

Clyw Avalanche.

If you don’t like it don’t play it.

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nuff said

one of the reason BST exists?

I think a thread like this is a decent idea if people can genuinely express their feelings about why a yoyo was not right for them, because some people have similar tastes and might be able to avoid buying/trading for a yoyo that is likely not right for them either. The problem is that it will inevitably turn into people just bashing yoyos without any written rationale behind their thoughts and other people getting mad that some people don’t like their favorite yoyo.

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MYY t8- it’s too odd of a shape I don’t like the narrow high walled H shape
PSG- too wide of a gap
SPYY amplifier- I’m kind of on fence about this one because I like it some days and I don’t other because of the H shape.
TP paranoid- I love this Yoyo in every single way but it eats response every other day which is causing havoc to it’s bearing. Plus having to resilicone it every other day isn’t fun when I want to use it. Also before you go hounding at me at not having it clean or blah blah blah I have tried and done every thing possible!

Most CLYWs- can’t stand them I Don’t like Such a floaty Yoyo plus their yo-yos don’t seem to impress me much.

I guess I have learned over most of my 3-4 years of yo-yoing is I am not particularly fond of H shapes.

the REGEN, strangely, I love H-shapes but this one does not click for me. Doesn’t fell very solid to me. Ill probably use it for its low numbers in the BST.

The general yo amplitude, nothern spin co Quantum, Spyy el ranchero, square wheel rex, and the werrd pacquiao weren’t for me. These are just some.

I’m not saying they are bad but when I had them I didn’t care for them and traded them away. Recently I feel like I would have more appreciation for them if I kept them. I had some of these yoyos and I think I expected too much out of them.

I don’t like the Regen at all either. I don’t like the protostar. I love my new MYY n 12 tho and a lot of people seem to hate MYY’s.
Im only soso on the shutter to…its just not my fav.

I have to agree on the shutter, it’s clearly a very nice throw but it always feels very meh to me.
again not to bash it cause clearly people love it, I’m just not in that category.

I agree the shutter is overhyped but it’s a decent throw for the price certainly a better dv888

I’ve thrown a few that were “not for me.” However, when I really think about it, they weren’t for me because I had other yoyos I enjoyed much more. I’m pretty certain that if those “not for me yoyos” hadn’t had such competition from others in my collection, they would have been for me. I think I’m pretty lucky to have what I do. :slight_smile:


It’s kinda hard to evalute a yoyo for yourself before you try it, isn’t it? And who says that he still uses them? That’s what’s this thread is all about. People explaining why they did didn’t match with certain throws, in a constructive, non-negative way. So please drop the wise guy comments.

I feel like i’m really standing out by saying this, but none of the General Yos have really impressed me. Maybe the KLR, but none other than that… They’re beautifully made and smooth as glass, but for some reason i don’t find them playing very well… Most of them lack stability imo.

anything from yyj

YYF Shutter. Waaaaaay too solid.

Protostars. Shutter kinda

Hilariously, these are a bunch of yoyos on my “really impressed me” list! In particular, the El Ranchero and Pacquiao are all-time favourites. :wink: The Amplitude was lovely for me even though I moved it along and the Rex is still in my case!

Adegle PSG was overrated as a “best budget plastic” for a while (it has been overtaken by the Classic and other I think, in # of recommendations, though). I also wasn’t a fan of the YYJ Revival; admittedly part if it is bad technique, but I kept feeling the string “pinging” off the rim and into the catch zone. An unsettling feeling.

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