Popular yo-yo that you just couldn't get into?


I actually agree, I think the SK is kinda meh. But it is a great value and the machining quality + pedigree is fantastic, so I don’t really see a need to complain about it. That made me think… what popular yo-yo have you tried that you “just couldn’t get into?”

For me it is these two:

  • SF Bliss, plays like a bog-standard, unremarkable bimetal V to me. But some people worship this thing.

  • Offset Outlier, I think it’s way too narrow and it reminds me of the Horizon in being large in diameter but fairly narrow. I have tried for days and this one just doesn’t fit my play style at all for whatever reason. I literally… can’t get into it :wink:

Note that you don’t have to list any yo-yo you have ever tried and did not like, just the ones that are perceived as somewhat popular, and other people seem to like it?

(For the record I’d say 80% of the yo-yos I get, I pretty much like! Truly bad yoyos are exceedingly rare, there are indeed some which after using for a while I find don’t jibe with my personal preferences, but aren’t “bad” by any means.)


The marco was the yoyo I could never get into. I normally love V shapes and bimetals but whenever I play the marco I wish I was using something else.

Edit: I picked it up again the other day and was surprised by how well it performed. I’m going to give it another shot for the next week or two

(ClockMonsterLA) #3

So far, there are four on my list:

  • YYF Wedge. Just too wide and bulky for me. A lot of folks love it, but I find it unwieldy.
  • YYF Replay Pro. Maybe it’s the semi-organic shape, but it just doesn’t deliver the stability of, say, a ProtoStar.
  • Ko’olau Wedge. Just not enough performance for my tastes I guess. I mean, I know Evan can wring plenty of performance out of it; hell, he could probably win Nationals with it, but he’s Evan Nagao and I’m not. Next!
  • SF Cadence. Seems to be very evenly weight-balanced. Too evenly for me. It lacks the spin time and stability I need/want by quite a long shot.

I’ve learned that if I am going to throw a monometal, it’s going to be a One Drop. They spin longer than any other monometals I have, and they are also very stable, even the MarkMont Classic with its O-ish shape. I also have come to realize that I don’t like wide (46mm+) throws. They just aren’t comfortable in my (small-ish) hand and they make learning tricks like Rewind diabolically hard.

(Choncworth) #4

For me it is the G2 Banshee, just meh to me.

It is a great yoyo, spins gewd, but I don’t find myself reaching for it very often.

OG or B18 version.


A few years ago I tried the pulsefire after hearing pretty good things about it. One of the few yoyos I don’t care to throw again.


Wow I have heard literally nothing about this yo-yo, possibly ever. Axis sure flies under the radar.


Really? I feel like it was pretty popular for a while. Maybe it was just the people I listened to.


The Grail for me. It’s smooth and all, but I tried 2 different ones and they didn’t feel good to me at all


Ok look man now you’re just in “y’know Led Zeppelin wasn’t a very good band” territory, I suggest you check yourself before you wriggedy wreck yourself my friend :wink:

({John15}) #10

So… uhh, whats up with those Grails? Do you still have them?


^^^ yeah, this ^^^


Haha I tried them at different contests, never owned one. They just felt wayyyy to fast for me. I like a more relaxed feeling in throws and when I threw them it always felt that they wanted to go a lot faster than I wanted to and it just didn’t feel good to me.

({John15}) #13

Oh man, I was about to say… I know a guy who might be able to take one of those off your hands.

Lol, oh well :upside_down_face:


Haha I’m sorry! I like all of the other A-rt yoyos that I’ve tried, and even lighter yoyos, that one just rubbed me the wrong way.


Honestly wasn’t a fan of the Chief. I’ve owned a few 6061 and 7075 and never could get into it🤷🏼‍♂️


Most any Duncan Freehand. Never clicked with me. The newer versions are a bit better. But still, not really my thing.

YYF Replay Pro. A fine yoyo. I dunno why, just not for me.


I had the Grail and traded it! I kinda wish I had given it more of a chance. Some of you may remember that I posted on here that I’d lost it. Well when I posted that I’d found it, @yoyodoc PMed me with an offer to trade for it. He had wnated one, but hadn’t been able to catch one.

I had gotten the Grail sort of by accident, and had really wanted the 420. So, I traded it for that. I do like the 420 better, but maybe the Grail would have grown on me. My first impression was that it was similar to the MMC, but I preferred the MMC.

I love my other A-RT throws: Woodboy, Peon, Orphan, and Quail!


Haha and I traded an extra half swapped 420 to @yoyodoc for a Sparrow!


I want to reiterate that not liking the Grail and/or Chief is … so wrong and bad :rofl:

(Gethin) #20

Pretty much the whole Edge lineup, just meh when I tried em.