What's your favorite Yo-yo and why?

Probably another thread like this burried somewhere, I am here to bring it back.

I used to hate my Benchmark W the most. Then the more I play it, the more I realize it is probably my best yoyo in my yoyo arsenal. I learned how to complete a full round of doing the hardest trick I’ve learned so far with it, the trick is Cold Fusion.

I used to hate it’s weight and thought it was a sloppy yoyo. I thought I made a mistake by not getting the Benchmark H. Then I realized it is probably the most stable yoyo I have after playing countless hours combined day in and day out. I thought I was forcing myself to play it because I thought I wouldn’t want to play it. Now I play it mainly because I love it.

I still keep the Flat Cap side effects on it, it plays perfect with it on. The only non-OEM thing that I put on it is a Konkave Ceramic bearing. Out of all the other yoyos I own, Shutter, Code 1, Gradient, DV888, nothing beats the Benchmark W - My favorite yoyo, it is great.

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Lol thanks mate, totally forgot about that.

Hatrick, for so many reasons.

Did your parents pick favorites? ::slight_smile:

I honestly can say, “I have no favorite.” That’s not riding the fence that’s just an observation. I never go looking for a certain yoyo to throw, I just grab the one that’s located nearest. I have them strategically placed throughout the house, the vehicles, and my office. My wife has even given up placing them into their case because they just find their way back to their intended spots. :smiley:

schneider mkii closely followed by blink. theyre both small, light, fast, stable and have great spin time. schneider mkii is better for finger spins and grinds but i prefer how the blink feels in my hand.

my “perfect” yoyo would effectively be a blasted blink with a flat or concave hub or whatever would help improve finger spins while keeping the play and physical feel of the yoyo exactly the same otherwise. these two yoyos are probably as close as ill ever get to the perfect yoyo for me unless my tastes change a lot. everything else i buy/trade for is mostly out of boredom and just cuz throwing something bigger, heavier or just different in general is nice

You’re simply the best! Better than aaaallll the rest!

I never have more fun yoyoing than when I’m Rally-Driving. ;D

Yes… ME!!!

Bass Line 2 because it is light with a weight distribution that I really enjoy, comfy, side-effect enabled, charcoal-blast, narrow gap, fat response area so I can silicone it myself, best rejections ever, OneDrop machined, and Landon Balk is cool.

Single out just one yoyo that is my favorite for fixed axle/responsive play? No can do.

I’m still discovering different types of yoyos. I go through phases where I like one the most and when I revisit one that I hadn’t played with for a while I discover that I like it better.

I guess I like all yoyos.

On second thought one yoyo that I refused to play with cause I really hated it was the MYY K9. I traded that one right away when I got it.

Favorite playing: Space Cowboy

Favorite besides performance: my nickel Markmont. Classic and my Markmont. Next that I’ve put a patina on.

I bought a Gelada off the BST. The guy said he’d throw in a Yelets for $20 more, so I thought, “why not?” I put spikes on it, and it is honestly the most versatile yoyo I own. It’s skinny enough to slip between the strings on complicated tricks, but it’s still really easy to do a series of consecutive Eli hops. It thumb grinds better than any yoyo I’ve ever played. And it has a super clean, extremely generic, sort of “I’m not here to be pretty; I’m here to play!” Look to it. It has grown to be my all time favorite. I like lots of yoyos, but it’s really my favorite. Well, that and the no-jive.

Onedrop Summit. It was given to me unexpectedly, so it has sentimental value on top of being an awesome throw.

Just one favorite?!? I love my Gnarwhal 2 and Caesar for metals, the Regen for plastics

summit because its a beast and spins for long periods of time

Really, I had the same type of thing happen to me with the new Tropic Spins Shipwreck. I was like “I don’t like this. It is so heavy”. But I started playing it, and the heavy feel left, and when it did, it was just pure amazing. Plus the spin times are infinite, and the grinds go on forever*

But really, it has hit my top three when I never thought it would, and right now, its on top.

*These statements may not be true and Tropic Spins has made none of these claims.

my favorite is my red protostar because it’s full of battle scars and memories yet still powers through my deepest combos.

My metal collection does little more than collect dust nowadays, its really a shame. I feel like over time one becomes less fascinated with the yoyos themselves and more interested with the tricks .

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My favorite at this time is my gacek edition space cowboy with yellow pro pads and clyw chubby lemon slackline. I seriously cannot describe how amazing it plays.

For nostalgia, it would be my 2012 red w/silver splash YYF Genesis (stripped last summer), YYF Aviator, which I have used in SOOOOO many freestyles for both demos and actual contests. (I still own the Aviator, but it is close to being stripped), or my YYF Starlite, which really got be into making my first ever contest freestyle. (it cracked, however, after dropping it on my kitchen floor :’( :’( :’()

An honorable mention is my first unresponsive yoyo ever, my blue WHiP (still have it to this day buried somewhere in my room XD)

^^ Yikes, be careful when unscrewing your yo-yos lol. I’ve had mine for years and the threads are top condition.

(Cept for my first metal, which I nearly stripped as a beginner).

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That, or invest in a One Drop side effect yoyo so a stripped axle doesn’t mean a ruined yoyo

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