Favorite throw? why?

I have a YYF horizon and i love it so much, it plays pretty smoothly (with a good bearing) it’s very stable and just an all round great throw. What’s yours??

Benchmark W because it plays the way I would like most yoyos would.

Duncan strix… Absolutely kills it. Diff yo koncave e bearing stock out the box (14.00 upgrade for most yoyos) deep dish side well perfect for finger spins… Get on it! Throw Duncan!!! Do it already!!!

Currently? BvM 2, the harsh v, to the rounded off corners, to the heavy rim weight, it’s perfect for mah faloooow. A week ago, probably my diamondback after I siliconed it because the YYJ stock response is horrible

This thread is in the wrong category but I also love my Horizon. Fingerspins and sleeptime know no end and the shape is so weird but actually really comfortable.

Chief for me right now. I just love the shape its so comfortable in hand and its just an all around great throw

LOVE my shutter!It is very stable and has a good spin time.It always stays in the plain and it is also really good for grinds!

It sorta depends on my mood at the time. I like all that I have, but if I had to pick it would probably be a YYJ hitman, an HSPIN G&E4 or pyro light. Then of course most any BC or TK fixed axle comes into play regularly.

C3 Krown or One Drop Valor. YYF TooHOT creeping up on them, though. :wink:

I like them because they aren’t too heavy (especially the Krown) and yet deliver all the stability and spin time I need. They never make me work for tricks; on the contrary, most tricks are a bit easier because of the huge catch zones. They are also two of my best-looking yoyos, which doesn’t hurt. :slight_smile:

888, but the Markmont Classic is fast catching up. I think the fact that I took a long break (many years) but still kept and occasionally played with the 888 shows how much it means to me.

The YoYoFactory Monster.

It is so unique. String Rejections are amazing and it really can help develop a unique style

Never thought I would say this about any YoyoJam yoyo, however my Next Level is easily becoming one of my favorites.

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Because of my deep love of the Spinfaktor series I will always give YoyoJam a chance. The Revival is a pretty unique throw. (sorry for off topic)

I’m gonna have to give it to the OD Valor. I mean I love the fast light Positron however the amazingly stable and constant spinning Valor gives me so much confidence and it’s what I learn all my new tricks on because it has such fantastic spintimes, especially with the new ceramic kk I put in it

Duncan torque. It has a nice shape and sleeps really well.

Mine right now is the Duncan torque. Nice shape, awesome sleep, smooth, and nice weight.

Mine is the QU4DRO by yoyofactory my first solid metal yoyo still has great balance after getting a few chips on it Its play is smooth but sadly the yoyo is discontinued.

As of right now, the Yoyorecreation Sputnik. It has the right shape, weight, and feel that perfectly complement’s my undeveloped style,lol. I change favs alot too. :slight_smile: :wink:

The Yelets with spikes. It does absolutely everything. It is stable, handles tight string tricks, does amazing thumb grinds and matador, and is excellent for suicides. I have lots of yoyos that might be better at any one of those things, but the Yelets does everything pretty well. It’s kind of everyman’s yoyo.

On the string spinning,
never slanting or dying,
it is a Yelets.

(My modest Yelets haiku)

The best playing Yo-Yo I own is a Torque with an NSK Bearing…, My Favorite Yo-Yo is the Duncan Butterfly and it’s variations from Wood to Modern Day Throw with the Mod Spacers and a KonKaved style Bearing plus ALL the BC Yo-Yo’s. BC Apollo, Rainbow, Blackbird…, I’d really like to get the Tom Kuhn BB Woods and see how they throw.