Popular yo-yo that you just couldn't get into?


Shutter and Horizon.

(Jim Honaker) #22

I think I feel the same way about the Edge lineup. I have the Edge 1.5, second edition of the original, the Ko’oalou, and a delrin Wedge. I feel like they are super good throws as far as performance. They are amazing. The Edge feels soft and smooth in the hand as well. Its not as sharp as it looks. But since I got a couple of One Drops and CLYW/Basecamp, the line seems meh. Just generic. They are still superior performers, I speak highly enough about that. But I just don’t reach for them so much.

(Zéphyre) #25

unspoken murmur.

Its nonexistent wall makes it feel “dead” and “soulless” on the string.

({John15}) #26

Agreed, I never caught the hype of these


The Deep State just never did anything for me. Neither did the AlleyCat.


I could never truly like the Horizon. It’s just stupidly uncomfortable for me.

(Jim Honaker) #29

My first “real” metal unresponsive was a Shutter. I recently got a Horizon. Performance is great but I think having thrown the Shutter and Dark Magic 2 before that the Horizon feels uncomfortable as well. I still throw some but not nearly as much.


Looks like im not the only one who doesnt “get” the Replay Pro. It plays really heavy and the plastic caps on the side have an annoying rattle to them that I just can’t ignore. Maybe if it was just slightly lighter and they removed the caps on the side I would like it more, because it does kind of have a cool feel to it. Making it lighter would probably destroy the rather decent spin time though.

(ClockMonsterLA) #31

I rather like the Edge 1.5 even though it is on the wide side for me. In fact, I’d dare say it is the only wide yoyo in my collection that I actually like, and that’s mostly because its small-ish diameter, nicely rounded edges, and terrific performance make it a keeper. However, I have never been able to warm up to the Wedge or the Ko’olau Edge. If I’m going to play something shaped like that, I’m going to throw my Kuntosh 5kQV.

(Jim Honaker) #32

No I agree the Edge 1.5 checks all the boxes. I just don’t seem to pick it up so much. Originally it was because I was afraid to mess it up. It is so nice. Then as my yoyos expanded, I make myself pick it up. I thi k it is super good to learn tricks on.


Wedge: The poly wedge feels too bulky and unstable. The POM one was better by a long run. I really don’t understand why a lot of people like the poly wedge.

(Joseph) #34

Skyva: at first I liked it, but as I used it more and more I started to regret spending $15 dollars on it. The Yoyo is way too floaty and unstable, plus it lacks spin time and is really bulky and large. I’m just not a fan of it.


I remember @yyfben2 saying the POM Edge run was hugely problematic for them though, massive quality control problems, etc.


Kind of feel bad saying this because I bought the yo-yo as a fundraiser on the YoYoFactory website where all the proceeds went to the Daley family after the fires in California recently but I just could not get into the ND. I don’t know it just did not perform like a Shutter or Marco or Horizon even. Just did not care for it but it’s in the collection.

(ClockMonsterLA) #37

That’s really odd. My ND plays just like a Shutter, maybe even a little better. Go figure! :man_shrugging:


Still waiting for someone to say they tried the TiWalker and just didn’t care for it :rofl:

(ClockMonsterLA) #39

Who would have the courage to admit it?

(Justin ) #40

I vastly prefer my ND over my Shutter. But then again, I strongly dislike the Shutter.


HSPIN Pyro. It’s a legend so to speak. Many people love it and praise it. Feels too heavy to me compared to the D&E 4 (Lily) and obviously the Pyro light.


I have no idea why I liked the Pyro so much when it first came out years ago?

I have no idea why I thought I almost liked the Hspin Envy when I first got 2 of them?

I have no idea why I was dumb enough to think I would like the 2nd gen Envy when I got 2 of them?

I have no idea why I thought I was going to like the Hspin Gorilla when I couldn’t wait to buy a round yoyo with edges sharp enough to scrape ice off a windshield?

I’m not sure what convinced me to think the Pyro light would be better than the Original Pyro?

I’m not sure why I was amped up about the raw Hspin Gorilla Proto I got with a skateboard bearing in it?

I’m at a loss to understand why I thought a co-lab between between Oxy and Hspin(called the h2o) would be a good idea?

My only educated guess was that my playing level was so low; way back then; that I just didn’t recognize how poorly they played.

I’ve had Hspin Good and Evil yo-yos that vibrated worse than the side view mirror on my Harley/

On a good note; I have a Hspin Cut that is a really nice playing yoyo.

…So; if anything in my 100’s of yo-yos; that collect dust; I would say most of my Hspin yoyos could use a good dusting.